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you can easily get to know the tips to get rich and make real income with the internet just a simple internet business and secrets

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Working from-home

  1. 1. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” At Last! How to Attract Money Online Easily and Effortlessly By Harnessing The Astounding Power of No-Money-No-Problem This is a free ebook by Frank Jones. You should not have paid for it. COPYRIGHT© Frank Jones. All Rights Reserved: No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without express written, dated, and signed permission from the author(s). Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  2. 2. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” Introduction The potential to attract money online and create a substantial income for yourself doesn't reside in your ability to get a first page ranking on Google, a unique product, or even having a list. It resides within YOU. You can have the NATURAL ability to attract as much money as you want online if you take inspired action on what you learn inside this step-by-step report. I've developed a proven formula that will work for you. All you have to do is read this report and then take action. Yes, it's that simple. Follow my proven simple money making system and attract money online to... – Supplement your income for any reason whatsoever – Put in a retirement savings account – Help out a family member in need – Pay for astronomical health care bills – Put toward your son or daughter's tuition – Book a SPECIAL VACATION you've been putting off – Make up for losses thanks to our good friends on Wall Street – Tide you over until you find a new job IF YOU'VE BEEN STRUGGLING with money, or worried about your job or future, you're about to get your hands on a simple system that will allow you to get off to an fast start and begin putting money immediately into your pocket with a complete package, turnkey system. If you've been wondering how to put some much needed money in your pocket using things you might have heard about, such as Internet Marketing, then you've come to the right place. And if you've been confused about how to make money online in tough economic times, when the media declares we are in a recession or even depression, then you've come to the right place. My name is Frank Jones and I intend to help you attract money online starting in hours. I don't care who you are. I don't care about your education or experience. I don't care if you have a job or a business right now. I care about you, without knowing any more than you are ready for change. How do I know? Because you are reading this report. You have signaled that you are ready for help. I guarantee that I can help you if you Read EVERY WORD of this Free report and Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  3. 3. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” TAKE ACTION NOW! And if you need money, this Unofficial Guide To Working From Home is the perfect blueprint for breaking free from debt, lack, struggle and fear. This is the exact same blueprint that allows even complete online marketing failures to continually pull in more income per month than most Internet marketers do in an entire year! It is a practical system that will work for YOU. My system is so powerful and fool-proof that you can start making a significant income almost immediately – usually within hours. I've Tested, Refined, And Optimized This Proven, Simple Money Making System Over The Past 15 Months... And Put It Through $322,414.09 In Online Sales. With all this testing, I figured out exactly which parts of this simple system are needed for you to make money, and threw out anything that didn't make you money. IN THIS FREE REPORT, YOU'LL ALSO LEARN HOW... • This is a very easy way for you to make extra money when you need it the most. • You won't need to upload your own website or pay for hosting, because I'll personally set it up and host your website for you... for life! • You never have to talk to anyone by phone or in person. • You don't have to join any type of program. • Cash is deposited instantly into your account – no waiting for commission checks or some company to pay you. • You'll keep 100% of the money you receive. • There are no marketing expenses required. • You won't need to sell your car, rob a train or drain your bank account to get started and bringing in the cash. Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  4. 4. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” • You can be totally “up and running” in 24 hours (often within a few hours) and can expect your first cash deposits in less than 24 hours. • Free and exclusive marketing tools quickly get you earning money. • You only only need a GoDaddy registered domain name. • Exclusive video tutorials that teach you step-by-step how to put money directly into your pocket in hours – NOT days. And The Good News For You Is That You Can Use MY System For Yourself. And You'll Make The Money... Not Me. You'll Keep 100% of The Income For Yourself and It's Paid Directly To You! It's A Proven And Very Easy To Do Starting Point With A Simple Step-By-Step Plan That I Have Tested Myself And It Consistently Pays Out $3,000 to $9,000 Per Month... The system is already completely setup and waiting on you. That means you could be plugged in and ready to start making money in just a few minutes from right now. I know it's a lot to take in, and it may seem unbelievable, but I'm not asking you to believe anything (Just Yet)... I'm so convinced that my formula will work for you or anyone else – that I'm going to give you the exact steps to get started with my proven, simple money making system that you can choose to copy and use to generate a lot of cash for yourself starting within hours... …I'm talking about a system so powerful that you will see your bank account getting filled with cash in a matter of weeks... Let's For Just a Second Forget About The Easy $100, $200, Even $500 A Day You'll Make Using This Simple System. Let's put the money aside and let's talk about what this REALLY means for you... Let's put things into a better perspective... * This means you can have all your bills fully paid for... * This means you can have your mortgage or rent on time... * This means you can afford the rising cost of food and gas... * This means you can have money just for making ends meet... * This means you can finally start living your life again... Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  5. 5. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” Even though this all sounds amazing, and it is amazing, none of it can happen without you making the right decision. The Amount Of Money You Ultimately Make All Starts With YOU Making The Right Decision... The Decision To Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On All The Junk And Hype Out There And Going Head-To-Head Against People That Have a Whole Lot More Experience Than You, Or If You Are Ready To Make Some Serious Money By Following A Proven System That Is Specifically Designed For Beginners That Are Looking For A Simple, Fast-Start Answer To Bringing In Cash Today. Now that's out of the way... ...I said that we are giving away Free product, but you already have the good sense to know that if you're going to make money, you have to sell “something”; a product... a service... something. Dollars have to exchange hands is any are going to land in your pocket right? Now, if you're ready to make more money online than you know what to do with, then listen up... By now you already know that I've tested, refined and optimized this power system you can plug into in just minutes from now over the past 15 months, and put it through $322,414.09 in sales. By now you know this blueprint allows even complete online marketing failures to continually pull in more income per month than most Internet marketers do in an entire year. And by now you know that you can get started with my proven, simple money making system that you can choose to copy and use to generate a lot of cash for yourself starting within hours... So by now you know it works. THE PROOF OF HISTORY You may have heard the saying that some of the best opportunities are created during economic downturns. Much wealth was created during the great depression. There is no question it was the worse time for many people, but did that mean all the opportunities dried up too? NO! In fact, thousands of people completely permanently changed their financial situations. Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  6. 6. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” Over the last 100 years people have proven repeatedly that attracting money has nothing to do with having the right education or knowing the right people. It has everything to do with your mind and your beliefs about money. I've said it many times but it bears repeating: if you aren't doing as well as you like, the only person standing in the way is the one you look at in the mirror every day. If you allow skepticism and negatively to dominate your thoughts and actions, it will soon devastate your bank account. Contrary to popular belief, an economic downturn is a good time to start a business. Savvy online marketers realize that now more than ever, people are looking to make ends meet and you have an amazing opportunity right this very minute to position yourself to provide the solution using the nearest thing to a perfect online money maker ever invented! And with my system, the conversion rates can be up to 60% and sometimes even higher! Just think about it for a second. Almost every single person who takes what I give out for free, usually always ends up buying what I'm selling. And remember that just about everyone in this economy wants what I give away; they're almost lining up to get what I give out for free...and a huge majority of them will certainly end up buying what I'm selling. What makes this even more extraordinary is the fact that what I sell is not actually all that different from what other people sell. In fact, you may well see other people selling the exact same things. IMPORTANT POINT This particular program that I am to share with you here is already set up with 17 very good Internet Marketing products, but you can copy this approach for yourself to market anything after you have some real-world experience. So, even though this program does NOT have any one-of-a-kind or unique product, it does have one very unique key, almost magic ingredient that no one else has: Everyone else is selling these products and as a result they only manage to make between 1-3 sales for every 100 people they present it to. That's crazy and a very difficult way to try and make any money. I on the other hand, have added something extra! I've given people a real incentive to buy from me. I've made them an offer they can't refuse; an offer so irresistible that practically everyone who sees it simply can't help but make a purchase. Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  7. 7. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” (Well, it's actually about 50-60% which is a little short of “everyone”) The important point is that you are going to be to one who benefits and profits 100% because of the incentive in my system! I get nothing extra! What I'm about to say next is a key part of my system, but IT IS NOT the final twist that makes this system so special. You have to stay with me and hear me out. Trust me it's worth it! I sell a collection of highly concentrated, industry-leading information products, specifically designed to teach, train and assist you in becoming a more successful and profitable Internet marketer... you name it, it's in this package. You Can See the Entire Package at the End of This Report. Anyone who's interested in starting or is working with Internet Marketing as a means to create additional income in this recession is going to want at least some of these things that this package offers. Most people have already bought products that are similar to or on the same topics as some of the items included in this collection, but there are bound to be some they don't yet have and will appreciate getting their hands on them to use...especially at such a ridiculously cheap discounted price! Still, if I just tried to sell them from a normal website like everyone else is doing, I would probably get the normal results; between 1-3% sales and even getting those returns would be difficult, time consuming and costly to advertise. Who can afford that in this economy? Even though anyone who's trying to make money online is going to “need” these products at some point, the fact is that the vast majority of people simply won't buy these exact items from me or one of my websites – just too much competition out there. There are so many other people selling the same information and tools under different names and from different websites, that competition is extremely fierce and 1-3% is all a normal website with normal selling strategies could ever expect to make. But I've flipped the situation on its head. Instead of having only 1-3% of people who see my offer actually buy from me...I now have actually had days where only 1-3% of people walk away and didn't buy from me. I've completely reversed the trend and I've achieved all this without ever “trying” to sell anything. I haven't got a fantastic sales letter written by an expert copy writer and I haven't got some super effective advertising campaign that is saturating the Internet or a first page listing on Google. What I do have is an incredible incentive that convinces an extremely high percentage of people when they see this offer, that only a person that just plain doesn't “get it” would Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  8. 8. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” pass this purchase up. It's an incentive that makes every sale almost a foregone conclusion. An incentive that means making the sale is a virtual certainty. It's an incentive that means my computer becomes almost like my own personal ATM that I can withdraw money from whenever I want. But What If It Was You Instead of Me? Like what if you could somehow magically “step into the shoes” of a veteran marketer? Keep reading and get ready to use a little imagination on that last thought... Before I reveal the final twist, I want you to imagine that this fantastic system I've described is not's YOURS! Imagine it was not me selling this product with the magic incentive that converts up to 60% is YOU! Imagine that you were giving away for free, something that people were lining up to get and then up to 60% of those people ended up stuffing cash in your pocket for a product you promote. That would be the dream system for you wouldn't it? Well that's precisely what You're going to get! Let me tell you what my system is. And remember: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL TWIST! YOU HAVE TO KEEP READING! I give away something for free that every person on the planet is interested in. I give away an ebook that explains a system that shows people how they can make easy money online... this ebook. You wanted to find out for free how you could make easy money, so you downloaded this book without hesitation....and that's exactly what everyone else does. It doesn't take a lot of effort or talent to give away a FREE report on “How to Make Fast, Easy Money Online” (in fact, it's about as easy as anything could possibly be) In this free ebook, I promote and sell a professional collection of Internet marketing Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  9. 9. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” products and the clever part is, I manage to sell this product to over half the people who read this ebook. Yes that even includes you. In fact I can almost guarantee that you will buy the product being sold here and so will almost everyone else who reads this after you. NOT because it's a collection of products that has been keeping you awake at night because you wanted them so badly, but because they are in fact good, usable products that can be helpful to any Internet Marketer and MUCH MORE IMPORTANT is that they are the gateway to plugging you into a system that can almost effortlessly bring you in a couple hundred dollars a day income. That's why! I think I know what you're thinking, but stay with me because here comes the best part... The Final Twist! When people hit the payment button and buy the product from this ebook, it's not my payment button....IT'S YOURS! People will visit your personal website that looks identical to mine and download this same ebook; but it won't be mine, it will be yours. (I even set it up for you, so there is no hassle and you get to own a turnkey Internet business that makes $3000-$9000 a month). Also, I even set up your customers websites and their customers, customers... all you do is send people to your website and collect your money...that's it! I could easily bet that you are not reading what is really my web page right now. Sure, I wrote it and I created the system, but odds are this is somebody else's site that has already grabbed this amazing system to use as their own just like you can now. When a person decides (like they most often do) to buy the product, every penny they pay will go directly to you. I won't get a cent, there's nothing in it for me; it all goes to you. You are not an affiliate that only gets a percentage of the payment – YOU GET ALL OF IT! Did I just hear your brain go Ca-Ching!!!!? That is the real secret to why this is so powerful. When you buy the product from this ebook, you'll get one other VERY IMPORTANT thing thrown in as an added FREE bonus. The magic incentive that convinces almost every reader of this book to make a purchase! You'll get the right to re-sell this collection of products as if it was your own using your own personal identical copy of my website that I set up, my marketing materials and a Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  10. 10. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” copy of this exact ebook with YOUR payment link. All you need to do is fill out a very quick and easy form after you purchase telling me some very basic information and the email address associated with your Paypal, or AlertPay account and click “submit”. When you do that, your website will be set up with your payment button in this ebook instead of mine and you will start to receive 100% of the payment directly into your account! From then on, whenever someone downloads your “copy” of this ebook, you'll be the one they buy the product from. You keep every single penny and I get absolutely nothing. Just like what is happening right now as I'm sure the payment button in this ebook you're reading is probably not actually mine. You can see how the system effectively becomes completely yours. I set up the website, I set up your customers website and their customers customers, I wrote the ebook, I put together the product package and I created all of the marketing and sales materials. Heck, I even handle the hosting and delivery of the products and I'm here to work with anybody that needs help, but now you are making 100% of the money from it. You might want to re-read those paragraphs as yes; you get everything I have created and built to use as your own, totally yours - 100% If you can just get your head around how unusual this is, I'm pretty sure you'll agree this is probably the easiest no-brainer thing you've ever seen right? Well that's why this is so fantastic. Almost everyone who reads this thinks exactly the same thing and buys so they can get in on this crazy deal. At this point, people don't care whose payment button it is – it makes absolutely no difference in what they get. As I said earlier, I'm sure you are probably not on my personal site right now – so what? - Right? Of course, you want it to be your payment button on the system. So you buy the product to be able to add your pay link into this book...and that's precisely what everyone else does and it's what generates up to 60% conversion rates. Simple but extremely effective! I know of no better way to instantly be plugged into a proven money-making Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  11. 11. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” business that has already been totally set-up for you. This works on PC and Mac. And by now you obviously want to get this powerful system to use as your own and start using it, but you may be thinking: Frank, I Really Want To Plug-In And Start making Money Today... But I'm Afraid That I Won't be Able To Afford It... Stop: YES YOU CAN. Because I'm Going To Let You Use My Proven Money Making System For Next To Nothing. So with that in mind, don’t trip over the dimes on your way to the dollars. For motivated people ready to get started now, click the image below. You'll be redirected to the website connected to this report. Simply scroll down to the bottom of that website to get in on this crazy system. Or feel free to continue reading... Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  12. 12. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” Scroll Down To Learn The 5 Easy Steps To Plugging Yourself Into The Complete No-Money-No-Problem Package And Start Making Some Money Right Now. It's Simple! Step One: Qualify to receive you Free money making website. Simply click the payment button located at the bottom of the website HERE and purchase my collection of Professional-Grade Internet Marketing products for just $47. Or, you can click the “Sign Up Now” image at the end of this section, which will redirect you to the website. To Review my Collection of Marketing Products, scroll down to the end of this ebook. This now qualifies you to get your Free money-making website. Note: you may need to click "return to merchant" to be redirected to the members area after purchase. Step Two: Forward me your receipt as proof of purchase After your payment is made, you will be email a receipt that contains the transaction details. The receipt will resemble the image to the left. Simply forward that email to: Once I receive your receipt, you'll be sent a welcome email that gives you access to your products download, my comprehensive training, Instant Marketing materials and of course, instructions for getting your FREE website online. Step Three: Register a domain name at This is the link you will advertise and people will click to see your website. It can be anything you want, as long as it isn’t already taken by someone else. This step is also outlined in the members area and I even have a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to purchase a domain name online. NOTE: I would advise waiting to get your domain name until after you purchase. That way I can show you exactly “how” to purchase a domain name that can increase your Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  13. 13. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” response rate by as much as 400%! Step Four: Get your Free website online by paying a one-time setup fee of only $10, which ALSO includes lifetime hosting on my ultra-reliable servers. Simply click the "Buy from 2CO" button (located in the members area) and pay the one-time setup fee. This setup fee also includes lifetime hosting on my reliable servers. You'll NEVER have to pay for website hosting ever again. Step Five: Complete a short form located in the members area – and get your Free No-Money-No-Problem website and re-branded report just like this one. Enter your details into the submission form located in the members area, (step 4) and I'll create your Free Money Making Website and re-branded ebook. You'll have this step completed in 60 seconds or less! Once you click "submit", I'll have your website online in 24 hours or less and I'll notify you by email when your website is live. Now every time you advertise your link (also known as URL), they will be sent to your website homepage that looks identical to mine (just like where you got this report from) but instead of downloading my report, they'll download yours. It looks identical to this one, but it will have your payment links in it instead of the payment links of the person that sent you here today. I will be giving you very detailed instruction on how to advertise your personal website link effectively and affordably by showing you the proven effective, free and almost-free ways a Internet Marketing Expert (who's willing to share his techniques) does it, (that's me!). Because I know you have some questions, I've put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) below, starting with the MAJOR ONE most people ask me: Question #1: I get what you're saying, I understand how the system effectively becomes mine, but how can you offer me a work-from-home opportunity where I make all the money and you make nothing? And where's the “catch?” Answer: There's no “catch” with No-Money-No-Problem, but there is a method to my madness – because I know people must think I'm crazy for offering an opportunity like Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  14. 14. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” this. I really don't make any money when someone buys from you. The entire system honestly becomes completely “your deal”. The method to my madness and the reason I give you 100% of the profits and I get nothing is because of this: it's called Building Authentic Relationships. Although the Free website and report that I'll setup and host for you will be yours, the fact remains that everyone will know that No-Money-No-Problem is a Frank Jones product. You will be helping me build authentic relationships with everyone who comes into contact with my system. The current mindset of the typical “me too” marketer is “get a customer to make a sale.” THAT'S BACKWARDS. My “new rules of Internet marketing” clearly state the money is in the relationship. With relationship as priority number one, my goal is to give away a Free Quick-Cash Formula and build trust, rapport and a solid, authentic relationship. I offer a variety of powerful online marketing tools designed to specifically help people make more money online in addition to No-Money-No-Problem. That's what I do – I show people how to pull cash out of the Internet using their computers and an Internet connection. The important thing for you to remember is I know this will work for you, ALL the hard work has already been done by me and it's proven itself to be brutally effective. Question #2: How do I get people to my website if I have no Internet marketing experience? Answer: It's not a problem. In a series of highly concentrated training modules available in my members area after purchase, you'll learn exactly and step-by-step, EVERYTHING you need to know to succeed with this business...all in one place. As part of your product download, you'll also gain immediate access to my extensive Free ready-to-use marketing tools that quickly get you earning money. Even if you have No marketing experience, I show you exactly the best step-by-step methods to promote and drive targeted traffic to your website that are all either free, or practically free and proven to work. Question #3: I've already been down this road and tried promoting other products and never made any sales. How is this any different and how can you be so sure it'll work for me? Answer: If you think about it for a minute, the first step in having a successful business Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  15. 15. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” (online or offline), is to provide a product or service that people want. It has to be in demand and people have to be actively looking for what you're offering. This product is in demand and people are actively looking for this type of solution online. Most people that you send to your website will download your free report. And of those people who download your free report, many of them will make the purchase so they can have their very own free No-Money-No-Problem website with the “magic incentive” that will make them quick-cash with a totally turnkey, automated system just like you will be doing. The one thing that makes a successful Internet marketing entrepreneur successful - the one thing that really makes a difference and separates those who "try" from those who actually succeed - is KNOWLEDGE of “HOW”. Once I give you the knowledge of “HOW” and tell you what to do with it, (which I will in the members area), you'll see how easy it is to make money and gain some momentum... you won't be able to stop it. Question #4: Why are so many people prepared to buy this program compared to all the others? Answer: It's easy. You're going to be giving away a free report on how to make quick- money to people already actively looking for how they can earn extra money online to use for “making ends meet.” Using