TIRP classroom management


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TIRP classroom management

  1. 1. Welcome to Classroom Management for TIRPS Please do the following as you enter: •Find a seat •Pick up a 3x5 card and return to your seat •On the card write one CM issue that you would like help with this morning.•Bring up your card and place it in the stack on the desk•Return to your seat and get ready for a fun, worthwhile morning! I’m glad you’re here.
  2. 2. Agenda•Preventative discipline strategies•Rules•Routines•Understanding and relating to your Students•Discipline toughies: You Can Handle Them All!•Questions
  3. 3. My goalWhen you leave here today you willfeel more confident about heading back into the classroom on Monday.
  4. 4. Did you know?• Step 1- Mingle until you make eye contact with a new partner• Step 2- Share your Did you Know card with your partner (shorter goes first)• Step 3- Say “Thanks” and quickly repeat steps 1 and 2 until you hear the train whistle
  5. 5. Processing
  6. 6. Facts Sheet -- Round Robin Read
  7. 7. The first person to hold up theirhand and tell us what this animal is gets a round of applause!
  8. 8. Rules and Routines
  9. 9. Mission Statement• We are the Williams kindergarten team. We come to school to learn new things. We are getting ready for 1st grade. We will read books everyday so we can learn how to read. We need to be good listeners and careful workers. We will be kind to each other because we are a team! • Paula Williams, Penrose Elementary
  10. 10. It’s time to address issues cards
  11. 11. Standing, a Simple Activity, Increases Circulation(which improves cognition)
  12. 12. Nearlyany kind ofactivity thatboostscirculationalso improvesbrain functionand cognitionVaynman S, and Gomez-Pinilla (2006)
  13. 13. BREAK TIME !
  14. 14. Bell to Bell Blues by Annie Garretson You can’t make me I don’t want to I ain’t goin’ anymore With bell to bell instruction School is nothin’ but a chore All day long there we are focused On the objective on the board Drill and practice to get to proficient Take a test and then it’s scored My CSAP scores aren’t lookin’ like I’ll make my AYP, Despite the interventions, RTI and LMB.Doubt that I can manage even one more strategy; Don’t make me go. (Break)
  15. 15. I said, “Mom, I got a problem…Seems that I cannot make the grade,And I’ve been missing my time at recessSince the principal began this crusade.And though I’ve been working up to my potentialThere are goals there I can’t quite reach.”She replied, “Honey, you know I’m so sorry,But you’ve got to go now ‘cause you’ve got to teach!”My reaction to some major changes happening in the way the system isasking us to teach our children.October 26, 2006
  16. 16. The first 5 people to stand upwill receive a special handout! Hooray!
  17. 17. Relating to and connectingwith your students
  18. 18. Discipline
  19. 19. Students misbehave for three reasons Attention Power/Control Fear of failure
  20. 20. You Can Handle Them All activity cards:• Form groups of four using playing cards• Divide up the stack of 8 YCHMA cards, each person taking two of interest.• 5 minutes: Of your two cards pick the one that’s most relevant to you. Read card, take notes, add your own thoughts, give an example of a student you have like this. (If time remains, continue with second card)• Discuss in your group.• 1. Overview of behavior• 2. What do you feel is the best suggestion to implement immediately in your room• 3. What NOT to do• 4.Your own experience with a student
  21. 21. My GoalWhen you leave here today you will feel more confident about headingback into the classroom on Monday. • How did I do?
  22. 22. Questions? Comments?