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  • 1. How to Block your Parents (or whomever) from Viewing your Facebook Photo Albums By: Blake Armstrong & Pearce Pavle
  • 2. Introduction
      • Afraid of your parents or colleagues seeing photo albums you've posted on Facebook?
      • This will help you learn exactly how to edit which albums can and can't be seen!
        • Avoid all of the questions and embarrassing moments. 
        • Censor your profile to suit your professional life.
        • Great for blocking parents, bosses, or whomever at your own discretion!
  • 3. Things that you will need...
      • A computer
      • Internet Access
      • A Facebook account
      • A photo album on Facebook
      • Facebook friends to block from viewing the photos
  • 4. Tips
    • You need to be Facebook friends with the people you want to block in order to block them.
  • 5. Steps 1 and 2
      • Log into your Facebook account on http://www.facebook.com.
      • Go to settings tab at the top, select 'Privacy Settings' from the drop down menu.
  • 6. Step 3
    • Click on 'Profile Information', which will be the first option.
  • 7. Step 4
    • Scroll down to 'Photo Albums', which is the eighth option, and click the 'Edit Settings' box to the right of it.
  • 8. Step 5
    • Using the drop down menu next to the photo album, select "Customize" to choose who you want to block from viewing the album.
  • 9. Step 6
    • A box will pop up. At the bottom of the box is the option to choose who will be forbidden from viewing the album. Type the name of whomever you wish to block and press Okay!
  • 10. Step 7
    • You will need to repeat this process for each photo album individually. Once complete click 'Save Settings' at the bottom of the page. Now you've successfully blocked your parents from viewing your photo albums!