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Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Five - Part 4(A)

Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Five - Part 4(A)






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    Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Five - Part 4(A) Devereaux Legacy: Chapter Five - Part 4(A) Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome back to the Devereaux Legacy! I know it's been a while since I last updated, but I've been doing responsible things. Yep. I've been very responsible. I haven't been playing FarmVille, obsessively, what-so-ever. Nope. Not me. I've resisted its siren call! ANYWAY, last chapter we said goodbye to Generation Three, much to everyone's sadness. This chapter we'll be seeing Generation Five go through college, get good grades, and live relatively low-key lives. Pfft. Yeah right. How boring would that be? Pretty boring. So how about some gossip and scandal instead? But, before we get to that, I think it's time we take care of a little running gag that is starting to wear out its welcome...
    • “Oooooohhhhh, this is the Pants Embargo Song! So how about you all sing along? Sing, sing, sing while Ang takes away everything! This is the Pants Embargo Song! So how about you all sing along? She won't let me use the Batbox, and I think it's a total crock! This is the Pants Embargo Song!” “Keeeeeiiiith. I have something for youuuuuuuuuu.”
    • “Annnng! I'm not liiiiisteniinnnnnnng! You've taken away all the cool stuff and now there's not much left except for a few things, including my Pants Embargo outfit. I won't let you take that awaaaaayyyy from meeeeeee!” “But I really DO have something for youuuuuuuuuu. Why don't you come out here and see?”
    • “Woah! Is that what I think it is?” “Yes. Yes it is, Keith.” “Ang, you have never looked more sexy than you do right at this moment.”
    • “I know.” “No, seriously, I have never been more turned on.” “I'd be a bit more offended if I weren't the one writing the script here. But you see, Keith, before I can let you come any closer, you have to make a choice.”
    • “The TARDIS? Or the Batbox? You can only have one. Which is it going to--”
    • “TARDIS! TARDIS! TARDIS! I choose the TARDIS!” “You have chosen wisely.”
    • “So, you obtained this for me even though you're trying to cut down on all the custom content?” “Yes I did. Because I love you.” “So, if I choose the TARDIS, I can't have my Pants Embargo anymore?” “Nope.” “But, what kind of clothes should I wear? I mean, a man's gotta have some sort of cool outfit to go along with the TARDIS!” “Why don't you check it out? It really is bigger on the inside.”
    • “FANTASTIC!” “Yes. Yes it is.” Okay, so now seeing as that's out of the way, let move on to the chapter. Hope you enjoy! ***
    • “Yes, Mother, we're all settled in,” Eden said to Mary. She had only just finished unpacking and, with uncanny timing, her mother had called to check in on her. “I have everything that I need: I got my books, I got my supplies, and I have class in about an hour so I can meet my professors.”
    • “Well good,” Mary said. “I'm glad to hear that you're all settled in. Now, Eden, just because you're on your own doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want. You must remember that even though you aren't working at the moment, you're still a high profile figure so you're going to have to watch what you say and do and even be careful of who you are seen with. Any unsavory people might tarnish your reputation. Oh, and a word of advice: if you are going to insist on majoring in Drama, do try to earn your grades in a legitimate manner, okay sweetie? If you don't, then I'm sure that people will start gossiping and bad gossip has a way of spreading all over town and even further in your case.”
    • Eden's eyebrows raised at what Mary was implying. “I know that, Mother. I plan on doing all of my homework assignments and term papers myself. Besides, a lot of my assignments require me to perform so it would be really hard to cheat.” “Well, I'm just making sure. Study hard and get good grades, okay? But, I'll let you get going off to class. Have fun!” Eden sighed as she hung up the phone. Ever since her mother found out what aspiration she had chosen, her 'advice' at times had become rather insulting. Eden shook her head and decided that she wasn't going to think about that at the moment.
    • Poking around outside, Eden looked down the Wishing Well that her mother had earned when she was in college. Eden smiled slightly. She doubted her mother had ever used it in the same fashion that Eden herself was planning on using it. On the other hand, perhaps her mother wouldn't be so miserable in her marriage if she had used the well. Eden shook that disloyal thought out of her head and she heard someone say, “Oh my God! It's Eden Devereaux! Can I have your autograph?”
    • Eden greeted her friend with a smile. “I was wondering when you were going to stop by. Here, we had an extra Snapdragon that we weren't using so I thought you might want to have it.” Karen smiled back. “For me? Thanks! I could really use one of these, what with all my late nights and stuff.”
    • “Oh, so you did come to campus to take early classes then, right? We were wondering why you had left so abruptly.” Karen laughed. “Oh, hell no! I got settled in and then I've been clubbing every night. I wanted to see what college life would be like before I had to settle down and go to my boring classes. By the way, it doesn't take that long to get to downtown from here, and let me tell you that the night scene down there is so much better than any club in Pleasantview.”
    • “And,” Karen continued, “what's even better is that I hooked up with this one guy and he's showing me all sorts of cool things. I'm going to ask him if you can tag along with us sometime, if you want. College, in my opinion, shouldn't only be about stupid classes and studying. It's the first time that we're allowed to do what we want!” Eden smiled wanly at Karen's statement and she wondered what her mother would think if she had heard what Karen said. “Anyway, I have to get going. I promised my boyfriend that I would be home when he called. He's got some weird job that has him working at strange hours, but he always wants me to be there when he calls. Kind of sweet, isn't it?” And she left before Eden could respond.
    • After Karen left, Eden checked the time and saw that she had long enough to eat something before her first class started.
    • As she settled down to eat her food she went over in her mind a few of the guys she had researched online who seemed interesting. She, like Karen, wanted to have a little fun in college. But, she wanted to make sure that she could balance her college life along with a social life. She smiled and she looked forward to socializing with her new guy friends. ***
    • When Eden woke up the next morning, the other side of the bed was empty. She vaguely remembered Gage saying goodbye to her when she was half asleep. She was relieved that he was gone. He was nice enough, she supposed, but his cologne was a bit much. Still, she looked forward to possibly seeing him again; they both agreed to remain friends and to keep in touch. Just as she was thinking about how going out the night before to reward herself for her good grades and being on top of her term papers and homework, the telephone rang. With a sinking feeling, she realized that it was probably her mother and her mother probably wouldn't view Eden's “escapades” from the night before as a suitable reward for a job well done.
    • “Hello?” she said, wishing that they had an answering machine. “Eden? This is your mother.” Eden checked a sigh. “Good morning, Mother. How are you? How is Daddy?” “What on earth were you thinking last night?” Mary demanded from the other end, getting right to the point. “People saw you out with that man and they posted a terrible picture of you with him on the internet!” “So?”
    • Mary gasped. “'So?' 'So?!' I would appreciate it if you didn't take that tone with me, young lady! What on earth were you thinking anyway? You..you don't plan on marrying him, do you?” “Hardly, Mother.” “Well, I had to lie those busybodies online! I had to tell them that you are 'just friends' with Gage.” “We are just friends. He was a perfectly nice companion for the evening and I hope that we can keep in touch.” “Well! I'm sure that maybe your version of 'keeping in touch' might vary from my version. Eden, you do know what that man is, right? He's a Rom--”
    • “I know exactly what he is, Mother: he's my friend,” Eden firmly interrupted. She internally debated about whether she should address Mary's insinuation about her, but she decided against it. She had class in about an hour, so she didn't have time for a “discussion” with her mother, especially since they always ended up with Mary backing off with a little remark that inevitably made Eden feel bad. This time, she did sigh. “I really should get going, though. I need to get ready for class. I'm glad you called. Give Daddy a kiss for me, okay?” She decided to also ignore the little “Humph” Mary made when she said that. “Okay, sweetie. I'll talk to you soon. Oh, and please do try not to be as...obvious next time you're out, okay? Love you,” and before Eden could ask exactly what that was supposed to mean, Mary hung up the phone.
