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Developing students (and staff) as scavengers
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Developing students (and staff) as scavengers


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Slides from my talk at Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education on April 17th.

Slides from my talk at Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education on April 17th.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • All focus on creating a legal, institutional framework for promoting the legitimate and deep sharing and re-use of content This is really difficult! Hence focus on legal/ privacy/ security/ ethical/ professional issues. Each of these is a good idea, but has only had limited success Contrast with old/ closed is between Good and Evil, hence title! [emphasise this!]
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  • When asked whether they would recommend the pack to next years students 86% would
  • Transcript

    • 1. Developing students (and staff) as content scavengers Nick Pearce @drnickpearce n.a.pearce@durham.a
    • 2. about menew ‘open’old ‘open’what is open?staff as scavengers2 case studiesA thought about student scavengersopen-ish education
    • 3. • Sociologist – with a pinch of STS• E-science, digital scholarship• Now teach sociology + anthropology – Foundation centre• CSAP YouTube project• SCORE fellow
    • 4. new ‘open’•New technologies•Contrast withold/closed•Institutional level•Reveals problems•Limited adoption
    • 5. old ‘open’• Education and scholarship have always been about sharing• New technologies become old, but persist
    • 6. What is open?• Making something available to everybody• Is this an ideal? – Not everybody will ever have access – Or interest – Or capacity
    • 7. Powerpoint, BB and Slideshare• New feature of BB9 of slideshare ‘mashup’• Already use for conference slides• Sex, Death and Monkeys
    • 8. What are the implications for making lecture slides publicly available?• Pros – Increased prominence – PR – ego-boost• Cons – Fiddly licensing – fixation with numbers – Standalone vs lecture?
    • 9. Reading pack and the CLA• Mashup of content• Constraints on content and reach• Popular with students• New technology brings exciting possibilities• What would open licensing add? – for my students? – for me?
    • 10. Open-ish Education• If open is an ideal, could open-ish be desirable?• Mixture of closed and open
    • 11. Students as scavengers • From YT project • Encourage existing practice • ‘clickolage’ • But how? • VLE blog was a disa
    • 12. Pinterest• V. new social media site• Visual sharing• ‘Open’ by ignoring copyright• Starting to be used in education
    • 13. Questions?• Should I encourage student scavengers?• How best to do this?• What are the issues? – Digital literacy? – Tools? – Rights?
    • 14. Discussion@drnickpearce even…