Paul D'Ambra's Career Portfolio


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Paul D'Ambra's Career Portfolio.

A collection work done by Paul D'Ambra during his career.

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Paul D'Ambra's Career Portfolio

  1. 1. A collection of career examples I have implemented or been involved with during my career. Please note for confidentiality purposes many of the specific results cannot be shared as they are confidential. LinkedIn Professional Profile Facebook personal profile Photo portfolio on Flickr Instagram portfolio Paul D’Ambra’s Career portfolio
  2. 2. Trade Marketing Store in Store I’ve been involved with, led or assisted various trade marketing executions such as this one for Logitech. With eSports taking off around the world the brand has taken a leadership position in the space. This store-in-store execution an example of this. When: 2015 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Immediately sales lift of 30%+ - Strong media coverage and reporting. - Requests from competing retailers to execute similar roll outs.
  3. 3. Trade Marketing Product point of sale I’ve been involved with, led or assisted various trade marketing executions such as this one for Logitech. Colour, personalisation & fashion trends continually evolve. Logitech needed to present the “Play Collection’ in impulse purchase areas and we developed various point of sale forms to acheive incremental placement to do this. When: 2015 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Immediately sales impact - 000’s of incremental placement locations - Impactful visuals and stopping power.
  4. 4. Trade Marketing Product point of sale I’ve been involved with, led or assisted various trade marketing executions such as this one for Logitech. The UE range of Bluetooth Speakers had to be heard to be believed. A ‘One Button’ demonstration point of sale unit was designed and deployed region wide with instant results. When: 2014 & 2015 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Immediately sales lift - Market share in Australia reaching 50% - Great consumer experience, brand and product range presentation
  5. 5. Trade Marketing Product point of sale I’ve been involved with, led or assisted various trade marketing executions such as this one for Logitech. A campaign was developed for the Region to drive a shift from wired products to wireless. A full creative suite was developed for offline, online, social and public relations. When: 2014 & 2015 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Sales lift & category % mix changes within 3 months - Huge increase in store share of shelf % - Execution in developed and emerging markets
  6. 6. Trade Marketing Product point of sale I’ve been involved with, led or assisted various trade marketing executions such as this one for Logitech. With stores becoming more crowded and space a premium we wanted a solution to create a brand space while also improving shopability across the range. When: September 2015 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Early results showing a double digit lift in sales.
  7. 7. Trade Marketing Category management Dick Smith stores were made up of different size formats, split into three different brands (Dick Smith, Tandy, Dick Smith Powerhouse) and had mixed store merchandising & fixturing. Leveraging the dominant Apple iPod we partnered with Apple to create a stronger category based management solution.
 What: Fixture refresh When: 2008 Where: Selected Dick Smith stores Result/s: - Immediate impact to in store presentation, sales, merchandising & consumer feedback. - Tiered roll out approved for various formats to achieve consistency over greater number of stores. 3 4 A fully integrated solution: * complete iPod family story * high impact fixture * branded category headers * eye catching product graphics * product display showcases 5 * add impact, attract & educate * demonstrate key benefits * display product specifications Dimensions Width - 1216 mm Height - 1815 mm Depth - 496 mm iPod endcap
  8. 8. Trade Marketing Promotion tie-ups Seizing the moment! Playstations were flown in from China & set up in every store to create our own ‘pre-sell’ campaign. Then stores opened at midnight for the ‘launch’ of Playstation 3 in Australia. What: Playstation 3 launch When: 2007 Where: Domayne Result/s: - 00's of consumers visiting midnight - Double our normal category market share - Positioned the product as complete entertainment device not just a games console.
  9. 9. clude: latform NOT a combined platform chart ie. the Top 10 xist. andised include – Playstation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, X-Box will start to appear in the Selling Edge. e offer. During the Christmas period where most software he market, we will run an “Our Choice” offer listing new ot selling games not in the Top 5s. These suggested titles lling Edge with the Top 5s weekly. In January, we will order offer What a fantastic concept – “Put $10 down nuary is the time to start advertising this to our customers. ise Gaming” (Guitar Hero, Singstar and Buzz) in our mix. s in our business near our software titles to improve our o suit your Gaming offer and style of fixturing in your store ese are available on the Pos and should be utilised with the Chart & Pre-order Merchandising Dick Smith Stores ble of merchandising on a promotional end theTop 5 Trade Marketing Category management Category presentation for gaming category didn’t have definition, clarity or presence in-store. New materials created to provide the category clearer definition, make purchasing easier and create an easier way for store staff to merchandise stocks.
