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Death penalty and life imprisonment
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Death penalty and life imprisonment


Presentation about death penalty and life imprisonment by Dario and Noelia (2 Bach C)

Presentation about death penalty and life imprisonment by Dario and Noelia (2 Bach C)

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  • 1. Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment
  • 2. ● Vocabulary Life sentence = Life imprisonment: Cadena perpetua Reviewable life sentence: Cadena perpetua revisable Death penalty = Capital punishment: Pena de muerte Prisoner: Preso Imprisonment: Prisión, Encarcelamiento Penal code: Código penal Treason: Traición Witness: Testigo Spying: Espionaje Commit a crime: Cometer un crimen People trafficking: Trafico de personas Burglary: Robo (en una casa) Murder/ murderer: Asesinato/ asesino Increase ≠ Decrease: Subir ≠ Bajar Punish/ punishment: Castigar/ castigo
  • 3. Death penalty deals with punishment for crimes established in thelegislation..Death penalty has been usedby some societies to punishcrime. At the moment deathpenalty has been abolishedin almost all countries. Atthe moment death penalty isapplied in 78 countries. Blue: Abolished for all crimes Red: Legal form of punishment for certain offenses Green: Abolished for crimes not committed in exceptional circumstances Orange: Legal form of punishment but not used in the last 10 years
  • 4. Death penalty exist in poor countries and rich countries, although luckily over the years the numbers of executions have decreasedIn 2003, China executed 726, Iran 108, andUSA 65. The death penalty tries to reduce thequantity of crimes committed, but the lifeimprisonment can do this too. In addition thedeath penalty is more expensive than keeping tothe criminal in prison.
  • 5. For example, in California the death penaltycost 114 millions of dollar more than keepingthe person in prison. Furthermore a studyreveals that since 1990, the United Stateswould have saved 2,000 millions of dollars if thedeath penalty had been changed to lifeimprisonment. In many countries death penalty is used as punishment for crimes of murder, spying, treason, people trafficking and corruption in politics.
  • 6. There are people that knowing that mistake can exist in the sentence, many because the police modify evidence, by false confession, mistakes of witness and junk science, continue to defend the death penalty.Some people think death penalty reducescrime, prevents its repetition and is a wayof punishment for murder. Other peoplethink that it doesnt reduce crime in biggermeasure that the life imprisonment.
  • 7. In my opinion, life imprisonment is better whenever it is revisable. Thereare cases of minors convicted to life imprisonment for not insignificantthings, but much less serious than others. For example, in United States there was a not normal case. A young person aged fifteen was condemned to life imprisonment for having accompanied two friends of his big brother to commit a burglary, which finished as a double murder. This young person was only waiting together the car that they had stolen earlier, and was accused of double murder too.
  • 8. Minors can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes, they can’t vote or play to thelottery, but the justice can treat them like adults in these cases.Fortunately the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional the lifeimprisonment of people who had committed the crimes under 18. Thismay affect about 2,500 prisoners.
  • 9. On 15 September this year in Spainthe draft bill was presented reform thepenal code that includes for first time inthe history of democracy reviewablepermanent imprisonment. Thispunishment will be able to impose onterrorists, and murderers.The death penalty is not a solution todeal with crime, in addition it isincorrigible when it is done. Reviewablelife sentence instead gives thepossibility to rectify if the prisoner isinnocent in the end.
  • 10. I dont agree with the death penalty because it is never a solution to kill somebody although this person is a murderer because somebody could charge other people without justificacion or some people could not have enough money for a lawyer.Another argument because of which Idisagree with the death penalty is that ifwe kill people and they are innocent thereal murderer will continue killing. Forall that, I disagree with the deathpenalty. The end