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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Two - Part 2
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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Two - Part 2


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  • 1. Welcome back to The Devereaux Legacy! When I last left off, both my heiress Ansley and her sister Savannah were headed off to Sim State University. Back at the main house Josh, my founder, just gave birth to a totally unexpected alien baby, due to the fact that I thought that Sims couldn't get pregnant when they had only 5 days left before elder. I am really sensing that this chapter is going to be relatively short, however. I'm not a big fan of University playing and in my "for fun" neighborhood only my rich "privileged" kids go there. Of course, when I say "for fun" that's more for MY fun, not really the Sims fun. But I digress. It's mainly studying and skilling for the girls, so I'm actually sparing you those boring shots. All of this college stuff has made me...want to...BURST INTO SONG!
  • 2. * cue Sesame Street-esque music * What do you do with a BA in English? What is my life going to be? Four years of college, and plenty of knowledge Have earned me this useless degree! I can't pay the bills yet, 'cause I have no skills yet. The world is a big scary place! But somehow I can't shake, the feeling I might make A difference to the human race! _______ Avenue Q (the only musical I've ever seen with the MA rating on it. No kids at the theater for the win!) (And I am aware that the picture is of Academie Le Tour, not SSU. My Apologies.)
  • 3. Dear Bob: I have finally completed my memoirs titled "How to Make That Woman's Life Miserable: Monologues of the First Generation" Naturally, I am positive that it will be a best seller. Wait, who's ringing at my doorbell at this hour?
  • 4. Indeed Bob, everything is still coming up Joshua. Even though it was the middle of the night, my publisher decided to express deliver a copy of my novel. I am, of course, awesome.
  • 5. After Josh finished gloating over his best selling novel, it was time for Aylee to turn into a toddler.
  • 6. "Please be evil, please be evil, please be evil," chanted Josh as he tossed Aylee into the air.
  • 7. "RUE!!!" "Poppop!" And Aylee, like her sisters, is nowhere as evil has Josh was hoping them to be. She's a Gemini 1/10/10/5/5. Oooo, my first slob, and she will also be a full and true finger gunner.
  • 8. Josh is whispering things into Aylee's ear as he potty trains her. He's not even doing his usual writings to Bob for this. Aylee, on the other hand, seems far more fascinated by her glowing green color. " isacolorofthe...rainbow. Iama leprechaun! Wheeeee!"
  • 9. Despite her weird speech pattern, Aylee is a rather compliant little kid who really just wants to gain Logic points. And eat her toys apparently. "Yellow...tastes likecurtains!"
  • 10. "Poppop!... Iupgrow?" "Yeah kid. And then you will make lots of friends. That's all that's keeping me going at this point, is the constant phone ringing to irritate that woman" Ahahahaha. No, not with AL, or Pescado's Phone Hack. Bob, I would say RUE! and all that, but really, what's the point? I'm old, none of my children are evil spawns. That woman has won. Well, maybe...
  • 11. It appears that Josh still hasn't fully given up on Aylee being evil, or at the very least, difficult. "Come on kid. Say it. Saaaayyy it. Say the best phrase ever! Say, 'I am the Sexy Shoeless God of War!'"* _____ *Belkar, Order of the Stick (an awesome web comic, everyone should check it out).
  • 12. "Poppop. I...No...Originalphrasesaremuffins. Stolen...phrasesare...Windex." Based off the look on her face, I think she's trying to tell her father that she would rather have original catch phrases.
  • 13. Despite Josh pestering her to be evil, Aylee goes about her life, constantly rolling wants to play chess and earn Logic points. Generally, she is a happy kid, happier than Ansley and Savannah were at her age actually.
  • 14. And of course there is the obligatory Headmaster visit. Aylee greets the headmaster and gives the tour, babbling to him in her Aylee speak. "Sidewalk isthenew...banana. Backpacks...type juice. Hooray!" Despite all of that, Aylee gets into Private School. The Headmaster is only slightly concerned.
