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Secrets to achieving outstanding success in life!

Secrets to achieving outstanding success in life!



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SUCCESS POWER! pdf SUCCESS POWER! pdf Document Transcript

  • - 1 - SUCCESS POWER!How to ignite your passion and make it from scratch anywhere in the world Success Power is well written! It has the ingredients to take any reader to the next level. A must read! Uju Onyechere Author – FIRE YOUR BOSS! I recommend this book for anybody who would need to pay the price to obtain like Isaac. Kola Owolabi Publisher, MY BUSINESS - Africa's Foremost Entrepreneurial Magazine. DEDICATION To all those who strongly desire to achieve good success in life. This is your day! WARNING! Though little, this book is highly hazardous to failure. It is strictly for those who possess a strong desire for life’s best offer. If you are allergic to success, please don’t read. ISAAC OLADIPUPO
  • - 2 - INTRODUCTION When we were born, we didn’t decide how we came, everything was totally out of our power. We didn’t have the power to choose who our biological parents are –either rich or poor. We didn’t have the power to choose when we were born, where we were born or the things that happen to us. However, as we grow older, we start making decisions on how we respond to what happens to us. Though we may not be able to control what happens to us; we are absolutely responsible for our reactions to what happens to us. It is our reactions to what happen to us in life that ultimately determine the quality of our lives. I mean the quality of our lives is solely determined by our responses to life’s challenges. That’s the purpose for this book. This little book has been written to empower you to effectively take charge of your life and make it count. It is guaranteed to cure any form of mediocrity in your mentality. But just one advice before you go; “It is what you DO to what you read (from this book) that really COUNTS”. Congratulations in advance! I love you. CHAPTER 1 IGNORE YOUR LIMITS Diverse descriptions and definitions have been given to the term success, and this has resulted in its misconception by numerous people. In the real sense, success actually means the actualization of a fore-set aim, goal or objective. When you set a goal before you, put it on paper, give it a time frame, act on it as planned, and finally achieve it as initially projected; that is when you are right to claim success. You could set a goal of setting up your own business or increasing your bank statement figure, and achieve it; you have just succeeded in realizing a set goal. That’s simply what success is about: realization of set goals. Picture this: In your outing one day, you saw a unique BMW car that won your love. You loved the car so much that you couldn’t stop thinking about it till you got home. Getting home, its drive got you writing it into your goals book, and you wrote; “By the 21st of August 2010, I must have purchased a white BMW X6”. Then, on the evening of the 21st day of August 2011, after having taken some actions as planned, your white BMW X6 slept in your compound. That’s it! You have just succeeded in realizing the goal of your dream car through the principle of goal setting. What a simple and fantastic adventure success is!
  • - 3 - Goals are the routes to success. And every success, either big or small, begins with a goal, either consciously or unconsciously. Success is never achieved without goals. Goals precede success. The realization of every dream is in goal setting. Now you will agree with me that anyone can achieve success in anything he sets out to do as far as he can plan, set goals and act towards realizing them. It is plans that separate achievers from ordinary dreamers. The difference between the average and wealthy man is simply their abilities to think and set goals. The wealthy man sets big goals while the average man insists on small goals (if he sets at all). Thus the wealthy man gets great results and the average man keeps producing little results. Both of them are actually successful (in achieving their goals), but the constant difference is the mentality of big and small goals they possess respectively. The cause of the little level of result the average man produces is his ignorance of the fact that we can never exceed our level of expectation. Nature would never bless you beyond your level of expectation; it gives you only what you can visualise, what you are expectant of handling. Little wonder John Johnson said, “Your success in life depends not on the place of your birth or colour of your skin but by the size of your hope”. Conrad Hilton declared, “I am convinced that to accomplish big things, we must first dream big dreams”. Napoleon Hill confirmed that “whatever you can conceive, you can achieve”. Our lives will only change to the degree at which we change our thoughts. The quality of our lives will always be determined by the quality of our thoughts and expectations. We can’t rise above the level at which we think. To change our lives, we need to change what goes on in our minds. We achieve only in proportion of what we endeavour. You need to think big to achieve big. What you can’t conceive you can’t achieve. We become really remarkable when we start thinking we can do great things. You see, nature is unbiased, impartial and neutral. It doesn’t care if you are black or white, male or female, Nigerian or American. It always rewards people according to their domineering thoughts in life, regardless of whom or where you are. Research even reveals that the mental chemistry influences man’s life achievements. Our thoughts trigger off corresponding chemical change in the tissues of our body. Every thought which enters the mind is registered in the brain by a change in the structure of its cells. We habitually magnetise into our lives the situations and circumstances that are in accord with our dominant thoughts. Whatever we think about, we bring about. That’s why people who speak most of wealth always attract it and those who speak most of poverty also attract it in excess. It’s a law! It is what you feed with your heart that ultimately becomes your reality. You only become what you believe. Likewise, it is what you expect from life that life gives you. It’s been said that whatever you feed with your mind for a long period of time enters into your heart and whatever enters into your heart eventually enters your life, and thus becomes your destiny. View slide