 What: Category presentation When: 2009 Where: Dick Smith Result/s: - Immediate impact across all stores in both sales and general presentation. - Execution used simple methodology to minimise costs and used existing fixtures to ensure sustainable & commercially sensible outcomes. Before the Botox After the Botox After the BotoxSelected Dick Smith & PowerHouse StoresStore Development & PlanogramingFriday, 14 November 2008 The Great Gaming Botox Before the Botox After the Botox ighlighting consoles in our buattachment sales. 4. Variations of planograms to suit yourhave been developed. These are avapictures in this document. Top 5 Chart & Pr Dick S Dick Smith stores capable of merchandisCharts
  10. 10. Trade Marketing Promotion tie-ups I’ve either led or been involved with various store wide promotional tie-up executions to launch products, seasonal events etc. Each execution has involved lots of stakeholder management. What: Catalogue ‘tie-ups’ When: 2008 Where: Domayne Result/s: - Consistent execution across stores. - Good compliance. - Consistency of messaging from catalogue to in-store experience. - Reduced costs and overheads with all source materials being created centrally.
  11. 11. Trade Marketing Promotion tie-ups I’ve either led or been involved with various store wide promotional tie-up executions to launch products, seasonal events etc. Each execution has involved lots of stakeholder management. What: Product release in store ‘tie-up’ When: 2007 Where: Dick Smith Result/s: - Immediate impact across all stores - Great brand presentation for vendor. - Consistent execution.
  12. 12. Trade Marketing Product point of sale With a wide range of products and limited space on the packaging to tell a complete story we set about creating a solution to make it a bit easier for consumers to work out the differences across the range. The ‘Up-sell’ was created to achieve this for in- store, web sites or flyers.
 What: Product ‘Up-Sell’ When: 2010 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Simple execution - Lifted ASP's immediately after use. - Helped simplify many of the technical terms attributed to a lot of the products.
  13. 13. Print Advertising Catalogues I decided to change the look and feel of our Annual Digital Camera Catalogue. Turning things on its head I focussed on the lifestyle aspect of photography created pseudo consumer profiles with stories to compliment each one. Combined with unique photography, it was a hit!
 What: Digital Camera ‘lifestyle story’ When: 2007 Where: Domayne Result/s: - Unprecedented consumer reaction & sales for digital cameras. - Immediate increases in average selling prices within the category. - Stores were able to leverage the creative for in-store executions. - Created a precedence for future executions. From To
  14. 14. Print Advertising Catalogues Typically most retailers will have financial year or end of financial year promotions in June. I decided to turn that on its head. ‘New Gear for the Financial Year’ created stories based on various ‘work’ scenarios from the office worker to the graphic designer. Each one appealing to a different demographic and scenario with the execution a combination of lifestyle photography & the right product/price/range story.
 What: Digital Camera ‘lifestyle story’ When: 2008 Where: Domayne Result/s: - Sales growth greater than the marketplace trends. - Great in-store execution and compliance using the stories as a guide. - Lots of interest from consumers with the cross section of stories appealing to various walks of life.
  15. 15. Print Advertising Catalogues With computing becoming commoditised and also confusing for many people I decided to take a different approach to showcasing some of the range we had. From showing the complete story of working on the go to the more stylish, aspirational desires of having ‘the best of the best’ this was one of the examples we ran to help differentiate Domayne and create a point of difference for the product and brand.
 What: Technology ‘aspiration’ When: 2006 Where: Domayne Result/s: - Great consumer reaction and increase in sales of higher end equipment. - An increase in ‘attach’ sales from solutions being sold. - Interest from vendor partners to tell stories about their products & technologies in future executions.
