Drupal mapping modules
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Drupal mapping modules






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  • Howgeofield stores data
  • Getting data into geofield
  • Geofield Formatters

Drupal mapping modules Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mapping With Drupal
  • 2. Geotagged Image KML Address GPXShapefiles KML Styles Maps Views GeoJSON Lat / Lon HTML5Draw on Map Layers Behaviors TileStache
  • 3. Bounding BoxTopBottomLeftRight GeoPHP is used to Centroid calculate the Lat Bounding Box and Lon Centroid from the Geometry.GeometryStored in WKT Format Geometry Types:Soon will be WKB • PointWKT Example: • LineStringPOLYGON ((30 10, 10 20, • Polygon20 40, 40 40, 30 10)) • MultiPoint Query-able and indexable • MultiLineString • MultiPolygon Not Query-able. SELECTs only. • GeometryCollection
  • 4. • User enters an address • KML (Google Earth) • Address is stored • GPX (Hand-held GPS) independently • Geo-tagged Image • Does not store lat / lon (smart-phone) Handlers call service Handlers parse • Google uploaded file into a • Yahoo geoPHP geometry • Yandex object • MapQuest Lat / LonDirect user input HTML5Is also supported Draw on Map More!
  • 5. ESRI Shapefiles can imported intogeofields using OSGeo’s GDAL ogr2ogrlibraryRequires download and install of ogr2ogr
  • 6. Latitude, Longitude 127 24’ 66’’ N, 23 23’ 56’’ W GeoJSON {"type":"Point","coordinates":[-123.3,30.78]} WKT POLYGON ((30 10, 10 20, 20 40, 40 40, 30 10))OpenLayers Map
  • 7. OpenLayers and Views Repeat after me“I need to create two views. One view holdthe layer. The other view holds the map.”
  • 8. GeoJSON View (views_geojson module) GeoJSON Layer1. Create a page view2. Add geofield field to field list /feeds/layer.json3. Set format to GeoJSON feed Layer should automatically and select geofield appear in your layers list Exposed & Contextual Filters OpenLayers Map View1. Create a page, block or pane OpenLayers Map view2. Set format to OpenLayers Map 1. Add layer to map and3. Optional: set-up exposed configure map as desired filters identically to first view 2. Click “Preview” to make sure4. Profit! your map is working
  • 9. Maps Styles Brings Behaviors and Provide static and Layers (and implicitly dynamic styling to Styles and Layer-Types) olverlay layers. together in a JavaScript widget for displaying spatial data. Layers BehaviorsTwo classes: Behaviors are1. Base-Maps such as JavaScript snippets google maps or that make the map other “tiles” interactive in different2. Overlays that ways or provide map come from views UI functionality. or feeds
  • 10. GeometryStored in WKB Format Query-able and indexable-- Find all pubs located within 250 meters of a hospital.SELECT h.name, p.name FROM bc_hospitals h, bc_pubs p WHERE ST_DWithin(h.geom, p.geom, 250);-- What is the largest municipality in British Columbia, by area?SELECT name, ST_Area(geom) as areaFROM bc_municipality order by area limit 1;-- What is the total length of all roads in BC, in kilometers?SELECT sum(ST_Length(geom))/1000 as km_roads from bc_roads;
  • 11. PostGIS can be used as a spatial-query service in the same way that solr is used as asearch-query service. This example show us associating “Location” nodes with “Region”nodes using Geofield, node-references, and SyncPostGIS. Sync PostGIS Entity-save or cron GeoField (Polygon) Spatial Query on entity-save SELECT id from postgis where bundle = ‘region’ AND Entity Type ST_WITHIN($point, geom) Entity ID GeoField (Point) Entity Bundle Node-Reference Field Name Node ID of region Field Delta
  • 12. PostGIS TileMillShapeFilesGeoTIFFKMLMore!