The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Six - Part 6 (B)


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The Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Six - Part 6 (B)

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Devereaux Legacy! First I want to say that I sincerely apologize for my semi-absence in the community as of late.I know I owe tons of comments on both my story as well as other peoples stories. 2012 has decided to make me its punching bag and Ican only hope that it will let up soon. With that in mind, please excuse the seasonal time frame of this update. I had originally intendedto have this out around Christmas time and the events in this chapter reflect that. So...just pretend that its still December :DAnyway, last update we saw that Quinn is still upset with Rhys...and Bella is certainly not making things any better, which is making Rhysand Eden fight a lot more. But, as much as people didnt like the idea, Quinn and Bella still got married.Puck was told by Atropos, one of the aspects of Fate, that Pucks decision to become Mortal had nothing to do with Oberonsbanishment to the Punished Realm, so he was free to be with Erin. He told Erin everything about his former powers (including the factthat he knew he was destined to marry her) and in no time at all, she got over it. And so, Puck and Erin are officially a couple.Obviously this makes a lot more sense if youve read the first part of this chapter. Hope you enjoy the second part!~*~*~
  2. 2. Erin and Puck were practically inseparable after Quinn and Bellas wedding. They enjoyed each others company immensely...
  3. 3. And Puck was good natured about Erins teasing when she reminded him that he had avoided being with her for so long.
  4. 4. Quinns life, on the other hand, wasnt nearly as pleasant. In the couple of months following his wedding he had found that married lifewasnt as blissful as he had hoped...
  5. 5. "...And thats another thing, why does your sister have a bigger bedroom than you? Shes not married, shes not the one who is bringingin the next generation. I really think that you should tell your parents that you want to switch rooms with her," Bella said as she steppedout of the bathroom.
  6. 6. Quinn rolled his eyes and suppressed a groan. Not for the first time, he found himself missing Emily. "Erins room is more narrow.Square foot wise, both rooms are the same size.""Thats not true. You have the smallest bedroom in the house. Even the nursery is bigger!""Actually, I believe my mom and dad have the smallest bedroom and bathroom.""You are missing the point. Fine. Erins room is the same size. But she has a better view and more light comes in during the day! Ireally think--"
  7. 7. "Erins room is Erins room. God, Bella, just give it a rest. You didnt mind this room before we got married." He had to bite back anothergroan as he saw his wife pout in and exaggerated manner."Well I didnt realize that Erins room was the one right next to the nursery," she said. "I just think that maybe I should be closer to ourbaby when the time came."
  8. 8. He let out a derisive snort and rolled his eyes again. "Yeah, well seeing as you arent pregnant we dont have to worry about that, nowdo we?"Bella placed her hands on her hips and glared at him. "And what is that supposed to mean?""Basic biology, Bella. Youre never in the mood and Ive resorted to jerking off like a teenager in the bathroom. This might come as ashock to you, but we, gasp, actually have to have sex for you to get pregnant. Surprising, I know," he responded sarcastically."And its because you have that attitude that makes it where I dont want you to have sex with me. Besides, you cant really want awhiny little brat of a baby right away anyway, so I dont know what the big deal is."
  9. 9. Quinn clenched his fists in frustration. "You think I dont hear what youve been saying to my mom, rubbing it in that youre youngerthan her and that she cant have any babies even if she wanted them? Youve been taunting her, going on and on about how youre theone who is going to bring in the next generation. Did you honestly think I didnt hear you saying that stuff? You really need to cool it.You knew that an heir needs to be produced, but thats totally besides the point because for your information, yes, I do want to have ababy. I am my fathers son after all.""You say that like its a good thing," she taunted.
  10. 10. He clenched his jaw. "You know what? Yeah, it is a good thing. I love my father, and I cant help but notice that youre the one whokeeps saying bad things about him. Its been you who keeps making sure that I stay pissed at him. To what end, I dont know, but itstops now! If you want to make this marriage work, so you can keep spending all of my money of course, then you need to help keepthe peace in this house. Stop flirting with my dad. Stop being mean to my mother and sister. And I really hope that its not too much toask that you at least act like you like me once in a while. I am really, really beginning to wonder why I married you in the first place." Heturned on his heel and began to walk out of the room.