  • 15. And lo and behold! Kelly has finally reached her LTW, which was to become a Celebrity Chef. It's such a shame that it took her so long to do this simple task, but at least now I don't have to worry about her Aspiration score. Congratulations girly girl, I am so sorry for all of your troubles. "It will end soon, so no worries."
  • 16. It was at about this point that I realized that I haven't turned on Free Will for the house in quite some time. You know, I kind of forgot that my house is on a beach lot.
  • 17. "Podpeople liveunderthe...sand shovel!" Apparently Aylee needs to work on her creativity. Or maybe she just figures that's the type of house that pod people want to live in.
  • 18. "Ewww! Tattoos!" exclaimed Ansley with disgust when she saw Remington, the placeholder for the Greek House. "Yeah, look who's talking. Those are some terrible outfits. I am so done living here, have fun. No, I am not leaving you a forwarding address or phone number," sighs Remington. (Seriously, why is that such a common name in this game? Does anybody know any Remingtons in real life?)
  • 19. Ansley and Savannah wasted no time changing into their new clothes. And Savannah wasted no time declaring her major in Drama so she can make out with her Professor.
  • 20. Ansley, the more conservative sister and heiress to this legacy, wasted no time inviting her future husband over to ask him a very important question.
  • 21. "Hi Hunter. Ewww, Mr. T chains. Well, before I decide what I want to do with you, yes yes, you think I'm cute, I need to ask you a question or two. Consider this a job interview."
  • 22. "First of all, how much money do you have? Do you have enough to give me everything that I want without depending on my family fortune to supply you with ugly Saturday Night Fever clothes?" "I have a modest amount of money, enough to get by I suppose. I'm also an expert at Charisma and..." "Please stay on topic." "Oh...okay..."
  • 23. "Next question. What is your job? Are you a deadbeat unemployed lowlife who is just scamming me to get into my family so you can inject your terrible fashion sense into it? Or have you made something of yourself?" "Actually, I am the Mayor of SimCity." "Really." "Yeah, the clothes are my secret identity, like Superman or Batman..." "Yes yes. That's all very whimsical and such. Well, I suppose you will do. I am going to kiss you now."
  • 24. I guess love comes softly, even for a Fortune Sim whose secondary aspiration is Romance. Is it just me, or does it seem that Hunter is a bit taken aback by Ansley's business like attitude?
  • 25. "Okay Hunter. You see this ring? No, I am not giving it to you; you are to give it to me. I didn't want to take any chances that you would pick out some gaudy or ugly thing. So, I took the liberty of picking it out myself. See how it shines in the moonlight? I want to blind everyone who looks at it. “ Naturally, this means that we are going to be engaged. And then you are going to make lots of money while I make lots of money and then we can buy more nice things. And now, that it's all settled, I am going to jump into your arms and squeal like a little girl out of happiness. Do NOT drop me."
  • 26. And she did so. "Oh, and one last thing Hunter, you WILL be getting a whole new wardrobe when we are married. I can't have you clashing with me." "Uh...okay?" Ah, the words of love spoken under a romantic moon.
  • 27. While school was mostly studying, I did try to attempt to throw another party. Yeah, Toga parties are a real dud when your elderly parents show up, and one of the other Greek members decides to sit down and study. Needless to say, I am still looking that ever elusive Roof Raiser score.
  • 28. This is SimMe. See the look on my face? Really, there is only one reason why I would have that look...
  • 29. Because I bloody hate Romance Sims! Disgusting wants and all that garbage. And a part of Savannah's Sim soul has just died, never to return. I am such a prude. But, better a prude than rude.
  • 30. I trust you will be happy that I allowed you to do this, and you won't mind if I ignore your new want for Public WooHoo with three people? "For now. I'm Platinum, so I'm happy. But, if you also notice my fear panel, you will see that I do not want to get engaged to the Professor dude, the man I just had my first WooHoo with." Where is a red letter "A" when you need it? Wanted: An outfit with a scarlet letter "A" on it. Reward: A grateful nod in your direction.
  • 31. And you, Professor Merlin Lewis, ought to be ashamed of yourself.
  • 32. "Ooooo. And I have a souvenir photo. I want to line my room with all SORTS of these. These with all sorts of different men in the picture. Do you want a copy Professor...uh, Guy?"