  16. 16. Consumer Promotions ‘Demonstration Promise’ Using consumer insights surrounding service deficiencies & wanting to see things working or demonstrated, I implemented this promotion. A a guarantee that particular products would be demonstrated in store and if they weren’t, the consumer would receive a gift voucher for their trouble. Various products from across different categories were chosen to fit into our strategy & direction at the time.
 What: Demonstration Promise When: 2006 Where: Domayne Result/s: - Amazing consumer reaction. - Great compliance across all stores to ensure products were on display, staff trained and demonstrations available. - Hundreds of demonstrations performed on various products showcasing new technology
  17. 17. Consumer Promotions “Test Drive” Taking ‘Demonstration Promise’ a step further I implemented this promotion which allowed consumers to take a product home and trial it for 10 days. With the focus on mid to high end products with lots of rich features it took the risk away for consumers to fall in love with the products while making sure it was right for them.
 What: Test Drive When: 2007 Where: Domayne Result/s: - Amazing consumer reaction. - Broke down the barrier and fear around trying the latest technology. - Lifted sales to unprecedented levels with average selling prices skyrocketing in what was becoming a commodity category.
  18. 18. Consumer Promotions Product Launches I launched the Harmony One Universal Remote Control in Australia which was of a global campaign for Logitech. We executed a multi-channel strategy across TV, Radio, in-Store & digital executions. Uniquely in Australian we launched our ‘Product Tester’ campaign generating user content and reviews for the Harmony One.
 What: Logitech Harmony One When: 2011 Where: Australia Result/s: - 80+ consumer reviews - Market share 70%+ - Execution Offline & Online
  19. 19. Consumer Promotions Competitions I’ve led or been involved with various Consumer promotions with & without co-retailer support.
 What: Win $2000 Every Day When: 2010 Where: Logitech Result: - Online & Offline execution - Maintenance of share of shelf - Incremental promotional placement
  20. 20. Consumer Promotions Product Launches Launched the new brand Logitech UE across Asia Pacific. The range was launched using mechanics across public relations, events, social media, digital advertising, experiential, demonstrators, in store point of sale & more. The launch so strong, even Apple agreed to support the range.
 What: Logitech UE launch When: 2012/2013 Where: Asia Pacific Result: - Winner of Best Product Intro - Successful launch in all countries. - Strong brand consistency - Placement in key retailers incl Apple.
  21. 21. Consumer Promotions “Product Tester” Consumer insights led to trialling this program called “Product Tester” which let people use a selected Logitech product in their home in exchange for writing about the experience. Reviews were shared on social media, Logitech website and syndicated to Retailers whether good, bad or indifferent. It created excellent engagement and community involvement.
 What: Product Tester When: 2010/2011 Where: Logitech Result: - 2000+ registrations - 1000+ reviews created. - Reviews sydnicated to retailers - Increased purchase conversions
  22. 22. Consumer Promotions Competitions I’ve led or been involved with various Consumer promotions with & without co-retailer support. For this promotion we created a rich microsite to help generate stronger understanding of the UE brand in Australia. We combined artists reviews, consumer reviews, product information & much more to ensure a rich engagement experience.
 What: Consumer comp & micro site When: Aug, 2011 Where: Logitech Result/s: - 13,000+ entries. - 5min+ time spent on site - traffic to all sub pages - 50%+ opt in rate ".....its one of the best set ups they have ever had for a competition, very informative of your products too, I clicked through all the options...." Lisa Facebook fan!
  23. 23. Digital / online Social media I actively use various social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn & Instagram. I also try out others like Scoop.It, Feedly, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Quara, Newsle, Zite, Pulse to keep up with latest trends or platforms. I enjoy the digital space & its constant evolution. 1,459 posts 18.3k followers 561 following paul_syd_au EDIT PROFILE Paul Sydney, Australia All photos taken by me. Enquiries& collaborations; Log out Search Search
  24. 24. Digital / online Facebook brand page I took over the management of Logitech Australia’s Facebook page in August 2010 & within 6 months it grew to over 100,000 fans. Success came from constant community involvement, brand stories, product info, special offers, competitions and more. I gave life to the page with a mixture of current affairs, opinion, news & other forms of engagement all backed with daily measurement & analytics. This was during Facebook’s constant platform changes.