  11. 11. He instantly felt bad for what he said especially since when he turned around, he saw her crying. He gathered her into his arms andsaid, "Im sorry, Bell. I shouldnt have said that. I love you and I know you love me. I dont know what came over me.""You were so cruel, Quinn. It scares me to think that someday you might end up like your father," she sobbed.He couldnt believe that a moment ago he would have thought that was a good thing. "Dont worry," he said softly as he rubbed herarms, "Im not like him at all. I dont want to be anything like him. I love you, Bella, and I want to do right by you, okay?"
  12. 12. He sighed in relief when he felt her nod.~*~*~
  13. 13. Bella drummed her fingers on the counter idly as she waited for the coffee maker to finish brewing. She had managed to get into thekitchen and prepare the morning pot of coffee before Rhys, which required her to wake up a little bit earlier than she normally did.Hopefully, she thought to herself, this will work and it will be worth it when Im sitting on the beach in Twikkii Island with a heap ofmoney.
  14. 14. She smiled brightly at Rhys as he walked into the kitchen and she pretended not to notice the automatic suspicious glare he normallygave her. "The coffee’s almost done. You take yours with just a little bit of cream and sugar, right?""Ill make my own," he replied bluntly. "Youll probably drug it or something."
  15. 15. The smile almost slipped from her face in surprise, but she managed to keep it in place as she arched an eyebrow at him. "Why on earthwould I do such a thing? Really, Rhys, maybe its time we call a truce? I am going to be living here for a very long time after all."
  16. 16. "Yeah, dont remind me. Oh, and Ill totally pass on the coffee. Id far rather deal with the headache from caffeine withdrawal thank youvery much," he said before he turned turned on his heel and walked back into the dining room.
  17. 17. She managed not to stomp her foot in frustration, but only barely. She knew Rhys outright hostility towards her would be an issue,which was why she had wanted to use the love potion in the first place. But that coupled with Quinns growing resistance against her,forcing her to use the slight compulsion spells on him, irritated her. She really, really wished she knew the more powerful one Lilliancould cast and she was beginning to toy with the idea of just becoming a Dark Sister for that spell alone, not to mention the knowledgeof how to make elixir.After a moment, she managed to compose herself and she poured two cups of coffee: one for her and one for Rhys.
  18. 18. And then, after adding the cream and sugar, she added a few drops of the love potion and stirred that in as well. He only needs to lookat me after he takes a sip and it wont matter anymore, she thought.
  19. 19. He didnt look up from the newspaper as she placed his mug on the table next to him, but she didnt worry as she sat down on one ofthe nearby chairs. Rhys Fitzhugh, for all his past plots and nefarious plans across the Multi-Verse, had happily fallen into comfortablehabits and routines while being married to Eden. One of the habitual things he did was drink his coffee while he read the newspaper.All she had to do was wait.
  20. 20. "Anything interesting in the news today?" she asked after a few moments.She was only rewarded with a small, irritated sigh.
  21. 21. She made a great show of being cold. She shivered and rubbed her arms. "Its awfully chilly in here, dont you think? Just look at thegoosebumps on my arms. Theyre huge!""Then put some clothes on," Rhys said dismissively, not even bothering to look at her. And then, in a habitual manner...
  22. 22. He picked up his coffee mug and drank from it.
  23. 23. With a grin, Bella stood up and started leaning over the table to pull down the newspaper when, at that moment, Eden entered theroom with Quinn right behind her.
  24. 24. She completely ignored Quinn when he stood next to her. Instead, she looked on in horror as she watched her love potion go to waste.
  25. 25. "Damn, Ede," Rhys said slowly as his eyes wandered over Edens body as if he were seeing it for the first time, "is that a new nightgownor something?"Eden raised her eyebrows in return. "Uh, no. Its--"
  26. 26. Bella nearly screamed in frustration as Rhys threw a giggling Eden over his shoulder and carried her upstairs. She heard Quinn sigh nextto her.
  27. 27. "Good morning, dear wife of mine. Its so good of you to acknowledge my presence," he said sarcastically.
  28. 28. "Oh shut up, Quinn," she threw over her shoulder as she stomped out of the room.~*~*~
  29. 29. Later that evening, Rhys was at the dining room table happily writing Eden a letter when the effects of Bellas potion abruptly wore off.With a jolt and a shake of his head he looked around for a few moments with a confused blink. The day had flown by in a haze and hewas only sure of three things: He was thirsty, hungry, and a bit... sore.
