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Introduction to Express and Grunt

Introduction to Express and Grunt



Quick introduction to using Express and Grunt with Node.js.

Quick introduction to using Express and Grunt with Node.js.



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  • Custom Gruntfile copyright task gist: https://gist.github.com/pdehaan/7343753
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    Introduction to Express and Grunt Introduction to Express and Grunt Presentation Transcript

    • INTRODUCTION TO EXPRESS AND GRUNTJS Peter deHaan @pdehaan pdehaan@mozilla.com Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • WHAT IS EXPRESS? Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web development framework for Node.js. Inspired by Ruby’s Sinatra. Insanely fast, flexible, and simple. Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • WHY EXPRESS? • Express is fast, lightweight, and... does nothing. • You only include the features that you need, and Express doesn’t force you to use specific databases or frameworks. • 5th most depended upon Node.js module. • Over 1900 Node.js modules use express. • 173k downloads last week. • More info at http://expressjs.com/ Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • GETTING STARTED 1. Install Node.js: http://nodejs.org/ 2. Install express module via npm (you only need to do this once): $ [sudo] npm install express -g 3. Create a new express application named “hello-world”: $ express hello-world 4. Install all the Node.js dependencies: $ cd hello-world && npm install 5. Run the application: $ node app Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • CONGRATS YOU’RE NOW A WEB DEVELOPER! • By default express created 6 directories, 7 files. • After `npm install` (which installs all dependencies)... 234 directories, 979 files. npm creates a /node_modules/ directory w/ 227 subdirectories and 972 files for all the required modules. Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • COOL STORY, BRO! $ tree . ├── app.js ├── package.json ├── public/ │ ├── images/ │ ├── javascripts/ │ └── stylesheets/ │ └── style.css ├── routes/ │ ├── index.js │ └── user.js └── views/ ├── index.jade └── layout.jade Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • SAMPLE PACKAGE.JSON { "name": "application-name", "version": "0.0.1", "private": true, "scripts": { "start": "node app.js" }, "dependencies": { "express": "3.4.4", "jade": "*" } } Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • WAIT. WHAT? NO! OH COME ON! By default, express uses the Jade templating language (which is a crime against /(read|us)ability/i). Although there are lots of other templating languages that you can use instead (ie: ejs, handlebars, hogan, etc): doctype 5 html head title= title link(rel='stylesheet', href='/ stylesheets/style.css') body block content Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • OK, I’M BORED ALREADY, LETS LOOK AT CODE Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • GRUNT - THE JAVASCRIPT TASK RUNNER • The greatest thing to happen to Node.js since npm. • Like Ant, but better! • Built using Node.js/JavaScript, so it’s “easy” to pick up and extend and write your own custom tasks. • More info at http://gruntjs.com/ Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • GRUNT: BY THE NUMBERS • 4th most starred module on npm. • 26th most depended upon Node.js module. • 52k downloads from npm last week. 258k downloads in the last month. It’s kind of a big deal. • At least 443 modules in npm are dependent on Grunt. https://npmjs.org/browse/ depended/grunt. Grunt maintains a better list at http://gruntjs.com/plugins. You can also follow newly updated grunt- packages from npm via Twitter: @gruntweekly. • The Grunt core team maintains about 35 ‘official’ plugins, including ones for CoffeeScript, Sass/Compass, compressing files/folders, concatenating files, copying files/folders, linting/minifyng CSS/JavaScript, running test suites, blah blah blah... Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • HOW DO I EVEN? Grunt is made up of a few different pieces: 1. $ npm install grunt-cli -g: Installs the grunt CLI globally. 2. $ npm install grunt: Installs the grunt task runner into current project. 3. $ npm install grunt-{packages}: Installs grunt plugins into current project. 4. Create a Gruntfile.js which defines your tasks. 5. Run `grunt` from the same directory as your Gruntfile.js file and specify optional build targets. Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS! Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • SAMPLE GRUNTFILE.JS module.exports = function (grunt) { // Project configuration. grunt.initConfig({ // Task configuration. // [snip-snap] }); // These plugins provide necessary tasks. grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-nodeunit'); grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-jshint'); grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-watch'); // Default task. grunt.registerTask('default', ['jshint', 'nodeunit']); }; Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • ZZZZZZZ..... Shut up and show me some code already! Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • CREATING CUSTOM TASKS // Impossible to read code snippet ahoy! module.exports = function (grunt) { grunt.initConfig({ copyright: { files: [ "**/*.js", "!**/node_modules/**" ], options: { pattern: "This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public" } } }); grunt.registerMultiTask('copyright', 'Copyright all the things!', function () { var pattern = this.options().pattern; var files = this.filesSrc.map(function (file) { return { "name": file, "txt": grunt.file.read(file, "utf8") }; }).filter(function (file) { return !file.txt.match(pattern); }); if (files.length) { grunt.log.subhead("The following files are missing copyright headers:"); files.forEach(function (file) { grunt.log.warn(file.name); }); return false; } }); grunt.registerTask('default', ['copyright']); }; Wednesday, November 6, 13
    • CONCLUSION express is a great way to quickly prototype dynamic Node.js based websites. grunt is pretty awesome, use it. Wednesday, November 6, 13