the Google Keyword Tool, I just performed a search based on popular keyword phrases of common search-terms people looking to make money online use and here's a few results: 1. “make money online” (searched 823,000 times a month) 2. “work from home” (searched 2,174,000 times a month) 3. “home based business” (searched 550,000 time a month) And that's just a tiny sample, of all the related searches people are doing on a monthly basis. There are millions, upon millions of searches done every month by people looking to make money online. Feel free to do your own research – don't just take my word for it. YOUR free report will tell these people (already actively looking to make money online) how they can make quick-money online without the need of knowing how to set up a website, without ever trying to sell anything, without having to share any of the money Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  16. 16. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” they make and without any ongoing fees or expenses. Who wouldn't be interested in reading a free report that does all that and solves their money problems in the process. KEY NOTE: When you can provide a solution for a large population of people, you have the perfect formula for online success. It won't be hard to give away this report, because as I showed you in the example above, (which was just a small sample), people are already out actively searching for this kind of information (a solution) to help them make some extra money online in this economy. Most people who come across your site will download your free report with little to no resistance. Didn't you? What you need to wrap your head around, is the reason why people are prepared to buy No-Money-No-Problem above all others. They buy because of the “magic incentive” that allows them to effectively turn this system into their own by getting their own Paypal or Alertpay payment link on their own free money making website and a re-branded copy of this report that allows them to instantly plug into a quick-money system just like you have. If someone is looking for a way to make extra money online, why wouldn't they want to be in business within 24 hours or less and have all the hard work done for them by utilizing an already tested, optimized and proven turnkey system? Just like you, the people reading your free report will see the exact same potential. The system just makes sense. There is no fluff – no filler – just a rock solid business built around a logical and straight-forward business model that's brutally effective in the way that it makes people money. It becomes a no-brainer as to why my system is the only and obvious choice. And at only $47, (yes, ONLY $47) it's a one-time payment that's affordable for just about everyone – even those on a shoestring budget. For most folks who contemplate a home business, a low-cost solution is not only nice, but also very necessary. People need to make money and often times, have very little money to spend. When you can provide a high-quality money making solution at a rock-bottom price, it makes the buying decision that much easier and the risk, practically zero! And it's called, “No Money? No Problem!” for a reason. This is good news for you for a couple reasons: 1. If the price was higher, people might need to think about it. But when you can give Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  17. 17. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” them all this for only $47, the average person who's serious about making some money online won't even think twice. 2. People are smart enough to realize that with just one sale, they've made their money back. Unlike the average business, there's no waiting around to recoup start-up costs. It's almost a risk-free opportunity too good to pass up! Question #5: What exactly is Paypal and Alertpay? How do I open an account with them? Does it cost money? Answer: Paypal and Alertpay are very simple online payment processors used for selling things online from websites. To open an account, you just need to visit their respective websites at: or Select an account type based on your specific needs. But make sure you choose an account that allows you to accept website payments. In most countries around the world, you'll be able to use Paypal, (which is the most popular payment processor) as your payment processor. In some countries, you won't. In that case, you'll want to use Alertpay. When you complete step 4 in the members area to get your website online, (as described above), you'll give me the email address that is associated with either your Paypal or Alertpay account, depending on which payment processor you choose. This will ensure that the multiple $47 payments you'll be receiving, go directly to your account where they can be transferred immediately to your bank. Question #6: Do I have to rebrand this ebook myself, or otherwise do anything (like know about HTML) to get my website online? Answer: No you don't! I do all of that for you. Your only job will be to send people to your website and my comprehensive training modules show you exactly “how” to do that. Remember, this is designed to be a completely turnkey money making system that you simply need to plug into. It's simple and easy. Question #7: Will I ever have to give refunds to any people who buy from me? Answer: That's a great question! I can't think of one good reason why anyone would want a refund. Especially since this ebook (and having direct access to emailing me any specific questions before purchase), fully discloses exactly what this business is and is not, before they buy. I want you to be an educated consumer so you can make an informed purchase and that's why I hold nothing back and give you direct access to me via email – and I do answer my emails. Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