  30. 30. With a grin and a proud sniff, he said to himself, "Still got it," out loud to the empty room.
  31. 31. However, as he looked down at what he had been writing, his grin instantly disappeared and his eyes widened when he saw exactlywhat he had written to Eden. His hand instantly covered the letter and he looked around the room and over his shoulders as hecrumpled it.
  32. 32. Not wanting to take any chances, he threw the offending piece of paper into the fireplace and burned it.
  33. 33. When it had turned to ash, he rubbed his forehead with a shaking hand. Writing that letter had to have been, quite possibly, thedumbest thing he had ever thought of doing. He had no idea what came over him. Things like that were always better left unsaid.Understood, yes, but never, ever said out loud. Or, as in this case, ever written.He shook his head ruefully with a sigh and he went upstairs to his and Edens bedroom.
  34. 34. He leaned in the doorway and watched Eden as she napped. He tried not to laugh at her apparent exhaustion, but was unsuccessful."Whats so funny?" she asked.He shook his head with a smile and said, "Nothing," as he joined her in their bed.
  35. 35. "So how are you doing?" he asked, unable to hide his smirk."Good. A bit tired maybe. Its been a while since we, uh, were that vigorous so many times in one day.""Well just because Im forty-blah-blah-blah years old doesnt mean that I cant thoroughly rock your world, hard, on occasion.""Rhys, you always rock my world, you know that." She cocked her head and grinned at him. "So, forty-blah-blah-blah?""Yeeeah, I stopped really counting after twenty-nine, though I am vaguely aware that the anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday isalmost old enough to legally drink." The two of them shared a companionable laugh. He closed his eyes again as she continued to idlyrun her fingers through his fauxhawk. The thought crossed his mind that she was probably ruining it, but at that moment, he reallydidnt care. He sighed contentedly.
  36. 36. He opened his eyes when she playfully tugged at his hair. "Well, whatever it is that you took, not saying that you did or that you needto, and if you did I know it would only be for recreational purposes--""Darn right it would be!" he interrupted indignantly."I know that. Anyway, whatever it is that you took, if you did indeed take something, well, it certainly was effective. Very, veryeffective.""Honestly, Ede, that was all me and my awesomely natural sexual prowess. In fact, the last thing I had today was coffee..." he trailed offas his brow furrowed. Before he could finish his train of thought however, his stomach rumbled loudly, which caused both of them tolaugh again. "We burned a lot of calories today. A lot of them. Im starving," he declared.She giggled. "Me too."
  37. 37. "Unfortunately, seeing as we were too busy acting like porn stars, neither one of us made anything for dinner," he said as he sat up."You know what? Thats totally fine, because you know what Im really in the mood for? A big, fat, huge, meaty burrito.""Oh man, Im so in the mood for Mexican food right now that I wont even bother pointing out how I know you really like big, huge,meaty burritos." He quirked his eyebrow and smirked at her.She laughed. "Then I wont point out that you still pointed it out."
  38. 38. "Thanks, Babe, youre the best," he tossed over his shoulder as he got out of bed.Eden blew him a kiss. "Yeah, I know."
  39. 39. With identical grins, he and Eden walked out of the bedroom arm in arm. All thoughts of the coffee he had that morning werecompletely forgotten.~*~*~
  40. 40. Puck stared at the ceiling above him as the faint blue morning light filtered through the blinds of his bedroom window. He was tooexcited to sleep. Too nervous as well, but that was understandable. He glanced over at his alarm clock for what seemed like thehundredth time that night.6:00 AMHe burrowed under the covers again, drawing Erins warm body close to his. She made a mumbling sound in the back of her throat butdidnt wake up. She fit perfectly against him. He sighed with contentment and willed himself to go back to sleep.
  41. 41. But excitement drove any sort of drowsiness away and his eyes popped open. It had been like that all night long. He sighed again, thistime with reluctance. He slowly removed himself from the warm cocoon and padded toward the window to look outside.Snow was starting to slowly fall from the sky. It looked like it was going to be a white Christmas. The snowstorm that the weathermenhad been predicting hadnt hit yet, but Puck hoped it wouldnt come for another couple of days, preferably after Christmas. But that wasa completely separate worry from the other one Puck had at that moment.
