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Hotel business 2
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Hotel business 2


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  • 1. HOTEL BUSINESS Hotels are very useful for many people, especially for those people who like to travel. This sets as their temporary homes while they are away on their own houses. People, who don’t have the place to stay, spend their time here while on vacation. Many business people also use the hotel for their business trips, and some of the meetings they have are held here since there are conference rooms provided for those kinds of events. The people will benefit from the services given by the hotel staff and employees. The hotel itself will also benefit from the money people are paying to them and that will keep the business going. Of course, it provides jobs that are available to people with experience and are professional on running these hotels. People, who are capable to build and create the design on the hotel, internal and external, will also be hired. Hotel is an accommodation or a building that provides lodging and other kind of services to the traveling public on a short-term basis. It serves as a temporary home for people who travel that needed some a place to stay. Hotel provides the basic needs of guest in a room such as bed or beds, tables, bathroom and air conditioning or climate control. other additional common feature that can be found in a hotel room are telephone, alarm clock, a television and Internet connectivity. Depending on how big the room is, you may sometimes find a mini-fridge, coffee maker or microwave oven. Larger hotels also provide a number of additional guest services like restaurants, swimming pools or childcare. Some have bars and small casinos for those people who don't want to go outside the hotel. There are other kinds of services in a hotel just about anything that you
  • 2. can think of. There are a place where you can relax like a spa, room service and concierge. Concierge is one of the most important services in a hotel. Concierge assists guest with various tasks like making restaurants reservation, arranging spa services, recommending nightclubs where people can got to, booking transportations, such car services or airplanes. A concierge would be able to procure tickets and seats to concerts and events, tours and local attractions. Location is an important reason for selecting a hotel. It is one of the reasons why people choose a hotel to stay in. First, a hotel should near a transportation sites. Some hotels are near the airport, so the guest can settle right away after their tiring flights. They would be able to travel not far to get to their hotels. Subways and buses should be near the hotels too. These are the best and easiest way for them to commute back and fort to the hotel after touring around the city they are visiting. Second, a hotel should be near to the city's attraction sites. Tourists don't stay in the hotel all day all night, except at night when they have to sleep. They want to explore and see more attractions, historical places, to entertain themselves. Tourist being a tourist takes pictures, videos, experiences various adventures to those sites. Some hotels are near the beach that the guests truly enjoy their stay. They have the choice whether they want to use the hotel swimming pools or the salt water and just lay down the sand. Others are near camp site grounds and recreational vehicle parks for those families who enjoy the outdoor experience and love the nature. Also, when choosing a location where to build a hotel, one should know where people usually go and visit place. A hotel's location should be located to a very busy city like
  • 3. New York or Las Vegas. These are some of the reasons to think about when choosing a location before opening one. Whether you own a hotel or planning to own one, you know that a lot of people would benefit from it. Unemployment today is very high, especially for those who didn’t have the education that are needed to find a job. On building a hotel, many people are needed for it to be done, professionals and non-professionals. Construction workers are needed and other experts on constructing a building will be hired. After the building is done, you get to hired business people who are high-skilled in running in hotel industry. There are a lot of available positions for different people. The hotel itself will benefit from it because there are a lot of people will be we staying in that hotel everyday and the money the people are paying to them will keep them in business. This money will go to those employees as their salary. The city will also benefit from it. The tourists have money to spend on something they want, and the money will go to the city that will help other people and other establishments as well. This will provide a lot of job opportunities to those people who are qualified or at least for those who have experiences in hospitality. Attracting more business in New York may take a lot of work. There are some ways to let other business people know how to start a new business in a city. Networking perhaps the most common way to attract people to open their business in your area. Almost everybody use the internet and many people attend a networking function trying to meet new people as they can. You never know whom you might deal with. Referrals
  • 4. are powerful tool to attract more businesses in New York. Instead of assuming that a satisfied business client will refer the city for a new business, ask for the referral. There are many agencies that their specialties are sell the city for a new business. Advertising is a good marketing strategy to entice the city if there is someone you can hire to create the ads. These ads can be posted in magazines that can glanced by many clients. To entice more business to relocate to New York, let the people know what are the advantages of opening a business in that city or how people and the company would benefit if they open their business in that city. Before the hotel is completely available to the public, it should be done in the right way that will make the guest more comfortable just like the comfort of their homes. To do this, people who are specialized on how to design, create and maintain a web are needed. To work in a Human Resource Department, one should have a degree on Management and Human Resource. Once hired, he or she should have the ability to perform the task and may set strategies, develop policies, and process that implement these strategies in a whole range of areas. He or she is responsible in recruiting and selecting new employees. He is the one who is responsible for organizational design and development, business transformation and change management. Also, it is his job on the performance, conduct and behavior management. Industrial and the employee relations are also his job. These hotels can develop any offshoots businesses. They can make another branch of that hotel to any other cities anywhere else. These hotels will be different from
  • 5. one another. One branch might be a hotel combine resort and offers more recreational activities. They have their own swimming pools and even private beach just for the guests. The hotel and resort will provide most of the vacationer’s want and still keep the premises, such as the food, drinks, sports, entertainment and shopping. Most hotel resorts are popular destinations because it offers more than the typical. They have more recreational area, a scenic or historic site, a theme park, a gaming facility or other tourist attractions that tourists and vacationers looking for. It is all in one. Guest experience is the more important than the hotel location or price. The experience of the guests during their hotel stay directly impact their future visits and recommendations, either it is personal or online review. A positive or negative guest feedback from guest experience can impact the hotel’s reputation and may trigger recommendations or review about that experience.