  18. 18. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” With that said, there are never any $47 refunds from the purchase of this product. The product everyone buys to qualify for their Free website, is a collection of digital information books and that is impossible to really return once they are downloaded. Everyone who buys the package agrees that they can not request a refund. All sales are final, which means you always keep every penny. Question #8: What if someone has a problem with their downloads, or completing the steps to getting their Free website online? Answer: I promised you that you would not have to do any kind of customer service – and I meant it. I deal with any support-related issues for you, so there's no need for them to ever contact you. As outlined in step 2 above everyone knows to email me their receipt as proof of purchase by forwarding it to me at: so they'll come straight to me if they ever have any problems or even just questions they need help with. Question #9: What if someone has a question about the system or how it works Answer: Almost the same as above. This is the best part. You never have to answer any questions...they come directly to me and I do all the answering for you. I will honestly do my best to close the sale on your behalf. I was serious about having a vested interest in your success, so I will do the work and you will make the money. I never see a penny...ever! Question #10: How long will it take for you to get me setup? Answer: From clicking the payment button to completing the submission form in the members area, (step 4), it will take you about 10 minutes or less. After that, sit back, take a look at my training modules and I'll have your website online within 24 hours. Often times, I can have your website online sooner, but due to the varying volume of orders day to day and the fact that I manually configure and upload websites, it may take up to 24 hours – which is what I guarantee. NOTE: To make this process more streamlined and to get your website online quicker, I ONLY use domain names registered through GoDaddy. It's simply too time consuming to learn the many different back-office control panels of the countless host providers out there for me to be efficient. I do not make money by you buying your domain name through GoDaddy. That would require me to be a reseller of their products and have a special link for you to click – I do not have any of that. Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
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  21. 21. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” the person using the system. I have people all of the time that email me saying how they bought the system a week ago or 2 weeks ago and are just now looking at everything and have a question, or just now sending their receipt as proof of purchase. If you are one of those people and let the information collect virtual dust on your computer then it could be a very long time indeed before you make any money. Thought + Action = Results! If on the other hand, you're the type of person that will immediately dive in, take time to read my comprehensive training modules and start placing ads using not only my pre- written ads from my extensive marketing tools section, but follow my other proven recommendations; it's very possible to have a multiple sales overnight with the cash sitting in your Paypal or Alertpay account waiting on you by the next morning. Question #14: What if I buy and then need help placing ads, writing ads, or something like that? Answer: My highly comprehensive training modules literally teaches a person who knows absolutely nothing about making money online, every step-by-step process involved from A-Z. Even things I would normally assume people know (like how to copy and paste) is shown to you. And if you still have questions, I'm only and always just an email away. I'm always ready to help and give suggestions on any marketing challenges you may have. Question #15: Can I build a list of subscribers? Answer: The short answer is yes, you can build your own personal list of opt-in subscribers... but I do it a little different. There are two ways you can build a list with this system. If you have the ability, you can create your own squeeze page(s), get a domain name and hosting for them and write your own messages. Or, you can simply plug-in to one of my turnkey squeeze page & autoresponder packages I offer in the members area. They are completely optional of course, but many people realize the importance of follow-up marketing and like the fact that they don't need to have any technical or copywriting skills to take advantage of a follow-up marketing system that has already been professionally done and proven to work. And yes, every subscriber is yours and you can market anything you want to them. Question #16: OK, I trust you. This really is the best, most honest and straight- forward thing I've ever seen. I'm still in shock but I'm not going to waste another minute...what do I need to do to get started? Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz
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  27. 27. “The Unofficial Guide To Working From Home” Agreement: By completing the order you agree to the following – This ebook is selling a package of Internet Marketing Tools (17 ebooks) at a price of $47. There are no refunds and all sales are final. You also recognize and agree that you are not paying for a business opportunity or “make money” program. The ability to resell the products at 100% commission payout and to use No Money? No Problem! is just a FREE bonus added as an incentive to your purchase. Copyright © Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz