Annotated Images O f The Trip To Buzz Asia, Watermans and Pitshanger


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Annotated Images O f The Trip To Buzz Asia, Watermans and Pitshanger

  1. 1. Buzz Asia  Buzz Asia is a radio station.  There are about 5 radio stations inside Buzz Asia.  They have a TV station which covers U.K and Europe  Most famous celebrities have been interviewed in buzz Asia.  Its on air 24 hours
  2. 2. This is Tony Patty. He works in Buzz Asiaand he is always on air talking to peopleand plays all sorts of music for them. Heloves his job because he reaches out to hislistener and keeps them company also heupdates people about whats going on inthe world. Being organised is veryimportant for him because then he knowwhat he is doing.Sunrise Radio started in 1998 as a verysmall radio station and ever since then ithas become completely different as now,Sunrise Radio is heard across the UK andEurope. The radio station also holds evensin London such as Mela, Asian LifestyleShows and much more festival which getsmany people together to celebrate andhave a good time.
  3. 3. Watermans Waterman engages with a wide range of communities across Hounslow and West London through it’s big programme of participative arts They present a mix of films, comedy, performance , expiations and many more
  4. 4. This is Iran and he is a technician whoworks at Waterman’s theatre. The biggestcinema at waterman’s holds up to 390people, he gave us on a tour aroundWaterman’s theatre and showed us howthe lights work and also he showed us thechanging rooms. He enjoys working atWaterman’s because there are so manyinteresting things you can do there.Waterman’s have two theatres, onecinema and two studios, they also havetheir won art gallery where they are aboutto exhibited art works. The Waterman’spresent a mix of performance, exhibition,films comedy and other events in itsriverside venues and they also engagewith a wide range of different communitiesacross Hounslow and West Londonthrough it’s big programme of participativearts.
  5. 5. Her job role is an art curator and her jobinvolves being in charge of building artcollections, researching art information andwriting about art works and place of artworkwithin galleries. The Pits Hanger Art Galleryrun many event throughout the years, they doprivate views, weddings, film season othervarious different things. They love to getinvolved with the community and thereforethey visit different schools to get childreninterested in art and they also collect their artworks and display them at their art gallery.Their art gallery gives many people anopportunity to present their work and get otherpeople involved by sharing their talent with thecommunity, in order for you art work to go upon their art gallery display you must beworking, in education or if your around fromthe Ealing borough