  42. 42. He walked quietly into his living room, opened up his desk drawer, and pulled out the small, black velvet box that he had tucked intothe back. He walked back into his bedroom, sat down on the edge of his bed and opened it.He had no idea how to propose to Erin. He had vague thoughts of doing it in front of everyone at the Christmas party her family threwevery year, but the idea of having everyone watch made him cringe. He thought about popping over at her house Christmas morningwhen her family was opening their gifts, but, again, the thought of people watching, particularly Erins father (who he knew would smirkthe entire time!), also made him pause.So that left this morning: Christmas Eve morning. But his tiny apartment, which had no seasonal decorations, wasnt terribly romantic.Heck, he didnt even have much in the way of food in his refrigerator, so a breakfast in bed proposal wasnt even an option. Then anidea occurred to him: it might be pretty romantic if she woke up to him presenting her with the ring. The more he turned it over in hismind, the better the idea sounded.
  43. 43. With a grin, he leaned over and stroked her hair. "Erin," he whispered."Mmm, sleeping," she mumbled back.He kissed her neck and whispered again, "Erin, wake up.""Mmm, no, I told you, not before Ive had coffee," she grumbled again as she buried her head under the blankets.
  44. 44. Realizing that he was about to lose his courage, he straddled her hips and placed his hands on either side of her head. "Erin, wake up. Iwant to give you something.""Fine, Puck, do what you want to me. Just dont wake me up. Sleeping!"For a moment, a brief moment, he thought about doing just that. He blushed and cast the thought to the side, almost ashamed that hehad even contemplated it. Almost ashamed. "Erin, you are making it very hard to propose to you.""Fine, Puck, yes Ill marry you," she said with a yawn as she drifted back to sleep.
  45. 45. He blinked. This was not going as well as he had hoped. He opened the velvet box, placed it front of her face, and kissed her cheek.Her eyes opened and widened when she saw the engagement ring."Oh my God, youre serious arent you?" she said, finally casting off her desire for sleep."Of course I am.""But..but you already know that were going to get married. I didnt think...""You didnt think I would propose? I mean, yeah, I knew we were going to get married. Eventually. The vision thing didnt specify howmany times I had to ask."
  46. 46. She grinned and arched an eyebrow at him. "It still feels sort of like cheating seeing as you obviously know what my response will be.""So...youre saying yes?""If youre asking.""I am asking."
  47. 47. "Did I ever tell you how my dad proposed to my mother?" she asked idly. "She was filming Dusk in Three Lakes and he drove all theway out there after Vaughns wedding to propose to her. He got down on one knee and everything. The way my mother tells the story,it all sounded very romantic." She grinned at his confused look and poked his bare thigh. "What would I tell our kids? Well your father,who was still sporting a bit of morning wood by the way, straddled me, pinned me down, and gave me the engagement ring assuming Iwould say yes based off of one of the visions he used to have."He hoped he didnt sound too disappointed when he said, "Yeah, youre right. It does sound kind of stupid."Erin gently trailed her fingers over his leg. "Puck, Im not demanding an over the top gesture, but I am requesting that you actually ask."
  48. 48. He took the hint and rolled off the bed. He hesitated for a moment before he got on his knee next to the bed. "Erin, I love you verymuch and I always have, pretty much since I was a little kid. I actually wanted to do a huge, grand gesture but I couldnt think ofanything that was good enough for such a momentous occasion, not to mention that I would have probably frozen up in front of a hugecrowd anyway. And despite the fact that you know this about me, you still like being with me and love me. You are the woman who Iwant to happily spend the rest of my life with. Will you please marry me?"
  49. 49. A wide smile spread across her face and she bit her lip. "Yes I will marry you, Puck. Nothing would make me happier." She wiped hereye and sniffled slightly.He couldnt help but grin when he asked, "Ere, are you actually crying?""No!""Oh, okay. I just thought I saw you--""Im not crying!"
  50. 50. He grinned even wider and ran his hand over her legs. "So, when you retell this story, you think you can gloss over some of theunnecessary details? You know, like the part about how we arent wearing anything more than our underwear?""Well our kids and parents dont need to know every detail. Plumbbob knows that my mother probably glossed over a lot when shetold me and my brother her story.""Well I would be truly grateful if you did gloss over some of the more nitty, gritty parts.""Its a deal.""I also promise not to tell people you cried.""I wasnt--"
  51. 51. The rest of her feigned protests were promptly muffled.~*~*~
  52. 52. Rhys whistled happily as he prepared breakfast. Hed had the most awesome time with Eden the day before, there was the Christmasparty that night, and best of all, he was pretty sure that he had recovered from his youthful enthusiasm from the previous day, whichtotally meant that there was going to be Christmas sex that night (which was the best sex next to New Years Eve Sex, Valentines DaySex, St. Patricks Day Sex, Independence Day Sex, Birthday Sex, Makeup Sex, and, well, honestly there really was no such thing as badsex). For the most part, Rhys was content, even downright happy.