 What: Logitech Australia Fan Page When: 2010 - 2012 Where: Logitech Australia Result/s: - Reached over 120,000 fans - Top 50 Australian brand page & top 10 consumer electronics brand. - Managed in house with no agency involvement. ".....I have deleted quite a few pages who choose not to interact with their potential clients, Logitech are an awesome F/B Page.... Susan Facebook fan “....Great site for info, questions answered and giveaways. I check it daily , actually I check it about 5 or 6 times a day....” Matt Facebook fan
  25. 25. Digital / online Community engagement I have enjoyed engaging with consumers directly on various mediums such as forums, blogs, review sites & social media. At other times I’ve used these mediums for brand listening to pick up consumer sentiment and insights.
 What: Community engagement When: Aug 2010 onwards Where: Logitech Result/s: - 00’s of Consumers assisted - One of the few brands actively doing it at the time. - A number of product insights shared with global product teams - Consumer service matters resolved
  26. 26. Digital / online Analytics A large proportion of my career has been spent using data from sources such as stock/sales reports, Nielsen, GFK, IDC and other industry sources, through to things like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube Dashboards, eDM reports and more. Data has been crucial to making commercially sensible decisions. 
 What: Data & analysis When: 1993 onwards Where: Career 0" 100" 200" 300" 400" 500" 600" 4/03/2012" 6/03/2012" 8/03/2012" 10/03/2012" 12/03/2012" 14/03/2012" 16/03/2012" 18/03/2012" 20/03/2012" 22/03/2012" 24/03/2012" 26/03/2012" 28/03/2012" 30/03/2012" Daily&clicks& 0.00%" 0.05%" 0.10%" 0.15%" 0.20%" 0.25%" 0.30%" 0.35%" 4/03/2012" 6/03/2012" 8/03/2012" 10/03/2012" 12/03/2012" 14/03/2012" 16/03/2012" 18/03/2012" 20/03/2012" 22/03/2012" 24/03/2012" 26/03/2012" 28/03/2012" 30/03/2012" Click&through&rate&(CTR)& ©Copyright 2007. oracle advertising & marketing CPC Performance Audience breakdown Audience delivery / Profile Campaign respondents and delivery skewed 13-17 with a considerable female skew (music interests)CTR performed much higher for “Win Rise Against Tickets” vs WIN, WIN, WIN with LogitechCTR delivered at below expected resulting in considerably greater impression exposure for the campaign (16.8 million impressions) in the target set targeted.. With 805k million reached at an ave. freq of almost 21 times 3,037,900 805,600 Male/Female Demo / Geo % of Impressions % of Clickers CTRAU 100.00% 100.00% 0.02%F 13-17 58.22% 58.85% 0.02%F 18-24 3.50% 0.00% 0.00%F 25-34 0.45% 0.00% 0.00%M 13-17 34.20% 38.27% 0.03%M 18-24 3.00% 2.89% 0.02%M 25-34 0.36% 0.00% 0.00%Unknown 13-17 0.21% 0.00% 0.00%au Australian Capital Territory 1.38% 0.00% 0.00%au New South Wales 32.67% 34.18% 0.02%au Northern Territory 0.89% 0.00% 0.00%au Queensland 26.15% 31.64% 0.03%au South Australia 7.31% 6.55% 0.02%au Tasmania 2.17% 0.00% 0.00%au Victoria 23.79% 19.64% 0.02%au Western Australia 5.62% 8.00% 0.03%
  27. 27. Digital / online Content creation With limited resources I began trialling some ideas with an our Australian YouTube channel for the brand (since closed and migrated to our Global page) We creating product walkthroughs & our most successful ‘Make Everywhere Magical’ video for our iPad accessory range was used extensively for training, review websites and social media.
 What: YouTube video content When: 2010 - 2012 Where: Logitech Australia Result/s: - Over 100,000 views - Early adoption of video usage - Practical explanations of the product range.
