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project summary of World Road Safety Ambassador

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project summary

  1. 1. World Road Safety Ambassador Baby on board !
  2. 3. Project Overview World Road Safety Ambassador creation
  3. 4. Concept This is the ultimate re-branding done to a familiar and worldwide slogan, already familiar to billions of people. Due to a technical background on safety and health at work, I saw the opportunity to grab and acquire the world´s most used slogan , to create a Trademarked Brand ! Creating a cartoon character associate the slogan to a website domain, that assures a World Exposition in a few months only ! The character will promote road safety awareness, since that´s the main reason driver´s use this type of sticker all over the world. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names represented by local language characters. Such domain names could contain letters or characters from non-ASCII scripts (for example, Arabic or Chinese). I have outsourced a market research, and conclude that beside the English “baby on board”, this slogan have been adopted all over the world into local culture. Nowadays plastic sign with the Chinese slogan version are already been sold! I am the registered owner of the Chinese domain – 车内有小孩 - along with other 34 national languages.
  4. 5. Facts Multi suports in multiple languages are sold Worldwide
  5. 6. Facts Merchandise items sold
  6. 7. Facts Further examples
  7. 8. Product Catalog Produto 1 Cartoon character Based on the famous novel from La Fontaine, meet the first safety turtle created to increase road safety awareness . With this cartoon web-based, I believe we can make this character a world wide famous “ Road Safety Officer ” and help to increase road safety awareness everywhere in the world ! Thus a World Road Safety ambassador is Born
  8. 9. Product Catalog Produto 2 High Visible Plastic Sign This product is intended to be the reference amongst the “baby on board” plastic sign sold all over the world by millions ! ( see DOREL trademark attempt ) . Creating an added value trough the associated domain address ( from Portuguese to Chinese ), brand recognition with road safety awareness cartoon/brand, a world famous slogan turned into EXCLUSIVE project !
  9. 10. Product Catalog Product 3 - Plush
  10. 11. Product Catalog Product 4 High Visible + SPF 50 Sportswear Branded line One risk control measure to reduce road injury’s, is for pedestrian to become more road safety awareness. The safety turtle cartoon, will explain on a special episode , why it is important to become highly visible to drivers. National regulations all over Europe, already demands to use a Safety Vest during a maintenance operation on a public road. During outdoor activity, our High Visible Sportswear line will have an attractive design and that High Visible material. This is the first safety oriented sportswear for a daily use in the World ! Example of players on this industry Carhartt, BrooksRunning Carhartt is a 250Millions player on the Workwear industry, planning to expand to outdoor activities Safety doesnt need to be “doll” as presented on next slide
  11. 13. Product Catalog Product 5 – Sunshade cars Along with the yellow reflective plastic sign, we plan to be amongst top sellers in the sunshade car industry. Such car accessories are sold by millions all around the world, after a SWOT ANALYSIS and a BENCHMARK study, we believe we can create added value. Client´s will become client´s prescriptor , thus spreading the road safety awareness message promoted by the website ( from English to Korean ! )
  12. 14. Product Catalog Product 6 – E-learning Solution Aiming to both Educational market and Corporate Training, using the market pull created with Global Branding, with apropriate IT partner, this is an Added value for this project.
  13. 15. Few examples of Branding
  14. 16. Few examples of Branding Meet the Character at any given website! Character IP protected at OHIM, USPTO etc