  53. 53. Unfortunately his good mood instantly disappeared when Bella entered the room. The cheerful whistle died on his lips as soon as hesaw her and a scowl took its place.
  54. 54. "Good morning," the woman said with a smirk. He made a big show of ignoring her as he turned his back and continued to stir thepancake batter. She refused to take the hint as she leaned against the counter. "So what are you doing?" she asked.Piss off and die, he thought vehemently, but he refused to say anything to her. Thankfully she moved away from him, but she didntleave the kitchen, much to his irritation.
  55. 55. A few moments later she was standing next to him, this time she was holding a coffee mug while she slid his towards him. "I wasnt sureif you had your morning coffee yet," she said. He was tempted to knock it to the floor, but he refrained, namely because it was hisfavorite mug. She slid it even closer to him when it became apparent that he was going to ignore it. He was about to say out loud, "Goto hell," when it clicked in his mind:The only thing hed had the day before was coffee. Coffee that Bella had given him. That suddenly explained his previous vigorousactivities and the realization that it wasnt all him was more than a little disappointing. That... bitch...must have slipped something intohis drink.
  56. 56. Just to be sure that he was right in that assumption, he picked up his mug and pretended to sip from it while looking at her. He noticedher smirk as he set it down, but before he could comment on it...
  57. 57. She reached over and manhandled him.
  58. 58. He flailed his arms as he reeled away from her. "What the actual fuck?" he shouted. A look of panic crossed her face and he continuedshouting at her. "Oh my fucking god! What the hell? Youre...youre married to my son! I..I..just.." and for one of the few times in Rhyslife, he was at a loss for words. "Get out! Fucking leave! Just fucking get out!" he finally manged to spit out.
  59. 59. Strangely enough, instead of leaving the room, she glared at Rhys for a moment before reaching up and touching her eye, causing it totear. Then she made a hitching sound in her throat and ran out of the room as she loudly gulped in air to simulate sobs, nearly knockingover Eden in the process.
  60. 60. Eden watched Bella run up the stairs and she turned to Rhys, giving him a bewildered look. "What was that all about? Whats with theyelling?" she asked.
  61. 61. It took him a moment to respond. "That woman tried to drug me! She groped me! Oh my god. I want her out. I want her gone! I cantlive in this house anymore with that whore. You said that I have a say in what goes on around here and I say I want that bitch out ofhere, I really, really dont give a shit about what Quinn wants at the moment!""Its nice to finally hear your true feelings, Dad," Quinn said angrily as he walked into the kitchen. Bella was trailing behind him withanother smirk.
  62. 62. "Yeah, its time that you grow up and face the truth that--""That my father is such a big asshole that he would make a pass at his own sons wife."
  63. 63. Quinns words startled Rhys into silence again as he stared with his mouth open. The accusation was so ridiculous that he startedlaughing. "What? Is that what she told you? Oh whatever."
  64. 64. "No! Not whatever. Fact. I know all about everything that you did around the Multi-Verse. I know how you are."
  65. 65. "Quinn, maybe if you let your father explain," Eden said as she tried to step in between the two, but Rhys cut her off."No, Ede, stop." He looked at Quinn with a glare. "The time for explaining anything has passed. You know, if you would have saidsomething a few months ago then maybe, yeah. But after three months of your little attitude towards me Ive decided that Ive hadenough. Im your father, and you dont get to judge me."
  66. 66. A cold look settled over Quinns face and he said, "Yeah? Well I really wish that you werent my father. I cant believe that I ever wantedto be like you. Now I wish I didnt even know you." He spun on his heel and stormed out of the room, Bella following behind him. Thefront door slammed shut.
  67. 67. Rhys felt like Quinn just punched him in the stomach. Eden tried to lay a hand on his arm, but he shrugged her off."Rhys," She said gently, "he didnt mean it.""Well it sure sounded like he did.""But he didnt. You and I both know that. Hes just angry right now. Hell come back in a few hours and you two can talk about it then."Rhys closed his eyes and sighed.
