Forms 2.0 — collaborate with your customers with a glance

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Make your clients work for you! Learn how can you create great collaboration tool with PDF form and Microsoft SharePoint.

Make your clients work for you! Learn how can you create great collaboration tool with PDF form and Microsoft SharePoint.

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  • 1. By Christine Brickman & Degi KarayevForms 2.0Collaborate with your clientsand customers with a glance
  • 2. 5/7/2013 2PDF Share FormsEasy integrationof PDF formswith SharePoint
  • 3. • Two-way sync between form fields and SharePoint columns• Integration with workflows, Microsoft, Nintex and K2• Digital Signatures support (Cosign and Topaz)• Works on mobile devices• Online, Offline, OnDemand5/7/2013 3Features
  • 4. Map columnsDelivery Company• Customer info• Contact name• Timetable5/7/2013 4Business case
  • 5. 5/7/2013 5• Form is being sent to the clients• Client fills in required informationLet your clientwork for youPDF form
  • 6. 5/7/2013 6PDF form
  • 7. • Digital signature confirms, that data is correct• Data submit to server with one click5/7/2013 7PDF form
  • 8. • After submit form will be savedin the designated SharePoint Library• Form Data is displayed in the SharePoint columns5/7/2013 8SharePoint library
  • 9. Once form is submitted, digital signature status is verified.If signature is not valid, workflow approval process starts,and manager reviews provided form. Once form is approvedtimetable is synchronized with the SharePoint List.5/7/2013 9SharePoint library
  • 10. 5/7/2013 10SharePoint libraryYou can now go back to your deployment Libraryand see that your Workflow was completed,and delivery time can be scheduled.
  • 11. 5/7/2013 11Timetable listData from the form will be also synchronizedwith the custom List, and you will have an easyoverview of all the client timetables
  • 12. Demo
  • 13. 5/7/2013 13Prepare the form• You can use any convenient solution for form creation,for example MS Word or Excel, Adobe InDesign and others.• If you already have a PDF form, all you have to do is justupload it to the SharePoint!
  • 14. 5/7/2013 14PDF Share Forms DesignerTool for the form creation and configuration
  • 15. 5/7/2013 15Workflow
  • 16. Q&AQ&