  • - 4 - For this reason, becoming successful is not the primary issue here. The most critical and essential element to becoming successful is your mindset that has to be totally transformed. Everyone is talking about changing the world, but nobody is thinking about changing himself first. To achieve what you’ve never achieved before, you have to become who you’ve never been before. If you must succeed, changing your thought pattern is not optional. You must refurbish your mind to that of a truly successful person. To achieve big you have to dream big. And to dream big, your mindset has to change. You must believe in your ability to handle extraordinary feats. Regardless of your present status, you must believe in the possibility of producing greater and outstanding results. Enter into your dream world; envisage your future. See yourself living the life of your dreams and solely believe in it. Dream big dreams, set bigger goals for yourself, act more on your goals and expect bigger results. Dreaming big and setting large goals provoke brilliant ideas from your mental faculty towards attaining them. It attracts huge opportunities to you, and therefore, propels you to acting fast toward accomplishing your goals. All great achievers are great goal-setters. They set challenging goals. If you can’t set big goals, then you can’t achieve big feats, because ordinary goals lead to ordinary results. Extra ordinary goals, on the other hand, precede extra-ordinary results. You don’t attain extra ordinary feats via ordinary goals. To achieve big, you must dream big. Start thinking big of your wonderful future; after all, you have nothing to lose for it! The truth is, you can achieve anything you desire or set out to achieve, no matter how big. You have been wired with the capacity to achieve extra ordinary feats from birth. In fact, I have realised that we can accomplish more than we can ever imagine. The only feats you can’t attain are the ones you are not capable of imagining. But if you can imagine it, then you can achieve it. Fortunately, there is nothing you can’t imagine. You can visualise anything so you can achieve anything! All you need is simply break those big dreams of yours into smaller goals on paper, give each of them a time limit, set out your action plan, begin to act on then immediately, persist in the face of opposition, and before long you will see this principle at work. Those accomplished goals will come together, and you will be amazed at the dramatic and drastic realization of your great dream. That’s how it works, and it is applicable to any area in your life. You can plan your way out of failure and poverty if you will only sit down to plan. It doesn’t take quantum physics to succeed in life. You only need to follow the principles successful people follow, do what successful people do, and you’ll ultimately tell your success story before long. All successful people have this in common; they are goal-oriented. They have taken the time to sit down and create a clear, concise blueprint for their lives and future. You can also practice this goal-setting principle in every aspect of your life, no matter how big your expectation may seem, and you will be amazed at the result. View slide
  • - 5 - For example, you want to build a great mansion. It is absolutely possible! Nothing is impossible with this principle, you only need to believe and increase you expectation. Break the ambition into goals on paper with action plans and specific deadlines. Then start making moves towards the plan. It could be setting a budget, enquiring about its cost, meeting people, changing your job, increasing your savings, investing some money, or acquiring some new skills. Act pertinently on the plan, and before long you will think some invisible powers have joined you up in accomplishing the seemingly great ambition. Goal setting is an important step in achieving success; it is no respecter of person, location or great ambitions. It helps anybody achieve anything if well followed. Unfortunately, many people will rather plan their meals for the next week, next month and even next year. They never take a minute to plan for their lives. You need to plan now so as not to regret in future! It’s been said that only about 3% (out of 100%) of adults have clear, written goals. And these people achieve five to ten times as much as people of equal or better education and ability but who, for whatever reason, have never taken the time to write exactly what they want in life. Write down a specific step by step process that will take you from where you are to the achievement of your set goal with a definite deadline now. What do you hope to achieve or be in 50 years, 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, 2 years, 1 year, 6 months or even 2 months from now? For you to achieve success you need to break your plans into monthly, daily, even hourly goals. Winning is in thoughtful planning. Decide exactly what you want, write it down on paper, set a deadline for their realization and put it somewhere close to you so as to see the progress you are making. Develop a strong will to follow through your plans regardless of obstacles, criticisms or circumstances. It will amaze you how most of your dreams are being realized. Every great accomplishment has passed through this process of goal-setting, either consciously or unconsciously. Write the vision, make it plain, act on it and see it realized. You see, when you follow this principle, the only things you can’t achieve are strictly the things you can’t imagine. I mean with this principle, you can achieve anything imaginable.
  • - 6 - CHAPTER 2 PAY THE PRICE “Nature looks with disfavour at any attempt to obtain something for nothing”, writes Napoleon Hill. Life is about give and take. Even the existence of man is based on this principle. Once one stops giving out breath, one slumps and dies. This also applies to success. If you don’t sacrifice a price, you can’t get a prize. Every prize comes with a price, and every success comes with a sacrifice. In fact, success is a prize with a price. It doesn’t just happen; you have to fore-pay. It is either you pay now and play later or you play now and pay dearly later. Every achievement comes with a commitment. But sadly, people evade this. We want to get the prize without paying the price, and this trend has robbed so many people of their place in life. We value people’s results and want to be like them, but we don’t want to pass through the hard pain they have experienced. In life, I have learnt that you don’t get something for nothing. And until our mentality changes into this realm, our status remains static. The moment we realize this fact and change, everything around us begin to change, automatically. We really need to change our mindsets from that of a getter to a devoted giver if we would go far in life. No matter the situation you find yourself today, you still have something to give. Change your thoughts and stop thinking poverty! You can’t comprehend the validity of this fact until you practice it. For you to become a success, you need to settle this at once, you can’t get something for nothing. There is always a discipline behind every success. Behind every successfully man, there is a lot of unflinching discipline. A great mentor of mine, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, is one of the emblems of change God has blessed this generation with (he practically succeeded from scratch - from nothing to something). We respect and value this man so much for his results, but many people don’t seem to realize the discipline and sacrifices that led to his making.