    • Deciding to skip a shower until after class, Eden went to the gossip site that her mother was probably referring to. She wrinkled her nose at her outfit and she agreed with what Sandy had said about it. But, she wore it to make Gage feel more at ease and so he wouldn't stand out as much. Smiling slightly at her mother's indignant post and Sandy's response, she sighed. It was apparent that whatever she did was going to be spun in the worst light possible, like the drug comment. It was irritating, but there was nothing that she could really do about it. If her mother insisted on her continuing in the show business industry then things like the gossip website were going to be the consequences. She was fine with that, but she had a feeling that her mother wouldn't be. ***
    • Laurana had happily found her niche in the house. She was perfectly content to be the one who cleaned up after her very, very sloppy housemates as well as the one who did all of the yardwork.
    • She had even taken up gardening to pass the time. She was hoping to get the gold gardening badge that the Garden Club awarded and she was toying with the idea of becoming a Plantsim as a possibility to continue the Lewis family line.
    • She found that she even enjoyed doing her Biology homework in solitude, often waiting until Rose and Eden had gone to bed to be able to study in peace and quiet. The other two didn't mind her quirky ways except for one little thing.
    • “You need to get out more,” Eden said. “I'm not saying that you need to bar hop and party every night, but once in a while won't hurt you.” “Eden, I don't like being in the public eye as much as you do. I'm perfectly content to hold down the fort while you go out and have fun,” Laurana replied, for what felt like the hundredth time.
    • “Why don't we all go to Club Brazen Head tonight? Jill told me that they're having a Luau party that sounds like it might be fun. Plus, Jill said that she won't water down our drinks as much as she's supposed to.” Rose grinned. “That's one of the perks of dating the cute bartender, I guess.”
    • “You know, Achilles and I were talking about going there tonight. I think we should all go. Even you, Laurana,” Eden said. “Absolutely not. I'm not getting all dressed up in some stupid outfit so I can sit in the corner booth all night while you two have fun,” Laurana protested.
    • “No, I'm gonna have to agree with Eden on this one. You need to get out more. Besides, it's only for one night and I don't think you're going to like it if we have to resort to Plan B.” “And what, pray tell, is Plan B?” Laurana asked. “We'll hog tie you and drag you there,” Rose responded cheerfully. Laurana tsked in a vexed manner and left the room.
    • Eden stopped her in the middle of the hallway. “Really? Not even for one night? You might meet someone, you know,” she said. Laurana rolled her eyes. “I don't want to meet anyone. That's the point.” “Eden, do you have rope in your bedroom? I think we might need it,” Rose said. Laurana paused. “You're really serious about forcing me to go, aren't you?”
    • “You had better believe it,” Rose said. “Okay, look. Just for tonight. We promise that we will stop harassing you if you don't have any fun. But, you really have to give it a shot. It's not healthy to lock yourself inside and away from other people.” Laurana sighed. “You promise that it'll only be this once?” “I solemnly swear. Right, Eden?” “I swear, too.” Laurana hesitated for another moment, trying to find a way out of it. “I don't have anything to wear,” she said. “Oh, I'm sure we can find something,” Rose said. ***
    • “Hey, Laurana,” Jill said cheerfully as she poured a drink, “I never thought I'd see you here. Let me guess: it was the awesome Hawaiian theme that brought you here, right?”
    • Laurana scoffed. “Hardly. Eden and Rose forced me to come to this party. Rose even threatened to tie me up and drag me here. They think that I'm spending too much time studying or tending to my garden and not enough time socializing. But, you know what I really think it is?” “What's that?” Jill asked. “I think that the Romance Sim part of Eden is saying 'Oh my God! You need to get laid!' and the Family Sim part of Rose is saying, 'Oh my God! You need to find a spouse so you can have baaaabieeesss!' Like having a boyfriend or having babies is the be-all-end-all of our existence.” Laurana rolled her eyes and Jill laughed.
    • At that moment, a young man sporting a brunette fauxhawk and a tacky purple and blue shirt sat down next to her. “Hi,” he said in a friendly tone, “do you mind if I sit here? Or is this seat taken?” Laurana immediately stiffened up when the stranger spoke. “Uh, no. I mean, yeah, I guess you can sit there,” she said awkwardly, not looking at him. “Great! Thanks!”
