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Serillian Serillian Presentation Transcript

  • Serillian Serillian aim to give people something few metal bands do. That's fast, heavy music with discernable riffs, technical solos, and non Tinkerbell vocals.
  • Introduction
    • The band formed in August 2005. Dan and Simon Jackon first formed
    • the band along with long term friend Adam Rhodes. Saxon Clements
    • then came along to play bass.
    • The band have been playing for two years, and after winning first place in a Great Yarmouth’s Lock and Load Battle of the Bands the band decided that they should include an additional guitarist.
    • The new guitarist in the band was Tim Frost who the band chose to add the extra riffing and harmonies. The first song featuring Tim was called “ Cybercide” and the band thought it was a wise decision.
    • Adam Rhodes quite the band after deciding he didn’t really want to play anymore, Scotty K stepped in who used to front the band Heaven Denies. The band liked Scotty K as his vocal style reflecting those from “Ripper Owens” gave the band a new persona.
  • Daniel Jackson
    • Daniel Jackson is the lead guitarist in Serillian.
    • His influences are: Zakk Wylde, Micheal Angelo and Batio.
    • The equipment he uses are a Marshall Mode Four Full Stack, BC Rich Nj-V with EMG pick ups and Floyd Rose strings, schecter hellraiser C-1 FR with Ernie Ball strings, Sampson AP1 Wireless, Planet Waves Cables, Jim Dunlop Pics, Korg GA-30 Tuner.
  • Scotty K
    • Scotty K is the vocalist in the band.
    • He originally wanted to be a drummer, however was more attracted toward the excitement of being up front singing.
    • His biggest influence is Tim “ripper” Owens, the ex-Judaist priest singer.
    • The equipment he uses is an audio technica wireless microphone
  • Saxon Clements
    • Saxon is the bassist and back vocals for the band
    • He began playing the bass in 2004, and has been in several bands, however Serillian is where he feels right.
    • His influences are Cliff Burton and Jason Newstead.
    • The equipment he uses are: a Warwick double buck corvette bass, yamaha BB714BS, Ernie Ball Stings. Warwick X-Treme 10.1 Amp, Warwick WCA 411 ND (4x10) X2 Yamaha BB714BS, Ernie Ball Strings.
  • Simon Jackson
    • Simon plays the drums in the band.
    • He has been playing drums since he was 13, and two years into this he learnt to play double bass patterns.
    • He studied music at City College Norwich in 2005
    • His influences are Nick Barker and Mikkey Dee
    • The equipment he uses are Pearl ELX, Joey Jordison Masters Snare, Pearl Rack , and Sabian cymbals
  • Tim Frost
    • Tim plays lead guitar in the band
    • He likes to write instrumentals
    • His influences are Joe Satriani and Slash
    • The guitar he uses is a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Antique Sunburst.
  • The Bands Music
    • The band have currently done two demo recordings, one two track and one
    • four track. The band as well as writing their own music perform covers.
    • The Original Songs they have written are as follows:
    • Overdrive
    • Tired And Alone
    • Suffer Unto Me
    • Zero Hour
    • Death March
    • Opened Eyes
    • Unleashed
    • Take Me
    • Hell and a Hard Place
    • Cybercide
  • Gigs
    • The band have played at a number of gigs in the area,
    • ranging from Gig In The Park in Halesworth to The Old
    • White Lion in Yarmouth. The band really know how to work a crowd
    • and here are some examples of how it has shone through:
    • "Took energy levels to another level... with a bus worth of fans in the crowd
    • and everyone else gripped by their performance, Serillian definitely set the
    • standard on the Saturday.“
    • "As far as musicianship is concerned, even though Serillian conform to a lot of heavy
    • metal clichés, my god they were awesome last night... they play their style of music far
    • better than many of today's professional bands..."