  • - 7 - I was shocked the day he said he reads over a hundred books in a single year. Now, that is just one of the numerous commitments that led to his results, but most people never think about that. Success is never achieved on a platter of gold, not by wishes at all. It is something you deliberately pursue with awareness of the challenges that await you. You must be willing to give something in return for that which you want accomplished. Bishop David Oyedepo once said “if you are here to consume, you will end up being consumed”. You see, you can’t continue to get without giving, just as you can’t earn without working. You must realise that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. In real life, you have to work your way to success, as no one excels without work. You have to give out something in other to get something; it’s a law that can never be beaten. That is the reason why God deposited potentials into every being he made. He knows when you get here you will have to exchange your abilities, talents, and skills to get your needs met. So, never expect to get anything from life if you are not willing to give something in return. That’s why no one eats without excreting. For any of your dreams to be accomplished, you have to trade something in return. That’s the rule. Success is not an exception. To achieve success in anything, you have to sacrifice something in return. Successful people are successful because they form the habit of doing those things that failures don’t like to do. And we are what we do repeatedly. I once read in a book that discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you’re supposed to do, either you feel like doing it or not. Successful people are disciplined people. They pay the sacrifice of disciple for success. They inculcate pertinent attitudes. It’s also been said that daily discipline separates the excellent from the mediocre. For you to go far in life, you need to possess impeccable attitudes, as your attitude counts a great deal in either attracting or repelling success to you. You either possess attitudes that find opportunities in every difficulty or difficulties in every opportunity. However, the good news is that attitudes are learnt, and anything learnt can be unlearnt (vice versa). You must pay the sacrifice of mastering successful attitudes to live a successful life. These four proven attitudes, that have been solely responsible for my personal transformation, will change your life forever, if properly practiced and inculcated. I call them the four major requisites to success.
  • - 8 - FOUR REQUISITES TO SUCCESS ~BECOME A READER It is now common knowledge that no one rises beyond his level of knowledge. Knowledge is the familiarity with facts, truths, or principles from study or investigation. Simply put, knowledge is the art of being familiar with the actual state of a matter. However, you can’t get familiar with what you do not intentionally take your time to study. This is a common blunder many people make. We don’t want to take our time to study, yet we want to produce the kind of results readers produce. You see, you can’t do what you don’t know. You can’t drive a car if you are not taught how. You can’t fly a plane if you are not trained; else you arrive in the Red Sea! Also, you can’t succeed if you are not familiar with the principles of success. To really lead in life, you need to become an ardent reader. You need to rub minds with those who have gone before you. Those who have accomplished what you are looking for. When you read books, you tap into the author’s wisdom and it increases your own wisdom bank. Your knowledge on how to succeed is even more important than success itself. To go far in life, you have to pay the sacrifice of being an addicted reader. Only readers lead. Someone once said, if you don’t have a functional library, you are simply building your way to the mortuary. People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. And if you fail to read, you’re simply planning to fail. You can read without being a leader but you can never lead without reading, else you get outdated. What actually makes you a leader is the information you have that your followers don’t have. The moment you stop reading and your followers get to know everything you know, they automatically meet up with you, and you automatically lose your leadership position. Every great leader is a lover and reader of great books. To lead in life, you need to develop an incurable passion for reading. You need to always keep abreast of facts. Remember, you can’t be correct if you’re not current. ~BECOME A THINKER It is quite unfortunate that most people in this part of the world never credit or ascribe productivity to a result of thinking. We believe no good product can come out of thinking. And the truth however is, there has actually not been any successful legend that lacks the habit of thinking. If at all you are productive, your productivity will always be very limited if you don’t think. I like how Bishop David Oyedepo puts it; “If you don’t think, you will stink”. What else can be as true as that?
  • - 9 - Thinkers are leapers. Thinking helps you generate powerful ideas; it brings out the best in you. In fact, the best way to stop someone from being successful is to deprive him of his thinking ability. The moment you stop thinking, you start depreciating. Thinking has always characterized and will always characterize successful people. As a matter of fact, everything that exists today is a product of thoughts. You need to cultivate the habit of creative thinking. Only those who think get ideas, and only those that have ideas rule the world. I read a statement few years ago, I will never forget it. It read, “Make your brain work. It will sweat, but make it work. It will improve. It will develop, until you become the envy of others”. Until you task your brain, you can’t generate ideas. And until you generate ideas, your success is not in view. It is the tasking of one’s brain that produces powerful ideas. You need to become a thorough thinker. Ideas that rule the world only come through thorough brainstorming. One would have thought he was rude to his mum, but imagine what he produced with his ‘rudeness’. He has given us one of the best inventions in the world; Microsoft. “I am thinking, don’t you think?” That was Bill Gate’s response to his mum, one day she called him while he was busy meditating in his thinking room. How many of us have or intend to include such room (‘thinking room’) in our buildings? Thank God Bill Gate’s thinking room helps us communicate better today and has also made him a man to reckon with in the world! That is what thinking can do for you! ~BECOME AN ACTOR Action orientation is very vital in your quest for success. It is a non-negotiable prerequisite to success. Until you take bold steps towards accomplishing your dreams, they will only remain mere wishes. That’s why very few people are successful today. Lots of people actually know what to do, but only few people put what they know to practise. Yet, it is what you do to what you know that really counts. The place of action can never be underestimated on your road to success. You will never get anything done until you act. You’ve got to act to produce results as there’s no result without action. Actions precede results. Actions precede success! Action orientation, over the years, has distinguished real dreamers from mere wishers. Little wonder Dr. Myles Munroe said the wealthiest spot on earth is the cemetery; because there lay great talents that were never acted upon nor explored. Powerful songs that were never sang, races that were never ran, speeches that were never uttered, ideas that were never implemented, innovations that were never launched, creative designs that were never seen and loads of books that were never written all lie (by the day) in the grave yard. Are you also at the verge of adding to the grave’s wealth? People who die without exploring their full potentials rob their generation of their unused success, thus increasing the wealth in the grave. You need to act to be all you can be but have not yet become. Until you act, you won’t
