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Mobile Online Game Developed By Pear-In-Palm;Mobile MMORPG Game China No1

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PearlSanGo Mobile Online Game

  1. 2. About PearlinPalm <ul><li>Founded in 2003 </li></ul><ul><li>Offices in Beijing China, with sales offices in Shenzhen and soon in USA </li></ul><ul><li>Rapid growth, from 146 employees to nearly 300 at year end. </li></ul><ul><li>Leader in Chinese game space, with multiple game franchises in both mobile and web-based platforms </li></ul>
  2. 3. Outline
  3. 4. Game Overview
  4. 5. Mobile Online MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Revenue model based on purchase of game items Most successful Mobile Online game in China with over 8 million accounts. Official Site: Based on historical Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China Pearl Heroes
  5. 6. Platform Platform : Android iPhone Symbian WindowsMobile MTK Kjava Handset : Apple Nokia Motorola Samsung LG HTC Sony Eicsson Philips Sharp Panasonic CECT
  6. 7. The Plot The Three Kingdoms period of China (~ 200 A.D.) is one of the most celebrated throughout China and Asia. The split of the country into three factions was characterized by strife, war, intrigue, and a large cast of monumental figures. Taking cues from this era, Pearl Heroes weaves a visually enchanting world with responsive gameplay and thoughtful strategy. Players choose their kingdom, and then develop their characters through scenarios that borrow from the legendary history. With many famous battles and scenery spanning desert to sea, a rich world is drawn to provide an engaging and endlessly engrossing experience for all gamers.
  7. 8. Systems Introduction Armory Quests Class Combat Mounts Social Four character classes available: Warrior, Assassin, Wizard, Priest Primary quests, with side quests for interest, cycle quests for bounty, and instances for battle challenges Multiple levels of equipment with player modifications available Action ranges from simple PvC combat to team instances and large-scale faction battles An extensive mount system to provide a reliable companion and aide in questing An engaging set of social cues, including guilds, teams, marriages, chat channels and mail postings to foster a strong community.
  8. 9. The Stage The world is split into the Three Kingdoms (Wei, Shu, and Wu), and the neutral zone that divides them. The richness of the worldscape provides a framework for highly varied play and experience. Players develop through quests that allow them to explore their own territory. Scenes range from light-hearted cities to danger-infested environs. A natural theatre is set for staging instances (heroic battle scenes), team battles (small groups of players), and legendary wars between factions.
  9. 10. Major cities A welcome respite from the scars of warfare, the cityscapes provide a lush and welcoming area in which many housekeeping functions can be performed. Equipment purchase and repair, medical care, storage, and chat are but just a few of the features of the city. As well, major figures are in the city to provide direction, assign quests, and to retrieve and display game information. Raid areas Akin to dungeons, these are the areas reserved for the fiercest of fighting. Players looking for the rewards of intense battle play, heroic conquests, and non-stop challenges may enter these instances to see if they can rank amongst the greatest of fighters. Neutral zones Neutral zones provide an arena in which all things can happen. You may be assigned quests, or challenge players from opposing factions, or form groups to battle. This division allows players to choose the type of play of their liking, without having to fend off all challengers if they are not looking for battle.
  10. 11. The Cast – Males Assassin Wizard Warrior Priest
  11. 12. The Cast – Females Assassin Warrior Wizard Priest
  12. 13. Skills System Wizard Priest Assassin Warrior
  13. 14. The Armory An important part of all battle games is the enjoyment of outfitting one’s character, and Pearl Heroes does not disappoint! With a wide range of carefully crafted weapons and armors, each class of character has a panoply of items to choose from. Players may also craft their own equipment, learning to forge specially constructed instruments to enhance their own abilities.
  14. 15. The Quests The Quest is one of the primary story drivers in an RPG. By providing a broad range of quests, the player is guided to explore a vast world while gaining the skills and experience to survive and thrive in later levels.
  15. 16. Marriage Marriage is available in the game, which provides social interaction and a partner to progress through the game with. A chapel replete with attendants and pageantry, along with fireworks and wedding gifts make these events as captivating and important as real life!
  16. 17. The Battles
  17. 18. Instance Instance quests are much harder than the normal quests. It’s a dungeon where players can take the quests and do them by themselves; the only players in this instance will be yourself and members of your party. The monsters in instance zones are typically more powerful, so groups of players will have to work together to defeat them, but with greater dangers come greater rewards!
  18. 19. The Mounts Pearl Heroes provides a sophisticated mount system to aid players in the journeys. The mounts have their own set of equipment and skills, which enhance both their abilities and the player skills. Further, the system adds further visual appeal to the game, with colorful and fanciful renderings.
  19. 20. Luminance System
  20. 21. Revenue Model
  21. 22. The Demographics 67.6% Male 32.4% Female Broad range of players
  22. 23. The Motivation
  23. 24. Growth Process
  24. 25. >10,000 >50,000 >60,000 >100,000 >350,000 >800,000 >1,000,000 >1,600,000 Heilongjiang Jilin Liaoning Hebei Beijing Tianjing Inner Mongolia Shandong Jiangsu Shanghai Zhejiang Fujian Guangdong Guangxi Hainan Hunan Jiangxi Anhui Hubei Henan Guizhou Yunnan Sichuan Chongqing Gansu Ningxia Shanxi Shanxi Qinghai Xinjiang Tibet Players Players Distribution(China)
  25. 26. Game Scene
  26. 41. Contact Thanks Charles Song( 宋成坤 ) Email : [email_address] MSN : [email_address] WebSite : Address : Bldg 3 ZhengTong Office Park,No.18 Xibahe Xili,ChaoYang District,Beijing,PR.China,100028 Tel : +86-10-59787800*8051 Cell : +86-13651177582 Fax : +86-10-59787865