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Festival Evaluation

  1. 1. Cranford International Festival EvaluationOn Saturday 2nd July 2011, Cranford International Festival took place and Iwas given the job role of P.R Manager (Problem Solver). I arrived at CranfordCommunity College (where the event was held) at 8.30am and as soon as Ihad arrived at school I went to my teacher Mr Bray to make sure that theyknew I was in. I had some decorations with me and I stared to blow up theballoons for the decoration of the stage. Once the balloons had all beenblown up I decided to wear my Creative and Media shirt which was given tome so that we all stood out, others at the carnival could get help from usbecause of the fact that we were all wearing the same colour shirts whichwas purple and most of all we were identified by our job roles as it wasprinted onto the shirts.On Friday 1st July 2011, we all met up at the concourse after school at 3.15 sowe could all help with setting-up the main stage for the carnival day whichwas going to happen on Saturday 2nd July 2011. Before helping to put thestage up I had finished off the signs such as ‘Performers Only’, ‘Main Stage’and ‘Running Order’. I had laminated the A3 papers just in case it had rain onthe Festival day so the laminations would have prevented the A3 papers fromgetting wet.I then went to help set the stage up,however I and the creative and mediateam were not able to fully set it upourselves because we were notcoalfield to do so also for health andsafety issues. The stage was ready but it
  2. 2. we needed to put up the tarpaulin just in case it had rained on the day ofthe festival so therefore the tarpaulin would have prevented the technicalequipment getting damaged. The tarpaulin was very hard to put up as it wasvery massive from length to width, our teachers and other members of thecreative and media helped to do so. Once the stage had already been set-up I decorated the stage with black satin fabrics and used duct tape to holdit together and to stop people from going underneath the stage – If they hadso, then this would have been a real problem. The satin fabric looked tounattractive and I felt that the stage needed more colour so it stood out.Sara and I had used some sort of a silky fabric which came in different verityof colours to choose from. We used the red silk Fabric to create a certain lookwhich looked very appealing to our audience who were watch theperformance full time on stage. Furthermore we thought that the stageneeded to look even better than it did, so Sara and I made bows out whicheach took 15 minutes as it was hard to keep them in position. The stage wasall half ready and we thought that it would be best if we had finished some ofthe decorations in the morning on the carnival day.I also finished off with the ‘Main Stage’ signs; I wasn’t able to put it up myselfbecause I needed an adult supervision so Mrs Saroya and Sixth Former Deanhelped me by putting the sign up. The stage was finally ready but we neededto scaffold the polls of the stage with a black silk material also I had createdtwo big bows on each sides of the stage for the decoration of the stage. Weused bubble wraps for the polls of the stage to prevent someone gettingheart; we then covered the bubble wrap with coloured fabric to make itlooked nice.I checked all the equipment’s such as; technical equipment like speaker,microphones and other equipment’s such as instruments which the schoolhad provided for the acts on the festival day. This was very necessary to doso just in case things were missing or they are not in its right place.It 9.00 so we all gathered up for a meeting so that we all were sure of whateach member of the creative and media team were doing and who was towork with who. My job role was the P.R Manager which meant that I had towork with the stage hands and solve any problems so that it was easier andbetter to run a successful festival.We all set off to do our jobs roles. My teach Mrs Saroya had told me that I alsohad to talk to each individual act so that the day went really smoothly andthey knew where they should be and when their performance would start,
  3. 3. this was really necessary as it was part of my job role. Most acts came inthrough the main entrance of the festival and I had to allocate them to all tothe ‘Green Room’ and told them that that’s where they were expected tomaintain the whole time until it was their time to perform. I made sure thatthey had free space to practice as much as they could so noting went wrongon the day. I used the DR1, DR2 (drama rooms) and music rooms for them topractise in.The time was 10am and most of the acts were arriving at Cranford.Every time I checked and made sure all the acts were in the green room or inthe practise rooms. I did this so none of the acts was missing. As time went by and there was pretty much nothing for me to do, so I started to take photos of each groups because I knew that later on it would come really useful to me and the creative and media team. When I had finished taking photos of each groups I realised that most acts felt really bored staying in the green room and they wanted to get out, however they did not realise how hard it was to keepall the acts in control. The performers wanted to drink some water and go tothe toilet so I sent one stage with one group at different times so that all theacts could arrive back at the green room without any of them missing.My biggest problem of the day was the French singers as most of them hadnot turned up when they were supposed to so most who had stayed in thegreen room went missing. This was very stressful for me and the stage handbecause we had to go looking for them and locating them to the rightplace. While I was away looking for the French singers with the stage hands,more acts started to show up, however they were late and some of themdemanded for a practise room. I told most of them that they could alsopractise in the concert hall. I and the stage hands found most of the Frenchsingers but we needed to look for all of them as they were the important actof the festival because the festival was all about international, cultural andbased on the Powel Olympics 2011.The time now was 11am and all the acts had already arrived at Cranfordcommunity college. I went over to all of the acts and took the register tomake sure that all the acts had arrived and was in the right place. The greenroom was packed pull of acts and I felt that they needed to rehearse asmuch as they could because I wanted all acts to look really confident andbrave when performing, so I encouraged them also I watched them performin front of me so that I could give them advice. This was important for them so
