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Synergy Synergy Presentation Transcript

  • The SynergisticAdventures Traveling Through the 7 Synergy Steps
  • What is Synergy?• What do you think?• Do you think your clan has had it?• Do you think your clan can have it? Knights of the Orientation
  • What is Synergy?“Energies coming together to produce something whole that is different from or more desirable than the sum of its constituent parts.” - Rebecca Chan Allen (2002) A+B=C 1+1=3∴ Requires more than one person (ie. a team) Knights of the Orientation
  • Relevance of Teamwork• You’re part of a TEAM • Organizational move of OL’s towards self-directed• Your Clan is a TEAM teamwork (rather than a group) • Applicable to school groupwork Is it about more than just performance? Knights of the Orientation
  • Groups & Teams• Can be a pain • Can do more – Your story… – Your story… Paradox? Knights of the Orientation
  • Leading Leaderless Teams“A person provides leadership when they do something that helps a group or organization achieve its goals or increase its effectiveness.” - Bushe (2001) Knights of the Orientation
  • Functional Teams Good team relationships Bad team relationships are: are: – Unreasonable – Trusting – Unreliable – Caring – Unfair – Helpful – Selfish – Open – Threatening – Honest – Inflexible – Respectful“Positive” Climate? “Negative” Knights of the Orientation
  • Our Offer to YouYou have a dangerous and difficult journey ahead…What it is and isn’t: • It is not a promise of synergy • It is a process/tool that can help us get there! Knights of the Orientation
  • So Let’s Get Started!
  • The 7 Synergy Steps Task & rules explained0) Solitudes - be alone, think, develop distinctiveness.1) Attract Solitudes - come into a circle… CIRCLE!2) Create Common Ground - establish team vision, goals, & mission.3) Accentuate Distinctiveness - share your experience as a solitude. I. 3 seconds between II. Be open, appreciate the contribution Knights of the Orientation
  • The 7 Synergy Steps4) Dissolve Boundaries - facilitator will point your team in the right direction and then gently push you through5) Proliferating Resources &6) Journeying into the Unknown. I. Maintain a positive climate7) Creation of New Possibilities - facilitator will find your team at this point. Recognize that something special has happened! CELEBRATE! Knights of the Orientation
  • From Rebecca Chan Allen’sGuiding Change Journeys (2002) Knights of the Orientation