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A non-linear Power Point Presentation on the Constructivist Learning Theory.

A non-linear Power Point Presentation on the Constructivist Learning Theory.

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  • 1. Pearson Bolt
  • 2.  What is “Constructivism?” Who created it? How could it be practically applied to the classroom? Constructivism & Me!
  • 3.  A personalized theory of how individuals see the world Subjective learning theory Roots in philosophy, psychology, and even cybernetics!
  • 4.  Constructivists believe that learning is assembled within the mind ◦ Imagine a complex building as your mind and your teacher as its architect =
  • 5.  Student-centered philosophy ◦ Teachers must adapt their methods in order to foster learning in their students Concrete experience is vital to the learning process Revolves around experiential learning Back to Menu
  • 6.  John Dewey ◦ American Philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer ◦ Believed schools and civil society needed reconstruction ◦ Founded the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • 7.  Other Notable Constructivists ◦ Maria Montessori ◦ David A. Kolb ◦ Heinz von Foerster ◦ Paul Watzlawick Back To Menu
  • 8.  Responsibility for learning falls on the learner ◦ Since it is a subjective philosophy, it puts emphasis on the pursuits of individual learners Social and cultural background of learner ◦ Tend to shape the way students learn ◦ Individualizes each student
  • 9.  Motivation for Learning ◦ Students and teachers must work hand-in-hand to become motivated learners  Students: Self-confidence and understanding of personal competence  Teachers: Encouraging and assistive Back to Menu
  • 10.  Constructivism & My Teaching Philosophy ◦ Part of my teaching philosophy encompasses a value for the individual  Through learning, the individual comes to value and appreciate his or herself  Additionally, constructivism allows students to understand the importance of their community  As a student begins to value his or herself, they also begin to value others “Teachers should pollute their students’ minds with humanity.” - Kurt Vonnegut
  • 11.  Utilization in the Classroom ◦ First component  Students  Must be prepared to invest in their schoolwork  Have an understanding of personal competence  Students must be reminded that they really do have the power to succeed
  • 12.  Utilization in the Classroom (Cont.) ◦ Second Component  As a constructivist teacher, I must  Be attentive to my students and their needs  Be consistent in words of encouragement and affirmation  Do everything in my power to capture and hold my students’ attention