  28. 28. Digital / online Content creation I ran a number of content based promotional programs which used contextually relevant influencers to create videos which were later promoted via display advertising, video seeding, social media & shared with retailer partners. What: Content creation & promotion When: 2013 Where: Logitech Result/s: - 00’s of 000’s of views - Strong engagement on social - Practical content pieces complimenting corporate brand videos. Feb 5, 2013 Logitech Confidential, Do Not Distribute 9 for You BLOGGER / EDITORIAL Feb 5, 2013 Logitech Confidential, Do Not Distribute 12 EDITO Feb 5, 2013 Logitech Confidential, Do Not Distribute 13 EDITORIAL REVIEW Feb 5, 2013 Logitech Confidential, Do Not Distribute DAILY MOTION – HALF PAGE TAKEOVER Feb 5, 2013 Logitech Confidential, Do Not Distribute 18
  29. 29. Digital / online Content creation Description I have implemented various content based executions. The examples above have been based on telling strong product stories where specifications alone haven’t provided good context for where or how things could be used. I’ve used various methods such as landing pages, Facebook tabs, home page banners & even micro- sites
 What: Content creation When: 2011 onwards Where: Logitech Result/s: - Great views/time on page stats - Practical information for Consumers - Insight led creation process including the use of Social Media to generate ideas and stories.
  30. 30. Digital / online Content creation After conducting local Consumer research we used the findings to create micro-site with User Generated Content to educate consumers about our range of products suitable for their laptop. The idea was to let people share their stories as well as learn what other people were doing with their laptops. We combined the micro-site with strong blogger and social media execution as well.
 What: Content pages When: 2011 Where: Logitech Result: - Great views/time on page stats - Practical information for Consumers - Insight led creation process - Over 7 million impressions, over 170 various consumer submissions of ways they use their laptops, over 300 comments, over 12,000 media views of various pieces of content.
  31. 31. Digital / online Product launches I've run or led various campaigns to launch new products. The example above was for the UE BOOM Bluetooth wireless speaker where we combined video content with strong in-situation visuals to bring the product to life securing unprecedented coverage on launch. Reviews were then promoted via Display advertising to maximise coverage/reach. What: Content, advertising & promotion When: 2013 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Reached over 1M+ people - UE BOOM reached 20% market share within 6 months. - Content used across websites, blogs and social media.
  32. 32. ent to une, 2X - Ms nd nd of was nal send rough ere still very Digital / online Video, Mobile advertising Driven by Consumer insights showing most iPhone users also owned an iPad, I experimented with targeted display advertising on mobile devices for the Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover. The results from this component of the campaign were outstanding for a medium that in 2013 was relatively new. What: Mobile advertising When: 2013 Where: Logitech Result/s: - 185,000+ video views - 9,000+ replays & 12,000 ‘actions’ - Ultrathin Keyboard Cover grew marketshare with competitors at half the price. Homepage takeover - technology Macworld skin • All advertising clicked through to a single landing page that housed  the  “Switch  On”  app - this sat within the Logitech FB page as a tab • The app promoted 7 Logitech products - Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, Ultrathin Keyboard Mini, K400r Keyboard, T400 Mouse, TV Cam, Z623 Speakers, H800 Headset Facebook app d video views for the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover al channels: Music, Technology, Games, Beauty & Fashion, Sports, e views to audience segments: Music Lovers, Technology Enthusiasts, , Digital Entertainment Enthusiasts, Social Influencers ul mobile/video component that over delivered by 10% and saw ates from viewers who wanted to replay the video and click through to e than 50% of the video, while 65,909 people viewed 100% of the video ideo, giving the replay button a 15.1% engagement rate (benchmark h to the FB app 7 sults: ressions – NA mpleted views – 65,909 ions – 12,027 V - $0.18 R% - 3.15%
  33. 33. Digital / online Direct mail I have run various direct mail pieces over the years for new product launches, special promotions, events & other things trying various layouts, wording, A/B testing, group targeting, external databases and more. What: Direct Mail/eDM’s When: 2010 onwards Where: Logitech Result/s: - Various, above avg industry rates
  34. 34. Digital / online Direct mail, co-partners To compliment Logitech branded direct mail pieces we also ran a series of co-partnered executions aimed at driving traffic to our retail partners. Typically this would also include website & social media supporting elements. What: Direct Mail/eDM’s When: 2010 onwards Where: Logitech Result/s: - Various, above avg industry rates sumer Promo
  35. 35. End of Financial Year - Dick Smith Replicated Dick Smith’s catalogue page We put ‘Buy Now’ links direct to Dick Smith We included our new Lapdesk range video to help educate. Digital / online Co-partner campaigns To compliment traditional display ads I also experimented with Facebook ‘tabs’ & advertising to help find new ways to attract consumers and drive traffic to our retail partners. In this example we leveraged the retailer’s catalogue promotion, combined with our locally created video to help the Consumer purchase journey. What: Co-partner campaign When: 2010 onwards Where: Logitech Result/s: - Great retailer partnership - Unique execution for Consumers - Over-delivered on forecasted views, clicks, impressions. End of Financial Year - Dick Smith
  36. 36. Public Relations New product releases I’ve worked with various agencies to manage PR activities including the development of new relationships with blogs, youtube channels & special interest communities.