    • “So,” he said after a moment, “I'm Vaughn Fitzhugh.” Laurana didn't respond. “And you are...?” he tried again.
    • “I'm somebody who doesn't feel like talking to strange men in a bar. I'm somebody who would rather be anywhere other than here, but my friends forced me to come. I'm somebody who is just going to finish this drink and then go home,” Laurana snapped.
    • “How do you fit all of that on a business card?” Vaughn asked, trying to make a joke. When she didn't respond, he sighed. “Okay. Point taken. There's no need to bite my head off. I was just trying to be friendly by asking a pretty girl for her name and maybe buy her a drink or something. But seeing as you have your night all planned out, I'll just leave you alone.”
    • “Oh,” she said, feeling uncomfortable again. “Sorry, I guess. But, it really doesn't matter. I don't like being bothered by strangers and, to be honest, if I did like being bothered by strangers, I'd still think twice about accepting a drink from someone who was wearing a shirt like yours.”
    • Vaughn heaved a long suffering sigh. “You know, that's what I told Achilles when he loaned it to me. I told him that if any girl saw me wearing this, they'd turn and run as fast as they could in the opposite direction. But, he insisted that it works for him and that I had to dress up in it because it was the theme of the party. On one hand, I'm glad that I was right about the shirt but, on the other hand, it kinda sucks that I was right about it. Know what I mean?”
    • Laurana looked down at her own borrowed outfit that she thought was rather ugly. “Yeah, I think I know what you mean.”
    • The two of them sat there in uncomfortable silence for a while as they listened to the other patrons of the club laugh and dance to the music.
    • Laurana finally broke it by saying, “Okay. My name is Laurana Lewis. It's very nice to meet you, Vaughn Fitzhugh. Sorry about the 'tacky shirt' comment.”
    • “Well I'm relieved that I got your name instead of being told that you're 'Somebody'. It would have been ten shades of suck telling people about it. 'So, what did you do last night, Vaughn?' 'Nothing much. Went to the club and met Somebody.' 'Oh? Somebody? What's her name?' 'Somebody.' 'Right. And what's her name?' 'Somebody.' 'Why do you have to be like that? Why are you being so secretive? Is she married? Is that why you won't say what her name is? Tell meeeeeeeee!'” Vaughn cleared his throat. “Sorry. That conversation ended up being an imitation of my mother. But, you see what I'm saying? It would have been like a modern day 'Who's on first?' So. Yeah. Glad I got your name, Laurana. You saved me from a very long and uncomfortable conversation without the canned laughter.” Laurana smiled slightly. “Well, I'm glad I could help.”
    • “So, I suppose it's way too late for the 'What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?' pickup line, isn't it? I mean, we addressed bad clothing choices and I even imitated my mother. We're beyond that, aren't we?” Laurana smiled again. “Yeah, I think so. It was the mother imitation that pushed it over the edge. If you wouldn't have done that, I probably would have fallen for that line.” “Really? Damn. Are we beyond 'Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my dreams all night?'” “I'm afraid so, Vaughn. And, I was serious about this being my last drink. I really should get going; I have a term paper to write tomorrow. It was nice meeting you and good luck picking people up with that shirt and those lines,” she said with a small laugh before she got up and walked towards the door.
    • “Wait!” Vaughn said as he stepped in front of her, blocking her path. “Are we beyond me asking for your number? You know, maybe I could call and run a few more lines by you and see what you think of them.” He gave her a hopeful look. Laurana sighed. “Vaughn, you seem nice and you're actually very cute, but I'm not really all that interested in dating anyone.” “Who said anything about dating? Look, I'm not asking you to marry me or anything. I'm just asking for your phone number so we can hang out or something.”
    • She shook her head and moved past him. “Lose the shirt and then maybe we'll talk.” “Why, Ms. Lewis! Are you trying to seduce me? We've only just met!” Laurana shook her head and laughed despite herself. “Goodnight, Vaughn.” He smiled after her. “Night! I'll see you around. Maybe topless, maybe not!” He smiled even wider when her heard her laugh again. ***
    • A few days later, Laurana went to the library to type up her term paper. Things back at the house were a bit too loud and chaotic between Rose having Jill over constantly and Eden coming it at all hours of the night. The library was far more quiet and it allowed her to concentrate. While there appears to be no direct correlation in the difference between boogie boards verses jet skis on the mating habits of the deep water jelly fish, there does appear to be an affect on the mating habits of the riders of the jet skis. Studies have have shown that-- “So, what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?”
    • She closed her eyes and sighed, her concentration completely broken. “Can I help you?” she asked. “Remember me? I was the 'very cute' guy with the unfortunate shirt. I told Achilles abut your reaction to it, by the way. He thinks there's something wrong with you,” Vaughn teased.
    • Laurana sighed again. “What are you doing here?” “Same as you, probably. Things are too loud at the dorm, so I thought I'd come here to write my term paper.” “Oh,” she said, “I didn't know you were in college.” Vaughn smiled. “You never asked. But, yeah, I go to Pleasantview Tech. Art Major. In fact, my term paper is about nudity and whether it's considered art or pornography.” “Oh? What do you think it is?” Vaughn grinned again. “It's totally art. Totally. Especially if it's done tastefully.”
    • Laurana nodded in response and went back to typing her paper. Vaughn seemed content to do the same, so the two of them sat there with typing being the only sound.
    • After a while though, Laurana found it hard to maintain her concentration. She looked sideways at Vaughn and noticed that he was actually very cute. She tried to disregard those thoughts, but it became harder the longer she sat there. She started feeling uncomfortable and awkward and she felt that she needed to get away.
    • As she got up to head towards the bookshelves, Vaughn asked, “Where are you going?” “I need to look something up,” she replied hastily as she tried to cover her discomfort. “I was just thinking that I needed to look something up in one of the books, too,” he said with a grin.
    • She tried to ignore him as he followed her, but when he bent down to grab a book from the same shelf that she was looking at, she slammed the book back onto the shelf.
    • “Stop it!” she said. Vaughn stood up and looked at her. “Stop what?” “You're following me and you're right on top of me. Didn't your parents teach you about respecting another person's personal space?”
    • Vaughn snorted with laughter. “You have no idea who my parents are, do you? I'm pretty sure 'personal space' is a foreign word and concept to them.” He continued laughing fondly as Laurana fumed. “I don't care,” she said, “but you need to just stop.”
    • “Aw, come on. Why do you keep pushing me away? I'm trying to be friendly and stuff. I'm new in town and I don't really know anybody other than my family and you.” “Liar. That Achilles fellow must be a friend if he loaned you clothes.” “Actually, Achilles is also a relative. I mean, he's a very distant, cross-dimensional one, but if you stood us side by side, you'd see the family resemblance. But that's beside the point. My dorm is filled with only guys, and to be honest, guys smell like feet. You, on the other hand, are a girl, a pretty one to boot, and you seem to understand the concept of showering on a regular basis. If I had to choose someone to spend my time with, I'd take the nice smelling, pretty girl any day.” “Vaughn, I told you the other night that I really wasn't interesting in dating anyone.”
    • “And like I said the other night, who said anything about dating? I'm serious about just wanting to hang out and be friends. I just would like to be friends with a girl, especially since it would get me out of the dorms. Honestly, you'd be doing me a huge favor.” “Just friends?” Laurana asked, and she was surprised by the fact that she felt a little disappointed. “Just friends and nothing more?” “I swear that if just being friends will make me more bearable for you to hang out with, then just friends it is. Seriously though, the feet and stale corn chip smell is starting to get into my clothes and hair. Please save me,” he said in a fake pleading tone. Laurana nodded. “Okay. Sure. Having someone to hang out with, especially someone of the male persuasion, might get my roommates off my back with their need to see me socializing.” “So, then, it's a win-win situation for the both of us. Laurana Lewis, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” Vaughn said with a smile. ***
    • “But Archie is just a friend, Mother,” Eden said into the phone the following day. “We went to a concert together and that's not really the place for a romantic rendezvous. We could barely hear ourselves think let alone hear what the other person was saying.” She crossed her fingers behind her back, willing Mary to believe the lie.