  • - 10 - know how much you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t act on your talents, you remain frustrated and uncelebrated. The Wright brothers invented the aeroplane, Bill Gates invented Microsoft, Thomas Edison invented the fluorescent bulb. The list is endless. These people all have one thing in common; action orientation! Nothing moved until they moved! Even your possession of the best information will get you nowhere without corresponding action. It is the quality of information you have, backed with uncompromising action that results success. Only those with endless determination, keen tenacity of purpose and unrelenting action climb to the top. For you to accomplish anything significant in life, you’ve got to develop an action orientation mentality. Act towards your plans, your ambitions, your dreams, your desires and your goals. When you act on your goals, you will almost always realize anything you set out to accomplish. We shall discuss this further in subsequent chapter. ~ASSOCIATE RIGHT I am yet to see anything as devastating, and neither have I seen anything as edifying, as one’s association. Your association either makes or mars you; it either retards or promotes you. Someone once wrote; “Only two things determine how far you go in life; the books you read and (particularly) the people with whom you associate”. That is one of the factual statements you can ever come across. If you must lead in life, you need to watch the kind of people that surround you. You need to surround yourself with strictly positive people. People that share things in common with you, people that are conscious of the future, and of course, people that know more than you do. If the shoe fits, don’t put it on! The influence of association can never be understated, it is extremely critical. It goes a long way to affect people’s lives either negatively or positively. When you surround yourself with positive people you will always be positive. And if negative minded people are mostly around you, you will always think and live negative. It’s a principle! No matter how good you are, if you continually move with bad people, you will also behave badly. No matter how holy you seem, if you continually move with sinners you will eventually become one. You need to watch the kind of people that surround you. Move with people that know better than you do, people that would challenge you to the top. Maintain strictly inspiring and challenging people in your life. Furthermore, some people are weak in retaining people in their lives and it makes many loose valuable people in their lives. You need to be conscious of the way you treat people. It is very important that we treat people in our lives very well and also take them seriously.
  • - 11 - Don’t take people for granted as you will always need them on your journey to the top, you can’t make it there alone. To attain great feats in life you need to brainstorm with other people. You need other people’s ideas. Your common sense will only lead you to a common future. You need to surround yourself with people of noble orientation, and be very sure they are people that will challenge you to the top.
  • - 12 - CHAPTER 3 DISCOVER YOUR PASSION Passion is a strong enthusiasm or desire for something. It is a compelling emotion, feeling or fondness for something. Passion is what you crave or long for. And only those who discover their passion reign in life. Interestingly, everyone on this planet earth has passion for one thing or the other. Everyone craves for something; it is an inbuilt trait from creation. But when you fail to discover your passion, you will almost always not go far in life. A story was told of a research that was carried out in America about people that died on Monday mornings. It was observed that most people that died every monday morning died of heart attack. They died of heart attack because they all hated their jobs. They hated to go to work because they never find joy and fulfilment in their jobs. These people lack recognition of their passion.
  • - 13 - When your passion is unrecognized, you remain uncelebrated. If you have a gift and you are not exercising it, you are probably going to be poor. But when you discover your passion, it won’t only make you stand before kings, it will also make kings stand before you. To reign in life you need to discover that thing which you have a strong enthusiasm for, as you are only guaranteed to produce the best results doing what you are passionate about. It is crucial to add here that becoming successful in life goes beyond attending school. I have realized that going to school doesn’t guarantee success in life, it only enhances it. That is why the Bible never said a man’s education makes room for him, but that his gift does. If education were the key to success, then every degree or PhD holder should be financially secure and happy. But I have seen professors who still strive hard to make ends meet. In fact, in today’s world, first class holders hustle for jobs out there. Out there also, passionate ‘illiterates’ employ and pay professors simply because they discovered their niche. What would you say about a college dropout who gave us Microsoft? Studies even reveal that 60% of world-shakers are either illiterates or school dropouts. Mind you, don’t get me wrong, schooling is good. As a matter of fact, I am an undergraduate as I write this book. I only mean that going to school is not a sure guarantee or determinant of how far you would go in life. In my opinion, schooling is only necessary, not mandatory. In fact, most billionaires are self-made entrepreneurs. Despite all odds (either they go to school or not), they made themselves by doing what they are not taught in school - discovering and grooming their passion. To go far in life you need to discover what you are passionate about. Successful people are people who do what they are passionate about, they enjoy their work and make a living doing it. They are successful at their work because they love it and it gives them energy, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration. A simple way of discovering your passion is by casting your mind back to when you were a child. What was that thing you loved doing or being most at your tender age? In addition, what are the things people mostly appreciate you for? What are the things that have been responsible for your life’s progress so far? Your passion is also traceable to your talents and gifting. It is traceable to the things you intentionally or unconsciously spend most of your time doing. There are some things you just find yourself doing easily. You love doing them, you spend most of your time doing them and don’t mind if you get paid or not. You are in your best mood when you see those things at their best, and same things grieve you a lot when you see them being done wrong. You can’t just take it when you see them being done wrong; you strongly feel like correcting them. Yes! That is your passion! Your passion is actually a key pointer to where you are meant to dominate in life. Discovery of your passion will make your name stand the test of time; it will make you remembered and celebrated long after you are gone.