  • 33. "Ah, yes. Um, well. I will remember everything, um, explicitly, you see. I have no, um, need for, um, physical souvenirs." Gross. And what's with the 'verbal garbage'? What kind of drama professor are you anyway? That's something that I dropped back in high school (which was longer ago than I care to admit) from training with my forensic coaches. For shame!
  • 34. While Ansley may or may not be distressed by her sister's actions...
  • 35. She still seemed to be far more distressed at Hunter's "I'm a 40 year old divorced man cruising the young hot bar scene for nookie" attire.
  • 36. Seeing as the girls really have nothing better to, as they only really need to sleep, and their grade bar is full up, they pretty much chat on the phone with people from the directory. I think my family friend count is at something like 35. I would also like to call this picture: "Can you hear me now?... Good!" It turns out that Ansley is the first one to make enough friends with a certain underground group at SSU...
  • 37. "Ewww. Why are you touching me? * gasp * Those handcuffs clash with my outfit! Don't you have something is a nice pastel blue? Maybe fuzzy blue handcuffs?" "Sorry princess, I don't...wait. Fuzzy handcuffs?!" "Oops, sorry, Romance secondary popped through for a second." "...Please come along quietly miss. I don't think I have a spare toilet brush to scrub my brain with." Just think blue skies and waterfalls Dorian. Blue skies and waterfalls.
  • 38. "Oh. I see. Secret Society. Well, I guess I'm allowed to take everything, right? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say that you are all going to be kind enough to 'donate' all of your cool toys to my cause? No no, please don't touch me, you all clash with my outfit. Yes yes, congratulations are in order for me. Hooray. So, where is everything?"
  • 39. "Well, thanks for the stuff. Oh? And you are giving me new clothes? I like clothes! Ewww! Polyester?! Yeah, you'll have to forgive me if I show my appreciation from far, far away. Really, it's not you, it's me. No, that's a lie. It's you. Let's make this a clean break. Don't call me, I'll call you. Do I need to say anymore cliché phrases? Polyester. What are you thinking? I am thankful for all the toys you gave me, though. I promise to always think of you whenever I use them. Toddles!"
  • 40. "Thank you Secret Society for 'donating' to me this money tree! It was unneeded. But stolen, er I mean, 'donated' property is so much better!"
  • 41. "Thank you Secret Society for 'donating' to me both of your counterfeiting machines!"
  • 42. "Aww..what gave me away?" Probably the fact that the money was all pink and purple. That's just a guess though. "Miss, you should NOT be making fake money, I am going to have to shut down this machine." "What about the other one?" "...Have you used it? Are you planning on using it?" " officer. No, I don't *shifty eye* plan on using it. Honest." "Then I'll allow it."
  • 43. I think this is one of the first times I've ever seen Ansley actually react badly to something. She's usually so unflappable. Cheer up kiddo, there is still the other one. "But...but, he took the $300 out of the first one." So what? The Greek house has something along the lines of $20,000. You really don't need... "Don't you ever say that I don't need more mooooneeeyyyyyy * sobs *"
  • 44. Seriously, she dwelled on this more than she did on her first kiss. Heck, I don't think I ever saw a "Kiss" thought bubble. Ansley is one of the few Sims where I didn't see the secondary aspiration suppress the primary one. It is a relief though, as I don't think Ansley even likes the color red, and I'm sure she would find that a red letter "A" would clash with her clothing.
  • 45. Back at home, Aylee grinds away at skill points. However, look at how happy she looks. I was surprised at how much I ended up liking Aylee to tell you the truth. Her arrival was seriously unexpected (ask my husband, he was in the room when I started cursing at my game), but she ended up being one of those Sims that makes me smile every time I look at her.
  • 46. "Sparkles...tickleandfloat! Fly spinning...grasshopper! Kablammo!”