 What: Public Relations When: 2009 onwards Where: Logitech Result/s: - Strong, regular flow of coverage - Reduction in agency spends by over 30% while maintaining coverage levels. - Revised analysis methodologies looking at monthly spends vs coverage, top writers & publications
  37. 37. Public Relations New product releases My team took charge of this project which was to come up with something unique and different to the launch of our ‘patterned’ mice range. With colours & patterns created by leading designers the goal was to create a campaign that was a bit of fun to generate media coverage but also create assets for use elsewhere. What: Public Relations When: 2011 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Media coverage in ‘non-traditional’ Logitech mediums like design and home lifestyle publications. - Great consumer engagement on social media using the striking visuals. - Excellent tie-up in store with point of sale complimenting the PR campaign.
  38. 38. Public Relations Influencer outreach. Using consumer insights relating tot he changing nature of how consumers search for information we looked beyond traditional mediums to create exposure for our brand in new spaces.. We started engaging with blogger networks who could provide rich, practical content on where and how our products can be used in everyday situations. The Bloggers Brunch was one example of this where we showcased selected products with ‘touch and feel’ demonstrations.
 What: Bloggers Brunch When: 2011 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Great new relationships created which lead to a number of product reviews and requests to review Logitech products. - A wonderful learning experience for the team in a space that was growing and changing very quickly.
  39. 39. Sponsorship Katy Perry First major participation for Logitech in Australia. Managed and run with a twist - we let Katy’s fans make a lot of the decisions about what and how we did things via a Facebook Discussion Group. End result was over 1,000 wall post discussions, print, online, concert execution. Consumer promotions, limited edition skinned products & more, one of our fans even appeared in the press.
 What: Katy Perry Australian Tour When: 2011 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Huge consumer engagement with new market segment not aware of Logitech. - Thousands of positive brand impressions and exposure via all the advertising & promotional mechanics. YOUR HEART LISTEN TO For full terms and conditions, log on to Promotion commences 12:01am, 31 March 2010 and closes 11:59pm, 4 May 2010. Please seecontents page for location of our privacy notice. If you do not want your information provided to any organisation not associated with this promotion please notify the promoter in writing. Promotion Ultimate Ears have the most amazingsound quality. I usually buy the cheapyearphones thinking they’re the sameas all the others but how WRONGcan one person be! They’re easy to setup and use and the case is perfect –I don’t have to worry about them gettingtangled or caught in my bag and I always know where they are! Thanks Logitech,I’m loving them!!” Mystygirl, LogitechFacebook Fan LOVED BY YOUR FAVE CELEB MUSICIANS, LOGITECH ULTIMATE EARS WILL BE YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND – IT’S OKAY, YOU CAN THANK US LATER! I love the UE 200 Earphones...they have the best fit, lightweight and the sound is brilliant ... clear and crisp! The case they come with protects the earphones. Another awesome Logitech product” Tahiti Rose, Logitech Facebook Fan I couldn’t wait to get the laptop desk out of it’s packaging, and had it set up in minutes. I immediately got the best sound ever: loud and clear. The lapdesk padding is so comfortable, and seems to make my laptop “float”. No more having to balance my laptop by it’s edges on my knees so air can get through. I can sit comfortably and still be assured that my laptop won’t overheat. Very impressed Logitech, very impressed! Vanilla, Logitech Product Tester REALFACEBOOKFANS E nter Logitech’s mega comp to score over $500 worth of the latest and greatest audio products. With Ultimate Ears earphones, a Z305 portable laptop speaker, a PureFi Anywhere 2 iPod/iPhone portable speaker dock, a pair of LS21 speakers for your desk and a N550 portable speaker lapdesk up for grabs – your friends will be fighting to get an invite to your house! Enter by answering the question ‘How does Logitech bring music to your ears?’ in 25 words or less email your answers to Logitech@ GET YOUR HANDS ON THE AUDIO PACK OF YOUR DREAMS SPEAKERLAPDESKN700 WANT TO TEST SOME OF LOGITECH’S PRODUCTS? GO TO FACEBOOK. COM/LOGITECH AUSTRALIA W hether you’re hearting Logitech’s amazing range of products or you’re itching to get your hands on some, let ‘em know about it, stat. Hit up logitechaustralia with your pics, vids and stories of how Logitech has changed, or will change, your life! DON’T WANNA LISTEN TO YOUR MUM’S MUSIC IN THE CAR? ROCK OUT TO YOUR FAVE TUNES WITH LOGITECH’S ULTIMATE EARS EARPHONES, MINUS THE NAGGING! SO MANY COLOURS TO CHOOSE FROM! WE WANT YOU! I ndoors or outdoors, studying or relaxing, Logitech’s got every situation sorted. From laptop speakers and laptop desks to Ultimate Ears for all occasions in lots of colours, Logitech lets you study or play wherever you please! The Surround Sound Speakers Z506 are another great product from Logitech! The design of these are very stylish, and the audio quality is brilliant, by nudging the volume button up a touch it is loud enough for the room and for a party they would be brilliant! Another great product with quality service! E.K., Logitech Facebook Fan FRIENDLOGITECHAUSTRALIAANDTELL‘EMHOWMUCHYOULOVETHEM.HEADTOFACEBOOK.COM/LOGITECHAUSTRALIA SAY GOODBYETO YOUR EARPHONESFALLING OUT WHILE YOU’REDANCING OR RUNNING, ULTIMATE EARS 300/300VI COME WITH BUDS IN A RANGEOF SIZES TO FIT YOUPERFECTLY. WINA LOGITECH AUDIO PACK! NEED TO STUDY INTERRUPTION-FREE? PUREFI ANYWHERE™ 2 COMPACT SPEAKERS WILL BLOCK OUT THE LOUDEST OF NOISES – LITTLE BRO INCLUDED! I am not very tech savvy, but I love my Laptop Speaker Z205. Much of the music I play is from You Tube, and it sounds great on these speakers. Thanks Logitech for my enhanced music enjoyment. G-Money, Logitech Facebook Fan W ith artists like Trey Songz, Joss Stone, Jonas Brothers and Fall Out Boy on the long list of Logitech Custom Ultimate Ears users, it’s no surprise they’re the number one choice of the world’s top touring musicians. Logitech has worked with sound pros and musicians to create the best sound ever. Plug them into your laptop, iPod or MP3 player and prepare to feel like you’re at the actual concert! LISTEN TO EVERYTHING THROUGH ULTIMATE EARS™ NOISE-ISOLATING EARPHONES. YOUR FAVE STARS DO. LAPTOPSPEAKERZ205 PUREFIANYWHERE™2 COMPACTSPEAKERS CHECKOUTLOGITECH.COM ANDFINDOUTALLYOUNEED TOKNOWABOUTTHEIR SUPER-COOLAUDIOPRODUCTS. GETCLICKING! WIN
  40. 40. Sponsorship Rock the Schools Participation in this tour helped Logitech increase its brand awareness amongst teenagers and also help showcase the Ultimate Ears heritage in the performing space. The tour included product tutorials and we even let four school groups experience a real National Tour by letting them have a behind the scenes look at Katy Perry’s 2011 Australian tour. Engagement was supported via social media, product test kits and more.
 What: Rock the Schools Tour When: 2010/2011 Where: Logitech Result/s: - Thousands of students treated to a ‘free’ concert at their school with performances from up & coming Australian bands. - Exposure for Logitech with the Department of Education.
  41. 41. Paul D’Ambra’s Career portfolio Copyright 2011