  68. 68. Right then, Erin bounced into the house with Puck following behind her. "We have big, huge, gigantic news!" she said cheerfully. "Puckand I are engaged!"
  69. 69. Then she sensed the tension in the air and she gave her parents a confused look. " Woah! What the heck did I miss?"
  70. 70. Rhys and Eden just looked at each other grimly.~*~*~
  71. 71. Quinn felt absolutely awful about what he had said to his father shortly after the fight. Unfortunately he and Bella had already driven toSimCity so she could go shopping to help get over her stressful morning. He didnt feel like trailing behind Bella as she looked at everysingle, expensive item she had her eyes on so he had just given her his wallet, which she took without a second thought. So he resignedhimself to walking down the quiet city street as he debated what to do.
  72. 72. He happened to glance inside the bar he was walking past and he noticed that Emily was working there. He felt a pang of guilt andloneliness as he watched her wash the counter of the bar. He was debating as to whether or not he should go inside when a gust ofcold wind mixed with snow blew through the air. With a shiver, he opened the door and stepped inside.
  73. 73. He could feel his face stretch into the first genuine smile he had in months as she looked up at him. It didnt hurt that her smile matchedhis own."Hey, Em," he said hesitantly."Hey, Quinn," she said in a much more eager voice, which made him feel even more guilty.
  74. 74. "So..youre working here?"She began washing the counter again. "Yeah. Im saving up for my own apartment, which I promised my parents Id do. Theyre stillreally pissed that I dropped out of school.""Why did you drop out?" She shrugged but didnt answer his question. The two of them were silent for a bit until he asked, "How areyour parents anyway?""Living apart together," she replied. "In other words theyre separated but neither one of them want to file for a divorce. And now thatthey dont have to worry about a custody battle theyre just..I dont know. Theyre just weird." She sighed and shrugged again.
  75. 75. Quinn looked around the empty bar. "Its pretty dead in here," he said for lack of anything better to say.Emily shook her head. "Tell me about it. Christmas Eve can be a hit or miss type of day. I was really hoping to make a ton of money intips but with the forecasted Storm of Doom on the way, people have decided to stay home I guess."
  76. 76. Quinn automatically reached for his wallet to buy something to drink when he remembered that he gave it to Bella. He sighed andshook his head. "Id help, but my...wife...has my wallet. I am a completely useless customer. Im sorry. I should get going.""No, please dont," she pleaded. "Youre the first person Ive seen in hours. You could stay and keep me company for a little while. Itsbeen such a long time since we last had a real conversation. The only important thing I have to do is clean the counters, which Ivealready done like five times. Please? I would really like you to stay."
  77. 77. He breathed a sigh of relief. "I would love nothing more than to stay here with you.""Great!" she said with an eager smile. "Ill get you a drink, on the house. What would you like?""Just water. I have a pounding headache."
  78. 78. As she went to get get the water, he flopped into one of the booths and rested his head in his hands. When she came back, she placedthe glass of water and two aspirin in front of him before sliding into the booth.
  79. 79. The two of them were silent as the light of the setting sun feebly shone through the windows. "So how are things?" Emily finally asked.He groaned and rested his head on the table with a heavy sigh. "That good, huh?""Everything is awful, Em," he said quietly. "If I could go back in time and change everything, everything, I would. I should never havemarried Bella. I dont know what I was thinking."She gave a bitter laugh. "Shes a hot woman who played happy fun naked times with you. I believe its referred to as First Lay Love.""Emphasis on played. She has no interest in doing what she knew she needed to do, at least not with me. Its not like Im asking for tenkids. Were not allowed to even have that many, you know? Instead shes only interested in shopping and making digs at my mother,and lets not even get into the entire mess with my father.""What?"
  80. 80. He sighed and told her about what had happened that morning. "And the worst thing about it is that, thinking back, I know he wouldnthave made any sort of move on her. Hes made it very clear that he has absolutely no interest in her, at least not in this Mini-Verse. Ihave no idea what came over me, but when I was saying those terrible things to him, I actually meant them and I cant take those wordsback."Emily shrugged. "You know, I tell my parents all the time I hate them and I really, truly mean it when I say it. But then I feel bad about itlater and I apologize. Parents kind of expect to be told that theyre hated. Im pretty sure that your parents told your grandparents thatthey hated them."
