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PDF forms, digital signatures and workflow in Microsoft SharePoint
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PDF forms, digital signatures and workflow in Microsoft SharePoint






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  • Hello everyone. My name is …. and I am a marketing specialist with PDF Share Forms. Today’s webcast is designated to show integration capabilities between PDF forms and Nintex workflow. We will also have a live demonstration.
  • PDF Share Forms for SharePoint enables businesses to create and manage PDF forms in Microsoft SharePoint without the constraints of HTML forms. It is the only solution of its kind that enables integration of industry standard PDF form format with the Microsoft SharePoint platform and free Adobe Reader. We are glad to present to you support for ARX CoSign and Nintex Workflow.Now you get an unique possibilityto read, write, and create PDF forms, sign them digitally with ARX CoSignwithin your existing or new Nintex workflows.All these productsfocuses on business users to be in charge of their processes. ARX CoSign gives you possibility to sign documents inside SharePoint without any additional software.Nintex Workflow has an easy-to-use Workflow Designer and PDF Share Forms provide an easy-to-use form designer to integrate PDF forms with SharePoint.
  • PDF Share Forms allows any type of form to be a PDF form and to be integrated into SharePoint. There is no need to redo forms if they are already developed.We believe that most organizations already have numerous forms. These forms can be in Word, Excel or even already in PDF format. In this example, company employee has a document Travel Advance Request.By few simple steps she is able to design entire process.All she needs is to:Reuse existing formDeploy it to SharePoint environmentMake required changes in workflow schemeStart using and gathering data from the end usersWe’ll see how it works during the live demonstration.
  • Deploying time for the PDF form to SharePoint depends on the field count.Usually it takes 5 to 15 minutes to deploy new form.What’s more important, a power user is able to do it without any programming skills.
  • By adding simple actions to new or existing workflow, HR specialist is able to automate form management processes.It’s even unnecessary to store all the data from the form in the SharePoint columns.It’s OK to read it to variables and make all the operations in realtime.
  • Publish form template online or send it to the end-user. After filling-in the form and pressing submit button,all the form data will be sent to the SharePoint server and saved as a PDF document. Please notice, end users only need free Adobe Reader to fill-in the forms.Incoming request will start workflow automatically.So, for the conclusion:One of the biggest advantages of PDF Share Forms tool ispossibility to run new and edit existing forms without programming.
  • There are a lot of advantages to PDF format as a form media. Here are some of them: The same look and feel on all devices or browsersBetter compliances than HTML formsAlmost everybody has a free Adobe Reader to work with PDF formsNative support for offline formsDigital signaturesAnd now all benefits of PDF forms can be integrated with Nintex Workflow
  • Let’s pay attention to some technical aspects
  • PDF Share Forms actions are integrated to Nintex workflow through the Nintex API and has the same look and feel. We offer five actions:Simple read/update, which are used to read/update some of the PDF form fieldsAdvance read/update, which are used to work with whole XML structure of the PDF formCreate action could be used for creation of new PDF form
  • Now we are ready to show you the whole process live(build/modify workflow, run the form, show collected data)Step 2Use digital signatureAdd column for DS validation statusModify workflow to check signature statusRun new formShow results
  • Let’s see what questions you have…
  • Thank you for your time today. We will make this video available on our YouTube channel shortly. Also, if you want to try PDF Share Forms Enterprise, please visit our website www.pdfshareforms.comand click Try button.

PDF forms, digital signatures and workflow in Microsoft SharePoint PDF forms, digital signatures and workflow in Microsoft SharePoint Presentation Transcript

  • PDF forms, digitalsignatures signatures andworkflowWebinar will start shortly
  • PDF forms, digitalsignatures signatures andworkflowEnhance your PDF form based processes with
  • Now works with Easy and straightforward tool,Nintex which enables PDF formWorkflow collaboration in SharePoint 3
  • Case study 1/4Change of addressrequest• Reuse existing form• Deploy it to SharePoint• Integrate to workflow• Start using 4
  • Case study 2/4Integrating PDF form• Integrate PDF form with SharePoint• Map required fields• Deploy the form• Adjust settings 5
  • Case study 3/4Modifying workflow• Add PDF form read action• Choose what to read• Choose data path• Modify PDF form• Finish workflow adjustment 6
  • Case study 4/4Filling the form• Distribute the form• Receive filled-in forms• Run through the workflow• Successful completion 7
  • Why PDF?Advantages of PDF• Same look and feel• Better compliances• Free Adobe reader• Offline compatible• Digital signature support 8
  • PDF ShareForms Technical aspectsEnterprise www.pdfshareforms.com 9
  • PDF Share Forms workflowactionsUsing Nintex API• Easy to integrate• Same look and feel• PDF form related actions• Supports both static PDF and dynamic PDF/XFA forms• Nintex variables can be used in Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms• Support of SharePoint 2010 and upcoming 2013 10
  • PDF ShareForms Live demoEnterprise SharePart 1. Simple integrationwith Nintex and PDFForms Advanced examplePart 2.with PDF Share Forms,Nintex Workflow, Nintex Formsand ARX CoSign www.pdfshareforms.com 11
  • PDF ShareForms Q&AEnterprise www.pdfshareforms.com 12
  • PDF ShareForms Get your freeEnterprise trial today Ask us for more details and free trial www.pdfshareforms.com 13