  • 47. Aylee has a very...unique sense of style. I tend to dress my Sims in more regular clothing, but shopping for Aylee is fun. She strikes me as a Sim who would rather dress in costumes, to heck with whatever tradition states. She's a Pleasure/Knowledge Sim with the LTW to max out all 7 skills. I would kiss her, but for some reason, she makes me think I would break her in half if I touched her (in my mind, I hear her voice as very wispy on top of her abnormal speech pattern, and she moves with a delicate glass like nature). Max 7 skills. I think she's practically Perma plat now, or at the very least she will be close enough when she hits college.
  • 48. And here Josh is looming, disappointed in his nice, finger gunning, space cadet daughter. Pun not intended, of course.
  • 49. However much I like Aylee though, I personally would be scared if she had any sort of job in the military. You know, if she were a real person, and not a Sim But then again, aliens aren't real... Or are they? I kind of hold out for the hope that there is a real Stargate program, but I'm strange like that. Or maybe it's just because Richard Dean Anderson (Mmmm, McGuyver) is the total man.
  • 50. Aylee has also taken to not sleeping, giving way to her LTW. Max 7 skills. Easiest and BEST LTW ever! "Coffee...Nectarofthegods. Breakfastof...champions! Brown!!"
  • 51. Even though she is a busy girl at home, she still takes the time to attend parties at the family Greek house, further endearing herself to her sisters as well as me. "Rubyshoes...shoey bluesdancestep...flounce!"
  • 52. I believe Orikes' SSU Dormie guide stated it best when referring to streakers as "Adults who should know better." Especially since it seems that he's checking out Aylee, and she's only a teen, and I don't have that hack in my game.
  • 53. Aylee is also the only Sim who is excited to see the School Cheer. I know that all Sims who attend college can do this cheer successfully to another Sim who attended college, but remember, Aylee is still in high school here. And she was clapping along and laughing every time someone did this to her. Maybe the big arm movements attracts her attention, I don't know.
  • 54. "Here Aylee, I'm giving you some of the toys that I don't want that the Secret Society kindly 'donated' to me. Included is an evil Snapdragon and a Bone phone. Neither of them match my outfit." "Aylee phonebone? Snapevil! Donate...secrets? Tallyho!"
  • 55. Aylee also appreciated the dance sphere at the Greek house. "Make...FRIENDS!"
  • 56. "Ow...ouch. Brokennecklube...SAD!" So apparently Aylee needs to work on her body skill before she can phone home. Her extraterrestrial home that is.
  • 57. Not that she minds of course. Gosh, I love her cute outfits. * grins like an idiot *
  • 58. This is what I do with elders who have become useless. They are both Perma-plat, and they only work once or twice a week. Josh is maxed out in all of his skills, and I think Kelly is too. So, they sit and meditate until either Ansley comes home and starts popping out babies, or they die. But, at least Josh doesn't have to worry about my laughing at his potential bladder failure, though in reality the Snapdragons make it hard. I may not like Josh, but I haven't gone out of my way to make him miserable, despite what he seems to think.
  • 59. Then, I noticed the life bar. Both Josh and Kelly were the same amount away from dying. Needless to say, I totally panicked. At first I didn't understand, seeing as Josh was Perma-plat before he aged, so I was positive that he would outlive Kelly. I needed someone to hold the house, and I wanted Aylee to be a year or so into college before Ansley graduated. Josh was thwarting me! Look at his smug face here. But then...I looked at it another way...
  • 60. "If you die, then I die babe," said Josh, pulling his wife into his lap. And Kelly and Josh shared a final kiss. It was so sweet, I almost liked Josh.
  • 61. "You have led a successful life Kelly Devereaux. You patiently put up with your husband's lack of ever calling you by your name. You bore two genetically beautiful daughters and sent them to college. And you eventually achieved your Lifetime Want. You have done this mostly with grace and dignity. You have earned your Platinum Gravestone and eternal party in the afterlife," boomed the Grim Reaper. "Josh is coming too, right?" asked Kelly. Grim looked at his list and shook his head. "No, it appears that his life bar is only half full. He will not be joining you for quite some time. "O..oh. * wistful sigh * Well, I am ready then." And with that, she died, tossing a final sad look before accepting the Mai Thai drink. And yes, I was mad at Josh and his lying life bar. It changed as soon as Grim showed up. Grrr.