  4. 4. most of them know where they are going wrong so that they do not repeat iton the day. Each act was well organised on the day, they all bought in theircustoms and varies things the needed for the day – this was a very bigsuccess for all of us and them as we didn’t have to worry about anythingmissing or not bought to the festival.The concert about four main doors, the three other doors were locked whichwas very great, however the main door which was the exit door was notlocked and was not meant to be locked. Other people who were not takingpart in any of the performances where coming in and going out, I felt thatthis shouldn’t be happening because there was a sign on the door saying‘Performances Only’ so I placed one helping hands at different times. I didthis so to insure security of the doors in the concert hall. This time the concerthall was actually and only for the performers and no one else.My teacher Mrs Saroya told me that Khatra Ahmed had gone missing fromthe parade, now this was one of the biggest problems I came across in thefestival because it was very important to find khatra or otherwise the paradewouldn’t leave and the main stage would have to be delayed, the time nowwas 11:30am and people were already coming in to the festival. I checkedthe library to see if Khatra was there but sadly she wasn’t so minutes later Ifound out that she was found and the parade was ready to leave. I calledSathma Nejera who also was in the parade alongside Logan Jones KhatraAhmed and Rajan Handa, I told her to call me when the parade started toleave and when it reached the school gates of Cranford CommunityCollege. It was very important for the creative and media to know whenparade started and reaches the school gates so that everyone wasorganised and the main stage was getting set-up Mr Prunty to make hisspeech about the festival and why it is very important.Sathma called the creative and media team to confirming that the paradewas leaving, the stage hands, I and other members of the creative andmedia team helped bring in the equipment to go up on the stage. Theparade reached Cranford at 12:00 so Mr Prunty had to make a speech whichlasted for 10 minutes. I was given a programme so that i knew which actswere to go up next. While Mr Prunty was making his speech I when toorganise the first five acts so that they were all there and no one was missing.The first five acts where; The Metronomes who were the steel band, JKR adance group, Richard’s Lodge High school who were also dancing and Iinvited them by e-mailing, French singers – the French singers were veryimportant and made sure they were practicing as much as they could andthe last group for the first five acts was the Solo Urban dance by Ryan
  5. 5. Hodges. By this time Mr Prunty had finished his speech and the Metronomeswhere to perform. The equipment for the metronomes where already thereas they brought in their own equipment and used some equipment which theschool provided them with.Our biggest problem of the day was the French singers because they keptdisappearing as they were getting bored. I had to make for that everyonewas confortable so every time an act wanted to go outside the green roomto go to the toilet or get some water, i allowed them by sending one of thehelping hands to supervise them and bring them back so they do not gomissing. The communication with the helping hands and Sara Khan who wasannouncing each act was very good because we all dealt with problems bycommunicating with each other.The majority of the time I was in the green room solving problems and helpingwith the backstage so everything was well organised and the acts knewwhen they we needed to perform. The time as 12.55pm and Metronomeshad finished so there was a 5minute gape for the set-up of the stage. Ihelped with taking objects from the stage and getting the next act readywhich was JKR – the dance group. JKR was ready to go up and perform,while they were performing the decorations on the stage was being pulledoff by the audience, this was a problem to solve so we told them not to touchthem as we had spent very long on them and to make the stage look reallygood. We also took of the front stairs for health and safety issues as theaudience were standing on them. The third act to go up was the Richard’s Lodge High school performance and they danced to ‘Give Me Everything’. The time was 1.10pm and all the creative and media team was very busy solving varies problems which they came across. I stayed by the door for security to help Logan Jones for only 15 minutes because I had to go and organise the fourth act which was theFrench singers. Richard’s Lodge School performance had finished and theFrench singers where to go up next. They were ready and all the Frenchsingers were there and we all were happy because we felt not all of themhad turned up. The French singer’s performance went really well and thatwas a great success.The Urban dance was to get ready and so up next, so I went and got RyanHodges organised and started his performance at 1.30pm. At this time all the
