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Info about Andy Warhol and what influenced him

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Andy warhol

  1. 1. Andy Warhol
  2. 2. My Early Life• Born August 6, 1928• Birth name is Andrew Warhola• Grew up in ghetto area in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania• Parents: Julia Zavacky and Ondrej Warhola – From Carpatho Ruthenia (area in the Carpathian Mountains)
  3. 3. My Early Life (continued)• Youngest child in family – Other brothers were Paul and John• Attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology after high school – Today known as Carnegie-Mellon University – I majored in pictorial design
  4. 4. The Big City• Moved to New York City in 1949 with my classmate, Phillip Pearlstein• First jobs included: – Illustrating shoe advertisements and recipes• After a year, I became very successful as a commercial artist – Did images for magazines, such as Glamour – Worked for the art department of the I. Miller shoe store
  5. 5. The Epiphany• I was making a name for myself in commercial art• But, by the mid-1950s I wanted to step away VS from commercial art and create fine art• I would have never been able to become a fine artist or make a big imprint in the history of art if I was not fascinated by pop culture and if I did not ask others for ideas Commercial Art Pop Art
  6. 6. Influence #1: Popular Culture• It all started when I joined the Shirley Temple fan club• When you joined the club, she sent an autograph in return• I treasured that autograph• At on point I wanted to be a tap dancer just like her – “I never wanted to be a painter. I wanted to be a tap dancer”
  7. 7. Influence #1: Popular Culture (continued)• My exposure to popular culture continued when I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever at the age of 8• What is rheumatic fever? – It causes a child to have a weak heart and crippling arthritis• My condition worsened when the fever became chorea, which is a complication of rheumatic fever
  8. 8. Influence #1: Popular Culture (continued)• Bed rest was the only treatment for chorea• During this time I would – collect pictures of celebrities – listen to the radio – read comics • I liked the images in the comics so I “used to get wax paper and get the comic strip and trace it and get the impression”
  9. 9. Influence #1: Popular Culture (continued)• The activities I did during my bed rest exposed me to pop culture• This led to my appeal with popular items and celebrities• A great deal of my work has been influenced by popular culture• For example:
  10. 10. Influence #1: Popular Culture (continued)• As I got more famous, my fascination with pop culture continued• In 1963 I had created a studio in New York City known as the Factory• The environment was composed of many social gatherings where I could learn about new trends in fashion, music, or art and then incorporate them into masterpieces
  11. 11. Influence #2: Asking Others• Some of my best work had come from my friends• I would ask people ideas for new pieces• “I was never embarrassed about asking someone, literally, ‘What should I paint?’ because Pop comes from the outside and how is asking someone for ideas any different from looking for them in a magazine?...”
  12. 12. Influence #2: Asking Others (continued)• Conversation with Muriel Latow, who is an interior decorator, has provided me with a life changing idea• Decemeber 1961: – We were both at a party – I was telling everyone that I did not know what to draw next – Latow said she would give me an idea, if I paid her fifty dollars for it – She said, “You like money. You should paint that. And you should paint something that everybody sees everyday…like cans of soup”
  13. 13. Influence #2: Asking Others (continued)• Those words hatched the subject matter for my upcoming pieces that had changed everything• I created my “Rolls of Bills” and “Campbell’s Soup Can” pieces• These pieces changed the world’s perspective on modern art and helped me create a name for myself
  14. 14. My Impact• My art would have never changed the outlook on modern art if I was not influenced by people’s ideas and pop culture – Pop culture is what made me create new viewpoints on famous objects and people • Which caused people to perceive every day objects in a new way – Asking others had given me an insight on what people are interested in at the moment and had helped me create some of my best work • Which opened doors to new ideas for modern art
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