Medieval music and musicians
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  • 1. Medieval Music and Musicians Patrick Elliott
  • 2. Instruments of Medieval times• The Lute was an instrument used in medieval times.• The lute was the main soloing instrument of the 15th century, but was still used to accompany singers.
  • 3. The Guitar• The guitar had been evolving for thousands of years, the models used in the Medieval times were the guitarra morisca and the guitarra Latina.
  • 4. Viol• The Viol is an ancestor of our modern day violins, fiddles and cellos.• The Viol was invented around 1450.• Unlike a violin of today, which is tuned to perfect 5ths, the Viol is tuned to perfect 4ths.• These instruments sometimes had frets.
  • 5. Medieval Musicians• Medieval times saw a huge increase in culture and the Arts of the people.• Society started to become less warlike and more focused on culture leading the way for Musicians to feel safe practicing their trade.
  • 6. Medieval Musicians• The number of musical instruments of this time was massive, and the blending of cultures, brought on by the crusades, lead musicians to be influenced by a number of things.• Due to the increase in interest of the arts and music, it was not unacceptable for both men and women being trained as musicians.
  • 7. Medieval Musicians• The Troubadours were travelling musicians, they travelled both from village and sometimes even traveled abroad.• The Troubadours eventually became assimilated into the nobility, playing for Kings and Lords instead of commoners.• Their music mostly dealt with Chivalry and Courtly love.
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