  6. 6. helping hands were missing because there was not enough helping hands tohelp me with the security of the doors, organising the acts and setting upstage. This was very difficult because there was no one to help set-up thestage and bring in equipment. The creative and media members who wereinvolved with the parade, their jobs were given to them and they werethehelping hands. This was a great relief because there were more helpinghands to help set-up the stage, help me to organise each acts and most ofall security by the doors of the concert hall.The time was 1.40pm and the act to go up next was Lampton AcademySchool. This mean that I had to get the next act ready and they were theGreece Side Story, they arrive late and they needed to perform somewhereso I told them to perform in the concert all because all the rooms were beingused by other acts also Greece Side Story was a large group and I felt that forhealth and safety they had to stay in the concert hall. There was nothing forme to do so I used my time very well and went round again and took photosof acts that were performing in the festival. I then went and stayed at thedoors of the concert hall to make sure that no one was coming in apart fromthe staff and performers only.By now Greece Side Story was on stage doing with performance. The ladyzwho were the act to go after Greece Side Story was organised and all theacts were there. By this time I was told by one of the members of the creativeand media team that Mrs Green had dropped because of some personalreason. We all were confused and did not know how to solve this problem sowe decided to ask Richard’s Lodge School to perform one more time as theaudience really like their performance. They were thinking about it and wegave them time to do that. The time was 2.05 and the ladyz had alreadyperformed and it was time for the next act which was the Street Dance. Thestreet dance started their performance and half way the one of the planks ofwood fell off which was to support the stage. We didn’t realise until theperformance had finished. We ourselves were not allowed to put it back upbecause of health and safety so we got Mr Bray our Diploma teacher andJoe the caretaker.The stage was ready and once more and it was Joe the caretaker’s turn toperform and he was rapping. The time was 2.15 and we the Zumba dancerswere not in the festival. Joe was done and we had to delay all the other actsbecause of the Zumba dance. This was quite a big fuss as we waited for30minutes and the programmed was confusing to follow because by now allthe performers were late by 30minutes. The Zumba dancers turned up reallylate also they were much unorganised because they couldn’t decide on
  7. 7. what track they were going to dance to. Even though the Zumba dancerswere very late we kept the audience entertained by playing them differenttracks they could dance to.The Zumba dancers were to go up at 2.25pm however they came late sothey went up at 2.45pm. They were to stay on stage and dance for30minutes. I went to ask if Richard’s Lodge School had come up with adecision whether to perform again. They did not want to perform, we werehappy with their decision. I was free because there was nothing for me to do,so I went and recorded the festival with a flip am. After doing that for 15minutes I went on a break because I felt quite ill and dehydrated. I cameback once the Zumba dance was over and next up was Price Tag and theysinging to Taylor Swift’s ‘You belong with me’. Their performance ended andthe next up was the Student Rock Band, they were singing to two differentsongs. I had to get the next act ready; however Mrs Green wasn’t in toperform so we just moved onto the Metamorphosis.The Metamorphosis were in DR2 which was one of the drama rooms, I went toget them because it was time for them to perform on the main stage. Duringthe time when the Metamorphosis was performingme and the creative andmedia team were told that the Bhangra dancers were notable tocome inand perform because one of their group member’s had dropped out. Thiswas a disaster because then we would have had two acts dropping out. Wewent and talked to the Bhangra dancers and told them that it was all rightand they had to perform. They agreed and were sent off to practice in the inthe concert hall. After sorting a problem outI went and got the pianists readybecause they were to perform their act after the Metamorphosis. The onlyequipment the pianists needed was; a piano, a music sheet with all themusical notes and two chairs. The stage hands and I made sure everythingwas there and ready. Once the Metamorphosis was done the pianists wereup next. The piano was quite heavy to be lifted so Mr Bray and one of thestage hands put the piano on stage.The Bhangra dancers were to go up next,I was a little bit worried because I wasafraid because I thought that somethingwas going wrong. Well they didabsolutely fine the minute they started todance, they went with the flow of musicand got everyone else dancing withthem. There was another problem whichwas a big problem. The Metronomes lost
  8. 8. their equipment and someone had put them away but no one knew wherethey were. The Bhangra dancers were finished and off stage, we had todelay the Metronomes because of the problem we were facing. TheMetronomes we the last group and all the stage hands were in differentplaces looking for the equipment. Michael McCauley went missing so therefor I had to stay in charge of the music and play different track to keep theaudience entertained. After 10 minutes the equipment were found and theywere up on stage entertaining the audience. I was so glade the festival wascoming to an end because the Metronomes were the last ones.At 4:30 we started to take the tarpaulin off because the festive had endedand everyone was going home. We all worked together and helped eachother, we did this very fast because it was a long day and everyone wastired. All the equipment were put away and I took off the decorations off themain stage because we had to take the stage down. We were not allowedto dismantle the stage due to health and safety issues but we still put mostbites of the stage away ones it was all part. We had to make sure the areawe used to run our main stage was really clean and tidy. We stayed for aquiet long time cleaning and putting things away as the festival had ended. Ifeel that the festival was run really successfully as we all came together andhelped with the clearing everything away and making sure that the mainstage was running the whole time. However we all faced many difficultiessuch as performers going missing, equipment’s missing and other people atthe festival entering ‘Only Staff’ areas. Overall I am pleased that we hadcome across obstacles as it helped our communication skills with each otherand develop onto our skills, at the end of this festival we all had physicallyexperience how to run a festival and solve problems.