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A Philosophers Mode Of People Management
A Philosophers Mode Of People Management
A Philosophers Mode Of People Management
A Philosophers Mode Of People Management
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A Philosophers Mode Of People Management


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People Management- A Different dimension

People Management- A Different dimension

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  • 1. Love , a feeling difficult to communicate, a feeling, which has no words to define in any language... but, a feeling ,on the other side, that can be felt easily, a feeling, when you imagine after getting from pretty good sleep, without someone's presence you feel you are alone and feel being vaccumed.. Again, a feeling with wishing for the goodness of other side, again, with no expectations in retuurn for one'own needs/benefits, again, a feeling wih volunteered resonsibility of caring the loved ones.. just like, a monther's feeling towards her child... while he is child ( say upto 5-6 years of child) , inthis case, no mother will have any expectaions.... whle he is grown up(6-18 years), in this case, mother takes care of a child with volunteered responsibility, with no expectations for herself, while he is settled, and mother becomes old, and still there are no expectations of even being herself to be taken care of... and again, wth volunteered resonsibility from her child to take care of his/her mother.. Love is again ,immeassurabe and undividable, again, it is like an " aakshaya patra" just like a mother's love to her children, whatever the number of childs, she loves every one, while in love, mothe never "shares" her love to the proportion of no of children, and obviously, it is immeasurable. Love, can be perceived beyond "gender" feeling, except the warmth of love,that ca be felt differently between "mother and daughter" and "father and daughter" relations or vice-versa. (as far as y knowledge goes, the secret lies in the creation of 'Universe', where as roots need to be found from adam and eve, or leave it as one of 'myths') Either way, as said above, "love" "can not be measured" and just "can be felt". Love, a person can love 'x' number of persons, where x can't be limited by just '1' or just 'opposite sex' ( Logical conclusion: If just said above is wrong, all above statements go wrong.If you agree with "any one" of the statements above, you must agree to the above statements. ) Love, wherever it is, it dominates the logic. (In, I.T. Terms, it overrides the logic) Love, wherever it is, pardonment/ignorance dominates it's eye- sight. (It is not blind!) Love
  • 2. wherever it is, the presence of being loved ones , ( at least thought) gives the security kind of feeling. ( In local langauge,vaadu pakkana unte chalu, naaku kondanta anda) (Probably, thats why , people , when in difficult times , say, leaving it to the hands of 'God'.) (bhagavantuudi meeda bharam veyyadam ante ade kaabolu... coz, you believe 'god''s love is there as "final asylum"). Love , keeps full confidence in being loved ones. gives the courage to fight against all odds. Love , just like boat journey whch has a small hole, in the sea. As long as you feel of being loved by some one, you might not even realize , or even you realize, you have the courage to how to cap the hole and cross the sea (of odds.) A Philosopher's guide of "PEOPLE MANAGEMENT" Love is nothing but openness to "accept as is" and again, is nothing but, "giving always" and "no seeking" (remember, the statement, NO EXPECTATIONS IN RETURN FOR one's own needs/benefits) Love is a game, you can play with 'x' number of people, but, it's not "HIDE AND SEEK" game ( read the statement in conjunction with just above statement. ) again it's a ride,with all the players are members, so, it can not be " taken for ride" Love is Pardonment, coz, whatever being loved ones does, it " accepts" but, can never be "IGO" ( coz, while an infant in the mother's womb "kicks" her mother in the stomache, mother "accepts" it ) LOVE, just a "feel"ing, it doe not need an "experience" to feel, ( Does a infant baby/child need to have EXPERIENCE to have a "feeling"?) ) Love is a motor vehicle, which runs by fuel called " feeling",not by "implanted motors in surgery"...
  • 3. Love is Trusting others and keeping "faith" in them. It just can not be "Insecurity feeling". Love is Satisfaction and Never the "greedyness" (greedyness= expecting in return and "MORE AND MORE....") Love, again is a corporate game, where all the loved ones win , IT'S A WIN-WIN game. It's not a Win and Lose game or "Cornering the others". "Love" again , in H.R. Terms, is a "character" and not an "attitude".. (coz, attitude involves self-interests /igo where as character does not) Love, is a vision of tomorrow with confidence and courage and obviously, not with "insecurity and greedyness" "Love" is enlightement ( as it "opens" the path to "accept" everything) and, again, "Love" is an admiration and adoration and devotion, ( remember story of bhakta kannappa) "Love" is the only way to win the "souls", and not "human-beings/ resources/skills", so you can retain them, and definitely not by " bonuses/ other attractive materialistic packages" "love" can be felt beyond human-beings and "MONEY" ( A pet-dog and,it's care-taker relationship, I don't think A pet-dog knows the value OF "money", what you say?) Love, itself is a temple of all the above terms!, so,you need not go elsewhere for searching. You can introspect yourself! (fyi, READ REPEATEDLY, i hope you will "feel" the love, and just not "understanding")
  • 4. Finally, Dear Fellow-lovers! Question yourselves, Do you LOVE your work or WORK for living? ( Yes, it matters!it brings the different levels of productivity depending on how you perceive "YOUR WORK., Probably, ThIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR EVERY successsful ENTERPRENUAR!. Mr.Narayana Murthy Sir And Mr. Suresh Marur Sir, ( as you are my philosophical mentors) Pl. clarify!, ) Dear Managers! Question yourselves, Whether you "manage" the people or "love" the people? Coz,by loving people, you can manage the group/org/situations for longer term, which is beneficial for your growth and as well as org's growth.