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  • Microsoft Office 3.0 was the first version of Office for Windows and was released in 1993.Office 4.0 and 4.3 followed in 1994. Office 4.0 contained Word 6.0, Excel 5.0 and PowerPoint 4.0. Word 6.0 of course followed on from Word 2.0, so good to see that we’ve always been good at getting the numbers right…Office 95 – the first copy of Office that was 32-bitOffice 97 – a major milestone release – it included the red and green squiggley underlines for spelling and grammar checking.As we move through the different versions of Office, we also added new Applications and services.SharePoint joined us in 2001, became part of the Office system in 2003.Exchange 4.0 launched in 1996 (We had Microsoft Mail 3.5 before that)Visio joined the Office family in 2000, OneNote in 2003 and Groove in 2007.We have OfficeOnline one of the most visited websites in the world and more recently we’ve had OfficeLive Workspace as a way to extend Office into the cloud to store and share documents.All of that is simply a way of saying that Productivity is part of Microsoft’s DNA, we’ve been doing it a long time, it’s changed a lot and Office 14 is the next step in the evolution.We have performance point server 2007.
  • Real time co-authoring scenarios are different for Office Web Apps:For Word and PowerPoint documents, use the Office 2010 client applications for co-authoring, and be sure that no one is editing the document at the same time in Word Web App or PowerPoint Web App.For Excel workbooks, use the Excel Web App for co-authoring and be sure that no one is editing the document at the same time in the Excel client. For OneNote notebooks, you can use either OneNote 2010 or OneNote Web App for co-authoring.
  • How Does Word Web App Get Better With Silverlight?Faster load performance, since typically fewer bytes need to be downloaded before showing the document. Improved text fidelity at 100% zoom. This includes better text spacing and rendering. Greatly improved text fidelity at other zoom levels not 100%. Text will respect settings set in cleartype tuner, so you’re able to determine how much (if any) cleartype you’d like to see. The cleartype tuner is available on the web for older versions of Windows, and is included in Windows 7. Improved accuracy of hit highlighting in Find. PowerPoint Web App Gets Better With Silverlight TooThere are some automatic benefits to having Silverlight installed when running the PowerPoint Web App. For example, animations smooth out a bit, and the slide will scale with the browser window size. However Silverlight is not required for rendering or animation.If you’d like to get the benefits mentioned above when using the Office Web Apps, install Silverlight. If you’d prefer not to install Silverlight the Office Web Apps will still work well in the browser you choose to use - allowing you to work anywhere, no matter what machine setup you happen to find.

Office web applications   when how why Office web applications when how why Presentation Transcript

  • Office Web Applications
    What, When and How…
  • Agenda
    What are the Office Web Apps?
    Where can they be found?
    Browser Compatibility
    Viewing and Editing
    When to use the full client
    Known Issues
    Recommended Requirements
    PowerPoint Broadcasting
  • About the Speaker
    Alex Pearce
    Twitter: @alex_pearce
    Personal Interest in SharePoint…
    Learning Gateways/Learning Platforms
    User Adoption
  • What are Web Apps?
  • Office Web Apps
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft OneNote
    Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Where are they?
    There are 3 version
    Office Web Application in SharePoint 2010
    Live Workspaces
    Office 365
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Browser Compatibility
    Internet Explorer 7.0
    Internet Explorer 8.0
    Firefox 3. x
    Safari 4. x for the Macintosh
    Google Chrome
    Mobile Browsers
    Windows Mobile
    Nokia S60
  • New - Browser Compatibility
    Internet Explorer 9.0
    Firefox 4.0
    Google Chrome X.X
  • Versions
    There are 2 version
    Office Web Application in SharePoint 2010
    Live Workspaces
    Office 365
  • Versions – User Expectation
    Additional Features in, these include:
    Ability to print the document from the browser
    Add the embeddable code to website, blog, SharePoint
    Share with your profile with friends (linkable to Facebook)
  • Viewing and Editing
    When viewing the file you will see the document as it would in the full client
    When editing you lose the ability to view complex areas of the document
    Cover Page
  • When to use full client
    Information Rights Management
    Copying Formatting inside a document
    Complex Shapes
    Drawing images by Ink (OneNote)
    Embedding media or other files into OneNote
    Tracked changes
    Updating external tables/queries
    Mobile: View Documents only
  • Co-authoring
    Word and PowerPoint
    Can only open the document in the same client application
    Office 2010 Full Client to Office 2010
    Office Web Apps to Office Web Apps
    Ensure no one is editing the document at the same time in the full client
    Can either use OneNote 2010 or OneNote Web Apps
  • Known Issues – Open in...
    Microsoft Office is not installed on the client computer.
    The user is running a 64-bit version of IE.
    The ActiveX control necessary for opening the file in the Office client application not being installed or not running in the browser.
    The version of Office that is installed is earlier than Office 2003
    Security settings in Internet Explorer prevent ActiveX controls from running.
    The browser does not support ActiveX.
    When using Firefox and the plugin that enables Firefox to open Office documents is not installed/enabled.
  • Known Issues…
    Copy and Paste
    Better experience with Silverlight
  • Recommended Requirements
    Faster Loading Performance
    Rending of text and spacing
    Improving accuracy of search research when using Find
    Smoother animations
    Scaling of browser window
  • PowerPoint Broadcasting
    Know who you are broadcasting to
    Do they have permission to the broadcasting site?
    Are you sure you want to enable anonymous access?
    Do they have Silverlight?
    What browser do they use?
    Will they get a rich/smooth experience
    Deliver expectation (run in IE, require speakers, install Silverlight)
    Adding Broadcast sites into PowerPoint
    Add up to 10 broadcast sites into PowerPoint 2010 for users to use
    Permission based
  • Thanks you