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Better Brand Marketing from PAW

Better Brand Marketing from PAW

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  • 1. An introduction to better brand marketing
  • 2. Getting your message across?
    • You might have …
      • Brochure
      • Website
      • Posters
      • Flyers
      • Logo
      • Mailings (e-marketing & print)
    • But are you really communicating?
  • 3. Let us make it clear!
    • Is your marketing making a difference to your business?
    • Are you clearly differentiated from your competitors?
    • Is your message clear?
    • Are you talking to the right people?
    • Are you communicating the right things at the right time?
    • When and where are they most receptive?
    • Do you want to take your marketing to the next level?
  • 4. The PAW Formula: LOUD = PROUD Listen + Observe + Understand + Distil = A strong brand
    • The more you listen to somebody
    • the more they’ll listen to you
    • To gain…
      • resonance for your message
      • a greater connection with clients
      • a strong brand fit
      • pole position, at the top of their mind
      • more loyal clients
  • 5. Getting on the brand ladder
  • 6.
    • To connect and remain in your public’s consciousness something special has to take shape
    • You only have moments to create that first significant impression
    • You need to establish the difference that will make a difference to them
    Consciously better. Consciously different
  • 7. Getting louder, but are you getting any warmer?
    • You won’t get very far if you simply shout louder about that difference
    • To engage your current and prospective customers…
      • You will need to capture hearts and minds
      • Balance the rational with the emotional
      • Meet aspirations & expectations with substance and an appropriate tone of voice
  • 8. Brand engagement
    • Warmth and affinity for your brand are created by communicating relevant and appealing characteristics of your business
    • These are your brand values and are key to engaging with customers before any marriage takes place!
      • They are a reflection of the manner by which you do business
      • They are the reason you gain business
      • And how you’ll retain it!
  • 9. Brand values
    • A doctor that solely fulfils the clinical functions of service is unlikely to be spoken of favourably, if he has a lousy bedside manner
    • You need to make sure your brand has a good bedside manner!
  • 10. Engage > Enlighten > Elicit a call to action
    • Having engaged, you need to enlighten audiences
    • Stand out from the crowd
    • Elicit the all important action
  • 11. The brand & business opportunity
    • Then you’ll have the means to lock your brand in to their minds
    • Even if they are not ready for your products/services, from that point on, you’ll be on their beauty parade
    • ‘ A recession can give brands a once in a lifetime opportunity to put real distance between them and their rivals’
    • - Stuart Smith , Consultant editor Marketing Week 
  • 12. Plugging in to your business and brand
    • To capture the essence of your brand, we adopt a 3-point plan of action…
      • PAW immersion
        • Market position
        • Competitive positioning
        • SWOT analysis
      • In-depth discussions
        • Gauge perceptions
        • Discover heritage
        • Determine values
        • Discover personality
      • Develop your Communications Platform
        • Establish strong brand characteristics that best fit the target audience(s)
  • 13. Total immersion: A deeper dive
    • Through in-depth discussions, internally and externally…
      • explore and check the viability of your proposition
      • portray your principals and principles as individual
      • give shape & substance to your brand & communications
      • elicit answers consumers and business partners want
      • create a greater gap between you competitors
      •  a PAW Communications Platform ©
      • the cornerstone of your future marketing
  • 14. The PAW Communications Platform
    • A clear route for your marketing
    • Explores & checks propositions, refines or replaces with that which resonates most
    • Paints a pen portrait of key audiences & motivations to purchase
    • Provides strategic and creative infrastructure for brand & messages to be communicated over time, identifying priorities, to address business issues
    • Presents a personality and tone of voice commensurate with the brand to match the target audience mindset
    • Leaves audience with desired feeling
    • Prompts required calls to action
  • 15. A case in point: GSM
  • 16. Developing the GSM brand: Past & Present
  • 17. Defining the GSM brand: Present & Future
    • A modern day classic
    • Your home for financial expertise
    • Welcoming
    • Of today
    • Higher quality
    • Ethical
      • ‘ Doing the right thing since 1918’
    • ‘ Together, we’ll build better business ’
  • 18. Delivering the GSM brand…Corporate brochure
  • 19. Delivering the brand…DM/Brochure inserts
  • 20. Delivering the GSM brand…Website
  • 21. Delivering the GSM brand… Charity media campaign 2011
    • Advertising
    • Sponsorship
    • On-line and in print
  • 22. Delivering the GSM brand… Charity media campaign 2011
  • 23. From our Client “ As a firm we are naturally modest and perhaps we don’t sell ourselves as well as we should. Having a quality brochure has I’m sure helped us convert many an enquiry into a client, which would otherwise have just had us down as one on a list of a few firms. What does this mean to our bottom line? Since the beginning of August, with the help of our improved communications material in the form of a new website and high quality brochure I have: Signed up 3 new clients, worth a combined £7,600 in fees in the 1st year alone. In addition I have proposals out with 3 potential clients which I am confident of converting into clients. These 3 prospectives if converted would bring in first year fees which I conservatively estimate to be £6,600. Plus I have two referrals that I will be meeting with over the next week, which if I convert them will be worth combined fees to the firm of £3k for one year.” Quote from Richard Hill, Partner – Griffin Stone, Moscrop & Co. 15 th Sep. 2010
  • 24. Communications that work harder from PAW
    • Robust brands
    • Strong consistent identities
    • Single-minded clear communications
    • Seamless messages across media
    • Greater awareness
    • Greater resonance with customers
    • Greater motivation to ‘purchase’ from you
    • Greater brand loyalty
    • Greater return on your marketing investment with PAW
  • 25. Will the flap of a butterfly's wings in Elstree create a storm in the City? Quite possibly! Bringing brands to market and business to life e: tel: 020 8736 5877