  • - 14 - That’s why the world still celebrates Martin Luther King whose passion was the dream of a new America which exists today. Don’t be surprised that someone probably more promising has also emerged in Nigeria, with the dream of Nigeria becoming the most desirable nation to live in, come the year 2025. Fela Durotoye is living proof of the power of passion discovery. This Computer Science graduate earns astounding income from public speaking. Tell me how Computer Science relates to public speaking or was he taught that in school? He simply took his time to discover what he is passionate about and he does it with ease. How many public speakers in Nigeria earn as much as N1.5million for a 30minute speech? Fela earns more! As I write, he consults for 15 of the 25 consolidated banks in Nigeria. Was he taught that in school? What would you also say about his good friend who doesn't even have a University degree? As at the year 2005, this SSCE holder started earning a million naira for a 30minute speech. Universities undergraduates, graduates and even professors are dying to listen to this guy speak! An astonished professor (who sat on the edge of his chair despite claiming he had to leave early for appointments) once sent me a text message after having listened to this same guy speak at the fifth edition of my annual programme, Global Change Forum. The professor wrote, “Thanks, Isaac. I appreciate the great works you are doing. You are the future. I wish you well”. Despite his ‘certificate deficiency’, this skilled public speaker founded ACES, a speakers’ alliance group for grooming public speakers. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of one of the foremost consulting firms in Nigeria, FifthGear Consulting. His name is Niyi Adesanya. What makes both of them (Fela Durotoye & Niyi Adesanya) different from others? They discovered what they are passionate about and keep getting better by the day in what they do! You also have an unlimited power within you that the world is waiting for. God has given everyone of us 100% of exactly what it takes to excel exceedingly; all you need do is look inward to discover those uncommon traits of yours. Whenever I see anything relating to the media I get thrilled, I feel great, I appreciate life. I appreciate great writers, brilliant actors, intelligent presenters, profound speakers and creative designs. When I see magazines, well designed, creative and inspiring, I feel inspired. I love to go through such magazines and don’t mind spending a whole day savouring them. But when I see magazines the other way round, it grieves me and makes me want to act. I feel like correcting it. That’s what I’ve got passion for. That’s what stirs me. That’s where I’m meant to dominate. You also have something that thrills you and turns you on. That’s where you are meant to dominate, that’s what will get you celebrated, and that’s what you need to give to your world!
  • - 15 - Oprah Winfrey gave us Oprah Winfrey Show. Henry Ford gave us Ford Motors. Raymond Dokpesi gave us Daarsat. Toyin Subair gave us HiTV, to mention a few. What will you give to humanity? What would you be remembered for? You need to discover it! Someone once said, “If you want to discover your passion, take a pen and a paper, and start writing the things you love and the ones you dislike. Continue writing until you write one that makes you cry. That’s your passion”. Your passion is that thing you love so much, which when seen done wrong, grieves you. It is that thing which brings you pleasure when you do it, but others don’t find pleasure in it like you do. For every man there is a different passion. That is why we are different and posses different temperaments and characters. There are some things that stir you, but others don’t see the big deal in it. You love doing such things and don’t mind whether you get paid or not. That is your passion! It is what you’re meant to be doing and where you are meant to govern, rule and dominate. Your passion is your only route to success. It is the only place you can succeed best and also find fulfilment. Please recognize it, discover it and JUST DO IT!
  • - 16 - CHAPTER 4 IGNITE YOUR PASSION Your assignment on earth is to solve a problem you are passionate about for people and get a reward for it. Everyone is naturally wired with the capacity to do something brilliantly, to do something they enjoy well and get great pleasure from it. But before people can reward you for your service, you have to work towards perfection. There is a place of distinction in every profession. It is even better not to discover one’s passion than to discover it and not do anything about it. No matter your calling, without proper grooming and development, you are only kidding. What takes you from zero to hero is personal development. You see, everybody’s got talent from birth, yet most people on the earth surface are not successful. Why? Plainly because most have not taken time to painstakingly develop their talents into skills. Your talent alone cannot get you there. If talent is what brings success then everybody would have been successful because everyone has got talent from birth. You have to develop your talents into skills before it can bring you success. Few people are successful today because many have not taken time to groom and develop their talent into a skill. Your talent will remain dormant and unmarketable until you develop it into a skill. Only skill brings success! Truly, many eyes look but few eyes see. But to perfect it, few eyes see but very few get. That is why every sector has its leading industry. And in every industry, we have a leading company. People will continually patronize the best among the rest. You need to make yourself the best in your field because people will always insist on the best. You need to develop those talents of yours into an exceptional skill. Nobody is actually ready to pay for them (your talents) in their raw form. In actual fact, if what you’re doing is what you truly love to do, you will be willing to pay any sacrifice towards being the best at it. If this isn’t your case, then you’re in the wrong field. All people who are successful are excellent and skillful in what they do because they never stop developing themselves.