    • Mary pursed her lips on the other end. “Oh, he's just a friend, hm? Regardless, you ought to be looking for someone to spend your time with who isn't just a friend. Really, Eden, with your Junior year coming up, maybe it would be easier if you chose a different path in life? It might help narrow down your options and help you choose who you want to be with. You can't continue on playing with your...friends.”
    • Eden looked at a ragged cuticle on her finger and she decided to continue on with the friends statement. “I like my friends and I like spending time with them. Really, Mother, I'm--” “Oh, I'm sure you do like your 'friends.' Just like your father liked his 'friends' before he started to like grilled cheese more,” Mary snapped on the other end. Eden gasped. She had heard whispers, but she never had the guts to ask her mother about them. And then she felt sad as she realized that she never needed to know that information about her father. “I'm sorry, Mother. I don't know what you're talking about,” she said softly. “But I am serious when I say that they are my friends. I talk to them all of the time and we hang out together. But, obviously, you aren't going to believe me.” “I'm sorry, dear. I shouldn't have said anything.” “No, you shouldn't have,” Eden said sadly as she hung up the phone. ***
    • “Okay, so you want spaghetti and some garlic bread. Is there anything else I can get for you?” the waitress asked Karen.
    • Karen took a long drink of water. “Yeah,” she said, “coffee. Lots of coffee.” The waitress nodded and jotted it down on her pad.
    • When she got her food, she began slurping the noodles into her mouth as fast as she could. She was starving: a side effect from the bubbles she had been blowing with her boyfriend all night. She heard someone next to her say, “Blech, that's disgusting,” and she looked over and saw Laurana sitting next to her. She slurped her next mouthful even louder before asking, “What are you doing here?” “I'm getting some coffee. Vaughn and I are going to a classical concert in the park and we want to get good seats for it,” Laurana replied. “So, what, is he like your boyfriend or something?” Laurana blushed. “No. We're just friends.” Karen rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right. That's what Eden says, too.” Laurana shook her head, got her coffee and left.
    • After she finished her food and paid the bill, Karen stumbled into the restaurant owner. “Young lady, we expect all of you college students to act like responsible adults in here. Stumbling around and making a spectacle of yourself while eating will not be tolerated.” “Whatever,” Karen mumbled. “I have told you this before, little miss. Do it again and I will have you banned from this establishment. Understood?” “This place is a dive and your food sucks anyway,” Karen said as she tried to go around the other lady. Unfortunately, her balance was still a bit off and she bumped into another person.
    • “Oh my God, it's a frickin' high school reunion in here,” she said irritably as she saw that it was Eden that she had bumped into. “What are you doing here?” Eden blinked at Karen's tone. “I was getting some coffee. I have an early class to get to.” “What time is it anyway?” Karen asked. Eden raised her eyebrows. “It's almost eight. You..you aren't just going to bed, are you?” “Oh, no,” Karen lied, “I have an early class, too. It just takes a while to let the coffee kick in, that's all.” Eden gave her friend a worried look. “Well, I was thinking about stopping over tonight. Is that alright?” “Yeah, yeah, sure,” Karen said. She waved goodbye to Eden and walked out of the resturant.
    • The morning sun gave her a pounding headache as she walked back to her house. She had no intention of going to class that day and she had decided that she was going to sleep her hangover off. Before going inside, she checked her phone and saw that she had a few voice mail messages. One was from Malcolm, two were from Frances, and the last one was a rather perturbed message from her professor informing her that she was on the brink of failing her class. Karen sighed. She deleted the one from her professor and then listened to the messages from her fathers again. She hadn't talked to them since she left home and she felt bad, but she had no idea what she would say to them if she did talk to them. She saved them along with the other, numerous messages Malcolm and Frances had left her and she headed inside to go to sleep.
    • The sun was getting ready to set when she finally woke up. Checking her voice mail again, she saw that the new one waiting for her was from her boyfriend informing her that he was coming over that night. She glanced at herself in the mirror and realized that she would feel a whole lot better after she had showered.