  • 62. Well Kelly, you were ever so patient and not too difficult, though it did take you forever to be Perma plat. But, you left behind an army of spare Snapdragons (that's right, these are the spare ones. Both the main house as well as the Greek House are filled with these, because when I commit to an idea, I go all the way baby). So for that, I am thankful and I will always remember you fondly.
  • 63. So, here is the Plat Stone of Kelly Phillips Devereaux. Oh, it is so totally not staying on the lot, however. I'm laggy enough as it is, so I don't need ghosts lagging things even more. She's going to a nice family cemetery. Oh, and at least Josh had the decency to cry when she died, even though he lied to her, and to me.
  • 64. Aylee mourned more for Kelly than Josh did, however. And she didn't even get any inheritance money from Kelly. Of course, that might be because I mostly had Kelly meditating for Aylee's entire stay at the main house, so Aylee had no relationship with Kelly. But then again, why did Aylee mourn Kelly's passing so much? I'm not sure. /shrug Maybe because crying looked like fun? But, now that Aylee earned all of the skill scholarships, it's time to send her off to college. Especially now that I am sure that Josh will stick around long enough to hold the Legacy house.
  • 65. Without any question or comment, Aylee picks Physics as her major. I'm sensing a Mad Scientist in the making.
  • 66. And Aylee slips into the routine of studying, skilling, and running to class. As much as I don't like this outfit, it shows off Aylee's custom Alien skin replacement. Otherwise, she was looking more like a second or third skin tone replacement with alien eyes. As for Aylee, I think she likes the jingling bracelets and fuzzy legwarmers.
  • 67. When she isn't studying, Aylee has taken to heart Josh's comment about her making friends. She's literally doing just that...with a few Sentry bots along the way of course. I've seen pictures of them, but I've never really had them made, so I am anxious to see how they look and work.
  • 68. It seems that my kids have the misfortune of graduating at night, too late for a party if I wanted to throw them one. Yeah, I could wait until the morning, but I really wanted to get the legacy moving. Ansley graduated with a 4.0 in Biology. Savannah with a 4.0 in Drama. I know that the chapter is titled "What do you do with a BA in English (That's Bachelor of Arts for any people who don't know what that stands for)?" and I am aware that none of the girls actually majored in Literature (the closest thing to English in the Sims), but I couldn't get the song out of my head, so the title stuck.
  • 69. Anyway, Ansley is calling the cab to go back home to London Bridge to get ready for her wedding to Hunter Almasswhateverhisnameis. She wasn't going to get a party anyway, no matter how much I love her.
  • 70. Very nice Ansley, growing into H&M clothes. It's seems appropriate for you. "I plan on bringing class and style to my position as heir to this Legacy. Fashion and coordination is my platform."
  • 71. Savannah...not so great on the Grow Up outfit. Savannah also graduated at night, but as I was looking at my screen shots, I was noticing that they were very dark, as I don't have outside lights. I really wanted to show Savannah's terrible outfit, but it was too dark to see it, hence the Buy/Build Mode grid lines. And, with that, both girls move back home to start their lives.
  • 72. So Savannah, now that you are graduated and Motherloded into your new house, with lots of red and pink, what do you want to do?
  • 73. "WooHoo, that's what I want to do. Thanks for the spiffy bed, I love it." I'm almost tempted to just make her lay there for the rest of her life. You aren't upset at being relegated to virtual obscurity? "Nope. Babies will make me fat. If you don't play my house ever again, then that means I will be immortal. Immortality means always being young, always showing up at family functions and community lots looking hot while I meet new people. I'm okay with this. Pardon the phrase, but...WooooHoooooooo!" And with that, she leans back and enjoys the vibrations of her Love bed.
  • 74. And that's all for this chapter folks. As you can tell, I remodeled the house a bit, making the upstairs into almost a duplicate of the downstairs, adding two more bedrooms and another bathroom. In my next chapter, Ansley will be at home, churning out "teh baybiez" and proving to me, once again, that Ansley is made of win. Thanks so much for reading, and until next time, toddles * wave *