  • - 17 - You are also just one skill away from living your dreams. But you’ve got to consistently improve your talent into a skill before you can be widely known for it. Michael Jordan wouldn’t have become an internationally acclaimed champion if he didn’t perfect his talent. His talent would have made him a local champion at its best if he had refused to obstinately develop it into a world-class competitive skill. In my opinion, there are no born geniuses; we only have people who made themselves geniuses through personal development. Nobody has two different brains from birth; the only difference is the grooming we give to ourselves. Sadly, some people admit that some were born geniuses. Delusion! They made themselves geniuses! What many fail to realise is that everyone doing well today was once doing poorly. The present best practitioner in your field was once ignorant about the field. The only difference between you and the guru is information. Therefore, if you’re also willing to learn the rudiments and pay the price, you can become the very best at what you do, with time. The story of the ‘dullard’ turned world’s best neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, confirms this. Despite the fact that Ben Carson was referred as unintelligent and a slow learner in his early life, He determinedly rose to become the envy of his teachers, and ultimately, a legend in his field. How did it happen? He changed his attitude, developed himself, sharpened his skills and his results changed! That’s all. He wasn’t a super human, he only followed a principle. He changed his approach and his results changed! Nobody was born a hero; heroes make themselves. The only person in charge of your life is YOU. Either failure or success, your position in life is up to you. What would you say about one of the greatest inventors that ever existed, Thomas Edison? Someone would say he was born an inventor or probably God sent him here to give us the fluorescent bulb! Thomas Edison wasn’t a born inventor; he only discovered his passion and was very desperate to ignite it. If he were born an inventor or a superhuman, he would have gotten his experiment once and wouldn’t have failed for as long as nine hundred and ninety-nine times. Would you write an examination for such number of times and still fail? Thomas Edison wasn’t a superhuman. He was a normal being, but only one thing stood him out; Persistence! Continuous grooming! He tried over nine hundred and ninety-nine times till he got it. What else on earth could have made him succeed if not his persistence? He persisted and kept getting better. He could have given up the quest when, after having tried five hundred times, a friend came to him and said, “Thomas, you’ve tried for five hundred times, why not abandon this adventure and face something else”. But Thomas replied, “Friend, I have just discovered five hundred ways of not implementing the experiment”. Thomas Edison persisted and kept getting better until he succeeded in delivering his brainchild; the fluorescent bulb. Today his persistence groomed skill makes you and I see clearly at night.
  • - 18 - Persistence grooms your talent and breeds skill. Skill, when nurtured well, breeds creativity, and creativity in turn results excellence. For you to be successful in your area of calling, you need to be persistent in grooming and nurturing your talents. Become a lifelong learning asset and make sure no day leaves you the way it met you. Learn something on your field daily. In one of Michael Jordan’s statements, when asked the secret of his outstanding performance, he said, “I practice and practice until I become perfect at it”. That’s the power of persistence in development! For you to become successful in your field, you have to be addicted to continuous grooming. You have to develop an insatiable hunger for information in your field. Unfortunately, some of us keep doing things the same way and expect to produce extraordinary results. But everyone knows, until you do things differently, you don’t produce a different result. Until you start getting better by the day, you will keep producing the same output. To produce outstanding results, you have to change your routine and system of doing things. You never command a change until you change. Change your habitual way of doing things. Upgrade your talent, don’t be a local champion. Always get updated about the latest in your field so as not to be left behind. Think and replace the things you do that produce less results. Look for better ways of doing things that would bring maximum productivity to your work. Read the best books, associate with the experts, and take all available professional courses you possibly can, in your field. These decisions alone can change your life forever. For instance, when you attend a course offered by professionals, you avail yourself the opportunity of learning, in days or weeks, what the professionals and experts have researched, discovered, and learnt over the years. Whatever you do, never hesitate developing your talents and upgrading your skills to a world-class standard. Being skillful at what you do makes you fell great about yourself. You’re highly respected, honoured and valued by everyone around you. You get paid more. You feel fantastic every time you wake up in the morning because you know you are good. Dare to be the best in your field. Expand your horizon. Compete with global stars in your field. Look for those that have gone before you in the field and became a protégé to the best among them. Get yourself familiar with the principles they followed. Work towards being the best in your field. Set challenging and achievable goals for yourself. More sure you keep getting better by the day and, sooner than you think, you will definitely reach the top.
  • - 19 - CHAPTER 5 PULL THE TRIGGER Zig Ziglar once said “Just any dummy can succeed if he cares to know what it takes”. I like to put it this way; just any dummy can succeed if he cares to know and do what it takes. Frankly speaking, nobody will ever succeed without doing, even when he’s got the best information at his disposal! When you have knowledge or information and you are not doing anything with it, you are as good as not knowing at all. It’s been rightly said that action without information leads to frustration, but I also dare say that information without action will ultimately result in vexation. In my opinion, man’s greatest success enemies are just two - Ignorance and laziness. Anyone who is a failure in life possesses either or both of these two noxious traits. People either fail because they are ignorant about the principles to success, or they are informed but not putting their knowledge into action. The world only moves for the man who moves himself. Nothing will move until you move. It is a law! “Every object remains in its initial state of rest unless a force acts on it,” states Newton’s Law of Motion. It’s also applicable to life! You will never experience a change until you change. The problem with some of us is that we keep doing things the same way and expect different results. But things don’t work that way. You must become who you’ve never been to do the things you’ve never done before. To succeed in life, you must take responsibility, you must act!
