Y2 Achievements Before Going To Juniors
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  • 1. Farewell Infants Hello Juniors
  • 2. As the children move on to Y3 we thought it would be nice to have a little trip down memory lane and review the past year in Y2.
  • 3. Instructions Y2 wrote some fantastic instructions over the year. They ranged from making a cup of tea, a sandwich, washing their hands and making their very own pizza! Y2 enjoyed that bit and especially enjoyed eating their pizza for tea. Read on for some of the children's work on instructions.
  • 4. Making a drink of blackberry juice What I need Blackberry juice water cup What I need to do First get a cup out of the cupboard Get a bottle of blackberry juice Pour some into a cup Turn on the tap and get some water enjoy your drink! By Eve B Making a drink of juice What I need What I need to do Cup Get your cup water Get some juice from the bottle juice pour juice into the cup Fill it with water By Hannah
  • 5. Poetry the children created some lovely poems on fireworks early on in the year and more recently composed some fantastic rhymes. Insect Riddle I have 8 legs I swing side to side and I have a web I run fast and I can bite and scare If you look carefully you might see what I am I eat ants Can you guess what I am? By Sam
  • 6. Zooming, zooming fireworks begin exploding colours gold green red and yellow spraying out stars By Lucy & Kate Banging zooming rockets they're off exploding, lighting up the sky the sparklers are lit sending out golden stars By Liam
  • 7. Traditional Tales the children all enjoyed learning about traditional tales and if you look further down the Y2 website you can see photographs of the children with their puppets.
  • 8. Recounts and long writing over the year all the children have developed and enhanced their writing skills including connectives and punctuation. Yim Sung Writing ...........and his mum turned around. She said “Oh goodness, you're here” and he said “lets open one of the boxes.” In the box was a tub of magic dust.......... By Luke Gulliver's World ...we went on the pirate ship and it rocked backward and forwards, it was really fun because I felt like I was going to fall off.....By Tom W ..we all went on the swings and our feet didn't touch the ground and we were all screaming and laughing........By Eleanor
  • 9. DT Week We had a fabulous week making Joseph's coat of many colours and sewing our Mothers Day cards. We also made Easter baskets which the Easter Bunny kindly filled! See previous photo's and links to phanfare for photographs of our DT Week. We know that all the helpers enjoyed their week too!
  • 10. Assembly and Christmas Production Y2 were the first class to hold a class assembly and what a fine job they all did too! The children brought Florence Nightingale back to life along with Elvis Presley and Molly Malone! Y2 also enjoyed the Christmas Production of “Ralph the Green Nosed Reindeer” with some fabulous acting, singing and narrating!
  • 11. Mr Ward Y2 enjoyed Mr Ward, a student teacher, being in class and Mr Ward loved Y2 so much that he has regularly been back to visit and he came to Gulliver's World too! Mr Ward has a position at another school in September and we all wish him well.
  • 12. Trips Y2 had a fantastic day at Formby Squirrel Reserve. The weather was great, the children were great and we all had great fun! Mrs Reed and Mr Ward having a race down the sand dune was a particular highlight of the day! We were also very lucky with the weather on our trip to Gulliver's World. Again, a great day was had by all! See separate photo show for pictures of the children.
  • 13. Star of The Week All of the children have thoroughly deserved being the star for a week or two. Well done all of you!
  • 14. Sports Day The day finally arrived and yes, we all managed to stay dry! All the children had a fabulous afternoon and did really well at each race, especially considering many had only had the chance to practice that morning due to our lovely weather! Well done to Hannah and Niamh in particular who supported Y3 in a race at the last minute.
  • 15. Children's comments about Y2 Nathan – We have had fun in Y2 and I liked science. Olivia – I have loved everything about Y2. Kate – I enjoyed Gulliver's World because it was fun. Chloe – I liked the squirrels at Formby. Anna McK – I liked the teachers in Y2 and literacy.
  • 16. Y2's Last week in Infants The last week started off well with Sports Day and continued when the children were told they no longer had to take their green reading books home! Don't forget the reading challenge though children at the Library!!! The children also took their first trip up to the Junior Department to have a look around their new classroom. They demonstrated how grown up they were and held the hand rail very sensibly. On Thursday we were treated to a fabulous Leavers Assembly by Y6 followed by a boogie at the school disco.
  • 17. Finally, the children's last day as Infants! A nice early finish and the thought of six weeks holiday.......Bliss!!!
  • 18. Farewell Y2, you have been a lovely class to teach and we have enjoyed your company very much indeed. Don't forget to visit us for a chat and to let us know what it is like being a Junior! Lots of love Mrs Brankin, Mrs Reed & Mrs Davies