  81. 81. "Maybe. Probably not my mom to her parents, but maybe my dad did, yeah.""And your Grandpa Spencer has forgiven and still loves your father.""True, but you didnt see the look on my dads face," he replied glumly.She shook her head. "Quinn, obviously you feel really bad about all of it. It was a temporary moment of insanity. And all of this is reallyeasy to fix. Seriously. Just go home and apologize. And as for your problems with Bella..." she trailed off with a roll of her eyes."What?""Divorce her if she makes you this unhappy. People do it all of the time for dumber reasons. I highly doubt anyone will think badly ofyou. In fact, based off of everything you told me, I’m sure your family will throw you a Divorce Party."
  82. 82. "Yeah, probably. Bella would rake me over the coals though. Alexander would make sure of it.""Who cares? So Bella gets half. Big deal. Its not like your family would be in the poor house and Im sure everyone would agree that itwas money well spent.""And then Im back to where I was. Nobody wants me," he finished with a mutter.
  83. 83. Emily reached over and touched his hand. "Thats not true," she said softly.
  84. 84. He looked down at their hands for a moment then gave her a sad smile. "Ive missed you, Em. I wish..." he shrugged and looked down."Ive missed you, too. Quinn, nobody will care. We can be happy together. And if anyone has a problem with it, which maybe peoplewont now, we could just move somewhere else. Let Erin be heir. But I really dont think it would come to that.""Maybe youre right.""I know Im right," she said emphatically.
  85. 85. "And what the hell is this?" Bella said interrupting their passionate embrace.
  86. 86. Quinns face was guilty, but Emily merely smiled at Bella as she slid away from Quinn and out of the booth.
  87. 87. Bella ignored the green girl as she glared at Quinn. "Youre cheating on me with your first cousin? Just what kind of inbred hillbilly areyou anyway?""Oh like you’re one to talk," Emily replied."I wasnt talking to you," Bella spat.
  88. 88. Quinn sighed and looked regretfully over at Emily. "I, uh, I should get going."Bella sneered at him. "You think you’re better than everyone and yet here you are--""Were leaving," Quinn said as he gently nudged her towards the door.
  89. 89. "Ill call you later, Quinn," Emily said happily. "And have a good Christmas."He looked over his shoulder and gave her a wide smile. "You, too. Bye, Em."Bella glared at the two of them, tossed her head with a sniff, and stormed out the door.
  90. 90. Bella made a big show of giving Quinn the cold shoulder when they got into the car. It wasnt until he was slowly driving through theheavy snow that she decided to bite out the words, "I cant believe you."Quinn didnt know how to respond to that. Honestly, he couldnt believe himself either."Youre just like your father!"A small seed of realization blossomed in his mind, proof that once and for all his father didnt make any sort of pass at Bella. "Not true,"he said. "For everything that my dad is, hes not a person who cheats on his wife."
  91. 91. "Then that just makes you worse than your father!" She was right of course, but he strangely found himself laughing which made hereven more incensed. "Oh? You think this is a joke? You think this is funny? You--"He cut her off. "Bella? Shut. Up. Just..yeah. Shut up.""How dare--"
  92. 92. He continued on quietly, ignoring her interruption. "This is whats going to happen: were going home. And when we get there, Imgoing to apologize profusely to my dad because he was right: I had absolutely no right to judge him on his past, especially since it reallydoesnt have any bearing on my life and how he treated me, my sister, and my mother here. And while I am doing that, youre going togo upstairs and pack your things. Take whatever, I dont care. And then Ill call you a cab and that cab will take you to a hotel. A nice,big, fancy, expensive one, just how you like them. Ill pay for it. And then, after the holidays, Im going to hire a lawyer and file for adivorce. Im done. Im tired of being angry with people for no real apparent reason. It gives me a headache.""You most certainly are not divorcing me!""Yes. I am. Bella, why did you even want to get married to me? You dont even like me!"
  93. 93. "Because," Bella spat out, "I was told to get married to you. You! A nobody! And I wont have some nobody dumping me!""Well this nobody is," Quinn said calmly, trying hard not to sound hurt over her words. Then he raised an eyebrow. "Who told you toget married to me? You didnt have to do anything.""Remember our mutual friend? Yeah, she made me because she has something that I want. Oh, and Ill let you know that the entireYoure a hero line is a bunch of bullshit. Youre no hero. You really, really arent. You killed that poor girl.""Wait, what?""You heard me. Some hero you are. But no, I had to marry you, but I was also given permission to have my own fun and Ill be dammedif Im going to let you ruin that."