  • - 20 - One of the significant differences between world-changers and the mediocre is action orientation. Action orientation is a major requisite to success. Only a good idea does not bring success; deliberate action does. Your powerful ideas will remain in you until you do something about them. God will never come down and take charge of your life on your behalf. He has given you all you need to take charge of your life; you only have to develop an action orientation mentality. You don’t achieve goals by sitting. You have to execute your plans to achieve your goals. Don’t be lazy! Someone said “I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is laziness.” You need to take responsibilities and start affecting lives positively where you are, with what you have. “Your ability needs responsibility to expose its possibilities. Do what you can with what you have where you are”, advised Theodore Roosevelt. Don’t be afraid to start small, nothing big started big. Great things actually start small. The major reason for failure is the fear for failure. Don’t be so afraid of failure that you refuse to try; there’s success behind that failure! Fear is a monster made up of invisible molecules. It’s strong and alive for as long as it remains unconfronted. Things are only impossible for as long as we do not allow our minds to accommodate possibilities. The world was not created with a road network, men built roads. There is no such thing as ‘there is no way’, there is just no way yet; create one for yourself! It is better to try and fail than not to try at all and never know you could succeed. Never give up at a first attempt. It’s been said that nothing works the first time, and that’s the reason many people remain failures today; they give up at primary endeavours. However, the major cause of failure is the habit of quitting when overtaken by temporary defeats. Successful people know that, to increase your success rate you must multiple your failure rate; there is no success without failure, just as there can’t be a prize without a price. “Failure is a million opportunity to more intelligently begin again”, stated Henry Ford. While failures give up at problems, successful people learn valuable lessons from it so as not to fall victim again. Successful people know that one’s biggest problem could be one’s biggest gift, if wisely dealt with. Every failure you encounter is only meant to add to your experience bank; learn from it and move ahead. Success is never final, keep demanding something of your potential. Don’t wait till you get everything you want. Start now! Go and take those steps! You will get nothing done without action. Until you do the things you have never done before, you will never realize the Unlimited Powers that lie within you. Until you begin the job, you can’t finish it. There is never a replacement for action in the quest for success. I used to have my computer system idle in my room until someone came to lend it for a while. It was sometime after it had been lent that I realized the truth in the statement: ‘you don’t value what you have until you lose it’. Just a few days after the system was out of my room, I started figuring what I could be achieving with it if it was still with me. This occurrence became dominant and obvious when I had so many works to design and business plans to type with the system. Days went by and I got increasingly furious with myself until the day I needed it so bad and couldn’t
  • - 21 - take it anymore. I decided to visit the guy. When I got to his place, he said; “I got a new computer system the same day I came to pick up yours, and since then yours has remained idle here. I didn’t use it and I thought maybe you didn’t need it for now.” Now, imagine what would have happened if I kept getting furious with myself and didn’t bother to make a move. The system would have remained idle and my plans and ideas (including the book you’re reading) would have remained unprocessed. As I got home and booted the system, I thought to myself; “nothing moves until you move it”. Action helps you achieve your aim and makes things work out with speed. There are some moves you need to make to get to your next level. It could be writing some proposals, speaking to someone, attending a course, getting and reading some books, purchasing an instrument or consulting someone. Whatever it is, pull the trigger and make that move! I am yet to see a successful person who lacks this powerful trait – action orientation. You must develop a go-get-it mentality to achieve your aims. You can’t achieve anything without taking action. Even God-given visions die without action. You must develop an ever increasing zeal for action. Keep acting towards your dreams, no matter how hard or difficult they seem. Put your whole heart into it no matter what happens, never quit. Remember success is a prize with a price. You must keep focused and committed to your course if you must succeed. Don’t wait for things to work out, go work them out yourself. Never join the people that give up the first time they fail. Remember also that failure is part of the process. Keep taking deliberate actions, keep knocking and keep your eyes on the prize till you get it. Truly, there is no limit to how much we can accomplish in life. The only things we can’t accomplish are the things we can’t imagine. Anything imaginable is accomplishable. You don’t need anybody’s approval to succeed in life; you are dully qualified to achieve success. However, nothing will get accomplished if you do not go and work it out. Document those imaginations into a plan and act on them. You will realize that you can actually do more than you can ever imagine. There’s nothing called impossible in the language of achievers. The problem is only that we often believe that we cannot do some things. However, world-changers have taken the word “impossible” out of their dictionaries. They have come against the so-called odds and status-quo and tell the odds that it’s impossible for the odds to stop them. Since I changed my mindset into this realm, I have experienced a drastic turn-around. You can also do more! Beat the odds! Nothing is capable of stopping you from achieving anything you think of, as long as you’re determined. That person you see when you look at the mirror is the only person that makes you believe you can’t do it. Yet the truth remains, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish! Only those who set a limit on what they can do, set a limit on what they will do. Nothing should stop you from maximizing your full potential. Whatever you can desire, conceive and believe, you can ultimately accomplish. If you can think it, you can do it. It does not matter if it’s never been done.
