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Introductions to PLN and Twitter

Introductions to PLN and Twitter

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  • There are many social networking tools you can use to do thisFor this discussion I want to focus on Twitter and how I recently started using this tool.
  • Twitter is a free social networking service that allows users to send and receive messages.Click image to show video
  • Click link to create accountClick sign upName username – This is when you should ask the question is this professional or personal make sure your username is appropriate.Click back to PPT n Personal or professional slideBrowse suggestion:Click a topic and it gives you suggestions of who to followClick the button follow to connect with them – I’ll have more suggestions on this laterFriends – goes into associated e-mail address book and sends a message to all users Can skipSearch – put in my name and follow meYou can always remove Explain the pageMenu options at topTweet boxHome list- messagesFollowingFollowersListed – organize usersSearch for a topic – whats going on in the news what are you interested in finding more about?
  • Accessed – any one can see the information since it is public…can make it private but takes away from some of the purpose.Adapted – anyone can take your information and use it someplace else…it is publicArchived – it can be copied by someone else and be saved…it is public
  • Share information quickly with usersMeetings and eventsEmergency informationRemindersThink about it for all school, Class, or maybe a club
  • Opentweetdeck
  • Transcript

    • 1. PLN & Twitter
      Kimberly Pearson
      Twitter: @krp387
    • 2. PLN
      Personal Learning Network
      A network of people from all over the world that are learning together
    • 3. PLN
    • 4.
    • 5. Lets take a deeper lookand create an accountby going to
    • 6. Personal or Professional?
      Think about your audience
      Consider your professional reputation
      Think before you post
      My suggestion keep your professional and personal life separate
      Always remember this is public
    • 7. Twitter Language
      @A reply sent to a specific person but visible to all
      Re-tweet similar to forwarding on e-mailAllows information to spread quickly
      DDirect message to a specific person
      Designates a topic
    • 8. Remember the 3 A’s of social networking
    • So why do I want to use Twitter?
    • 11. Who should I follow?
      • Who are you reading?
      • 12. What professional organizations do you belong to?
      • 13. What vendors do you communicate with?
      • 14. Look at the people they follow and follow them too!
    • Other stuff to know:
      Access via
      Set up your cell phone and receive text messages
      Twitter computer applications
      ex. Tweetdeck and many more
      Twitter cell phone apps
    • 15. Back to PLN
      Take some time over the summer to explore
      Twitter is just an example
      Remember Web 2.0 tools are about collaboration so find one that works for you
    • 16. PLN Tools