  94. 94. "Your own fun? What..." he suddenly realized what she was talking about; what her intentions had been all along. "My dad. Youwanted him, not me.""Congratulations, you finally got a clue. Its about frickin time. But it doesnt matter because you will do what I want!"
  95. 95. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her pull something from inside her coat. He turned his attention away from the road and saw herholding what looked like some sort of stick. "What is that?"
  96. 96. "BELLA! WHAT ARE YOU--"
  97. 97. As Zane arrived on the scene, he noticed the skid marks in the snow before he noticed the car, which was crushed into a tree andflipped over. He shook his head slowly as he took note of the destruction. Oh, sure, on the paperwork it had listed the causes of deathfor both Quinn and Bella Devereaux, but seeing it was completely different and he idly took note of the fact that he was somewhatsurprised. He had thought he wouldnt be able to feel anything anymore.
  98. 98. He went over to Bellas body, which had been thrown from the car. It was strange that her hand was grasping what looked like a brokentree branch, but he thought that it must have been sticking out of the snow and Bella just so happened to land by it, grasping at it in herlast moments. Her death had been quick. Zane collected her and left her urn sitting in the snow where her body had been onlymoments before. He checked her name off on his list and made a few notations before moving over to where Quinn was supposed tobe.
  99. 99. Zanes brow creased when he arrived at the designated location. Quinn wasnt there. He looked around in the snow thinking thatperhaps the snowstorm had already covered the body up, but he cast that thought aside, realizing that Bellas body would have alsobeen covered with snow. He looked closer at the ground and saw that there were marks in the snow; marks indicating that Quinn,against all odds, had dragged himself away.
  100. 100. He stepped around the overturned car and saw Quinn there: battered, bruised, and very clearly in pain. Zane could sense that Quinnshould have been dead due to his grievous internal injuries, but he was still alive."Mommy, it hurts," Quinn babbled out, his eyes glazed in pain.
  101. 101. Zane didnt say anything as he knelt down. Technically his job wasnt to comfort people, but he felt that easing Quinn from his pain wasthe most merciful thing he could do. Zane reached forward to collect Quinn, but his hand stopped, almost as if a force was blockinghim."What the heck?" he muttered to himself."Dad, Im sorry. Im so, so sorry," Quinn said in between his hitching breaths. The red head looked at Zane. "Please. It hurts. Please.Please tell my Dad Im sorry. Please. It hurts."Zane looked through his paperwork and then back at Quinn. Underneath his hood, his brow creased again. None of it made sense.
  102. 102. He looked closer at the dying man and noticed the key hanging around his neck. A Dead Realm key. "Where did you get this?" hehissed as he pointed at it."Princess," Quinn mumbled. "I saved the princess from the evil man in dark robes. Hero. Im a hero. I saved the princess."
  103. 103. He slumped back into the snow as he realized exactly what Quinn meant. "You! It was you who killed Tina! You stole my wife fromme."Quinns only response, however, was mumblings, sputterings of his pain, and apologies to his father, whatever that was all about.
  104. 104. Zane threw his clipboard to the side as he stood up and clutched his head as grief and anger washed over him. He was tempted to walkaway and let Quinn suffer in pain forever and in fact he turned on his heel and took a step away from the broken man.
  105. 105. Binky trotted up to him, blocking his path. Youre better than this, Zane, the horse said gently. If you turn away from him, you will neverbe the same."She was my wife and he stole her from me. He murdered Tina!"Think about what he said and ask yourself where he got the key from. Is it yours?""You cannot just leave him here. He is suffering and that key is preventing him from dying.
  106. 106. Zane pulled his hood back and screamed at the sky. He then raked both of his hands vigorously through his hair and turned back toQuinn, kneeling before him.
  107. 107. "Im so sorry. I didnt know," the red head whispered.Zane gently slipped the necklace over Quinns head. "I forgive you," he replied. He reached forward again and collected Quinn, easinghim out of his pain and suffering.
  108. 108. As he looked at Quinns urn he lifted his foot to smash it, but then he stopped himself. Binky was right. He was better than that. "Iforgive you, Quinn Devereaux. I forgive you," he whispered.
  109. 109. ~*~*~
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