  • - 22 - The fact that you conceived it is proof that you can implement and then achieve it. You will never have conceived it if you can’t achieve it. See yourself doing those things and work pertinently and persistently toward accomplishing them, as thinking alone will not get them done. You actually have more than what it takes, but you will not realize it until you begin at it. The ability to make plans and accomplish anything is in you if only you will believe and persevere. You are the one in charge of your life, and you are absolutely responsible for your position in life, either good or bad. Life is never by chance but about the choices you make. That’s why Dr. Fredrick K. C. said “if you fail, it is your fault; if you succeed, it is your fault”. But I advise that you decide and determine to be an agent of positive change to this generation. Everything changed for me the day I realised I was responsible for my position in life, regardless of my background. Since I discovered my place in life, I determined not just to affect my nation only but to be a global change agent. I’m ready to give all it takes to contribute my quota towards effecting a transformed world where ignorance does not exist. I know beyond an atom of doubt that, before I leave this world, I’m going to float television and radio stations (all motivational, inspirational, entrepreneurial and musical) all around the globe. I act every minute, with every means at my disposal to achieve my goals. I’ve never had a better yesterday since then. You also possess more than what it takes to accomplish your wildest dreams and make your life count. Success does not require genius or some special education, it only requires your ability to set a goal, create an action plan, pay the price by taking definite actions and stay the course by being persistent till actualization. Success is not a citizen of America; you can succeed anywhere provided you are determined to. Listen; God made man and man cannot stop God, man made money so money should not stop man (but to be candid, it’s stopping some). Never blame your failure on lack of money. If money is what you need to accomplish your dreams, then make money by rendering a service (that you are passionate about) that people will appreciate, and they will be very glad to pay you.
  • - 23 - CHAPTER 6 SUSTAIN YOUR SUCCESS In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth… (Gen 1:1). Every thing you see around today, including yourself, is the creation of one Great and Supreme Being. Every thing you will ever desire to have is the offspring of this same being. He is the only one that has been before the earth, and will continue to exist after this earth. He is the beginning and the end. Only He has the good success you desire. Every good thing you will ever crave for is in Him. He is the ruler of the entire universe. His name is Almighty God. Dear reader, there is a significant difference between ‘success’ and ‘good success’. You can have success outside God, but you can’t experience good success and fulfilment without Him. There is a difference between success and fulfilment. You can be successful and not be fulfilled but you can’t be fulfilled and not have success with it because fulfilment comes with good success. Good success is the kind that adds no sorrow. Only good success brings fulfilment, and good success comes from God. Good success is the all-round success that has no sorrow, and God is the only source and giver of good success. You have to be connected to God for in this alone can true success be sustained. Your dreams can only be achieved when your passion is founded in God. To experience good success that gives peace, joy and eternal life, you must have a sound relationship with God. There’s a big limit to where your passion, skill, persistence and enthusiasm, put together, can take you without God. Your length of success will ultimately be determined by the depth of your relationship with God. The deeper your love for God, the higher you fly in life. To truly succeed in life, a solid knowledge and relationship with God is not optional.
  • - 24 - For you to have a unique relationship with God you need to have a permanent relationship with a book I’m about to introduce to you. This book is the best success book you can ever come across. It has solutions to any problem you may encounter in life. It remains the best book in the world. You need to become an addicted reader of this world’s greatest book. This book is called the word of God. To know and love God, you must know and love His word, the Holy Bible. I once read about a research carried out in Harvard University on the best book in the world. World-class professors came together and wanted to know the title and the author of the best book ever written in the world. They started their research and findings. They examined books of all kinds, they sought after award-winning books of different topics, and they painstakingly analyzed thousands of books. After a thorough research, they finally came to a conclusion. Their result stated that the best book in the world is the Bible, but it is not the word of God. They said the Bible is the best of all books in the world; if you want to succeed the principles are in the Bible, if you desire wisdom the secrets are in the Bible, if you want peace the Bible contains the principles, but they said it is not the word of God. Their finding was right but they got their source (author) wrong because they were unbelievers. Now, if unbelievers could give the Bible such rating, why then do we still wander about? I love books a lot and can’t account for my transformation without reference to books. However, in my quest of reading books, I have realized that all the principles contained in every great book are traceable to the word of God. In fact, every valid success principle found in any powerful book was sourced or originated from the Bible. The word of God is the ultimate manual for every good thing you will ever desire in life. All other books, including the one in your hands, will loose validity after this earth, but the word of God is eternal. It is your only sure guarantee to good success. There’s nobody who builds his life on God’s word who will not succeed. “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth, but thou shall meditate in it day and night, that thou may observe to do according to all that is written in it, for then thou shall make thy way prosperous and thou shall have good success.” (Joshua 1:8) Let’s meet at the global achievers’ table!
  • - 25 - ABOUT THE AUTHOR Isaac Oladipupo is a young change agent, seasoned writer and media consultant, passionate about a transformed and ignorance-free world where people live with Purpose. A product of Project Management Technology, Lagos State University in Nigeria and member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, award-winning Isaac is the (former) Publisher of Unleashed Magazine, Initiator of the nationally acclaimed GLOBAL CHANGE FORUM, bestselling author of Success Power! and CEO of MediaWise. He frequently speaks in campuses and conferences across the country, helping people to discover Purpose. Possessing a great zeal for knowledge, creativity and excellence, Isaac is very keen about people discovering and fulfilling their God-given Purpose in life. He is currently a Editorial Executive with Nigeria’s leading lifestyle magazine –Genevieve, and writer for a number of publications. He is interested in freelancing for your reputable publication as part of his nation- building mandate. Isaac can be reached on +234 802 785 5262, +234 703 395 9873, globalchangeforum@gmail.com or www.globalchangeforum.org.