    • She had completely forgotten that Eden was supposed to come over that night until the other girl walked in. “Long time no see,” Eden said with a smile. “Are you planning a party? I see the keg here.”
    • Karen shrugged as she ate some of the Chinese food she was ordered to get. “Kind of,” she said. “Look, Eden, I know we were supposed to hang out and all, but can we postpone it until another time? My boyfriend and I have a special night all planned.”
    • Eden glanced down at the cup she had just filled. “Yeah, sure,” she said slowly. “Karen, are you alright? I mean, you look...well, you don't look like you're doing all that great.” “I'm fine, Eden,” Karen replied from the kitchen. “I'm just tired is all.” “I..I wasn't talking about that,” Eden tried to say. “Eden, look, seriously, you need to go. We'll hang out some other time. I'll call you. But my boyfriend made it pretty clear that he wants it to be just me and him tonight, okay?” Eden hesitated for a moment longer. “GO!” Karen shouted. Eden left with a hurt look on her face.
    • Karen felt bad and she almost told her friend to stay. But, when she went into the front room, she had seen that Eden had already left. With a shrug, Karen drank some juice directly from the tap before going upstairs to change into the outfit her boyfriend requested her to wear.
    • The next morning, she woke up wearing only her underwear. She had vague memories of a club, and juice and lots and lots of bubbles. Her boyfriend had apparently left sometime while she was sleeping; he didn't even bother waking her up to say goodbye. With a sigh, she pulled out her phone and began playing all of the saved voice mail messages her fathers had left for her. ***
    • For the first time in his life, Zane could say that he was truly happy. Tina finally reciprocated the feelings that he had for her and she seemed to understand his nature even better than before. Granted, he didn't flaunt the fact that he didn't tire as easily as a mortal did, but he suspected that she knew that he didn't sleep as much, or as often, as she needed to; she just never said anything about it. Of course, that wasn't the only reason why he was a happy man, but if someone would have questioned why he was in such a good mood, he found that he was only able to blush and grin. Unfortunately, due to the small living quarters, statements about his happiness came up for more often than they needed to.
    • “Oh, God, really? Again?” Jezebel said with a sigh. Ruth looked at her fingernails uncomfortably. “Zane,” she said, “we need to tell you something.”
    • “Yeah, get a room you two!” Jezebel said. “Actually, Jez, we really need to tell him the other thing,” Ruth said. “I don't think he can hear us. Hey, Zane, are you ignoring us? Are you hoping that we'll go away? Ruth's right, there's something you really need to know.”
    • Reluctantly, Zane pulled away from kissing Tina and he sat up with a blush. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly as he tried not to grin. “What did you need to tell me?” The Hula Girls both shifted uncomfortably. “Important Reaper Business,” Jezebel said as she tried not to look at Tina. Ruth nodded. “Yeah. You need to check your work email. It..it really can't wait.” Zane looked from one to the other with a perplexed look. “Okay,” he said slowly as he stood up and walked over to his computer.
    • From: RobertBaker@grimreaper.com To: ZaneDevereaux@grimreaper.com Re: Your Pet Reaper Zane, Far be it for the office to tell you how to conduct your affairs regarding your Pet Reaper, but being caught in the public eye is one of the things that is really frowned upon. Thaddeus Wilcox has had issues in the past regarding this rule, so we're asking you to keep an eye on him and bring him into line if necessary. www.themagicbox_simsontd.com Thank you and have a nice day.
    • Zane curiously clicked on the gossip sight link and his mouth dropped open at what he saw.
    • “Oh, hell no,” he said out loud. “Zane?” Tina asked. “What's wrong?”
    • Zane turned off his computer and didn't say anything as he drummed his fingers on the desk. “Zane?” Tina asked again.
    • He walked over to her, ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her. “I have to leave for a little bit,” he said. “Ruth and Jezebel were right. It is important business. Very important and very, very urgent.” “Is everything okay?” she asked as she looked at the expression on his face. He kissed her again. “It will be,” he answered. ***
    • To be continued in the next portion. Gosh. I'm long winded, aren't I?