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Health and Wellness JCURE Trade LTD Company Brochure
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Health and Wellness JCURE Trade LTD Company Brochure


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Health and Wellness JCURE Trade LTD Company Brochure

Health and Wellness JCURE Trade LTD Company Brochure

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  • 1. We are a trading service company dedicating to leverage our rich resources from China. Put forth effort on stimulating the market and combining the whole resource advantages to lower customers’ costs, improve the customers’ service and achieve customers’ goals.
  • 2. Our manufacturer has been developing medical bandages for over 17 years. The facility has been awarded with various quality control certificates, such as CE, ISO and FDA. With years of development we gained rich experiences, which gave us an advantage over other competitors. Ultimately, allowing us to understand customers’ needs
  • 3. ” ” JCURE TRADE LTD exists to build a reliable, efficient and economic way to help distributors find a suitble manufacturer ” ” We have local customers such as hospital and medical supplies stores in china and our network keeps growing ” ” We are a trading service company in USA, we own the manufacture in China. Our ”Trading service+Manufactures” strategy offers our customers better price, higher prodcut quality control and a more efficient supply chain • Intergrate Medical rescource between China and America • Provide the reliable and optimal supply chain for medium size and small medical distributors • Help the small medical businesses unlock the Chinese market
  • 4. JCURE TRADE LTD focuses on providing the most valuable products to our customers. Our products portfilo include bandages (elastic, plaster, orthopeidc etc) PE/EVA products and Beauty equipment • 17 years experience; 100% customer satisfaction • CE, FDA, ISO etc certificated • Sold very well in Europe, USA, Latin America • Very long-term customer relationship (Over 10 years) • 100% customer satisfication • Various types of Cohesive/Adhesive bandages • Sold very well in Europe, USA • CE, ISO and FDA certificated • Our supplier has more than 20 years experience in plaster bandages • Awarded CE, ISO and FDA qualifications • larger amount sold every year • 17 years experience in reticular bandages • Awarded CE, ISO, FDA etc • Sold very well in Europe
  • 5. JCURE TRADE LTD focuses on providing international trading services for high quality medical supplies. The purpose of this trading service company is to provide a more reliable supply chain, integrate sources of both the markets and manufacturers, lower our clients’ costs, provide higher quality products and build a closer relationship between our manufacturer and our customers. Since we own the manufacturer, “manufactory- direct supply chain”, it helps our client rebuild a more cost-effective and reliable supply chain by outsourcing to China JCURE TRADE LTD is located in California with a mixed-culture team, allowing us to provide excellent customer service while easily understanding your needs and solving your problem faster All of our products come from well established firms with good reputations and quality-approved certificates If you enquiry a small amount for various products, JUCRE trade ltd also provides LCL cargo service to you with a lower price and a high quality standard
  • 6. To create success in both customers and ourselves. We will concentrate all our energies towards perfect and economical production, to market professionally and to supply reliably
  • 7. Our Bandage Portfolio includes various type of bandages; elastic bandages, plaster/paddings, and cohesive/adhesive bandages etc. Our manufacture is able to OEM and ODM based on consumer’s requirement
  • 8. • Fixing, supporting and compression therapy • Medium to High Compression: Normally 200% - 300% • Hypoallergenic • Sterilizable • Latex-free/Latex • The size can be customized by request • Ziploc-bag • Box • Carton
  • 9. • Solidfication time fast and steady: 2-5min. • Soak water time is quick: 5-10sec. It can be dried very fast after solidifition. The intensity can reach 3.2mPa after 8min. • Its caloric value is close to human temperature: 38 C -42 C. • The product can be wrapped up to 12 layers • Application: Auxiliary of Plaster bandages/ orthopedic casting tape/burning skin • Composition: Viscose/Sponge/ Polyester/100% Cotton • Color: Natural color/White • Features: High temperature sterilization​ • Specifications: The size can be customized by request • Note: humidity not more than 80%, no causticity gas, and good ventilation required • Expiration: 24 months
  • 10. • Application: wound dressings, hot packs and cold compresses, edema and varicosities in lower limbs, belly dressing after childbirth to strengthen contractions, protect muscle, anadesma and joints • Composition: Cotton/Rubber/Polyester • Color: customized • Features:Elastic non-woven substrate; Sticks to itself, does not stick to hair, skin and clothing, no pins and clips needed; Latex free, causes no natural latex induced allergic reactions; Soft,breathable and comfortable; Easy hand tear, no scissors needed; Provide light compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation; Stable and reliable cohesiveness; Constant unwinding tension; Good tensile strength
  • 11. • Application: Auxiliary of paddings/Support/ compression therapy • Composition: Viscose/Polyester/Cotton • Color: Natural color • Features: Customized • Specifications: The size can be customized by request
  • 12. • First aid kit • Silver Coated Textile • Wound Dressing (Activated-carbon, Chitosan and Alginate)
  • 13. JCURE TRADE LTD focuses on providing international trading service for high quality medical supplies.We are dedicating to leverage our rich resources from China We undstrand Chinese market and we have partnership with local medical resources and other distributors We possess in-depth knowledge in Chinese marketplace and are acquainted with local business rules We have 17 years experience in China’s healthcare market and thus maintain extensive connections with key roles in government, manufacturers and customers All of our healthcare products are selling well in USA, Europe and other countries. And we can supply good quality, excellent services and good prices for all of our old and new clients
  • 14. There is an obvious key reason for providing the most valuable products to customers. That is to say, both companies and customers will benefit greatly from it making a win-win situation, as well creating success for both sides
  • 15. OFFICE HOUR MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9AM : 5PM 100 N CITRUS ST. STE 680 WEST COVINA CALIFORNIA CA91791 CEO Eagle +1 626 623 7316 EXT: 101 Email Secretary Phone +1 626 513 2864 Email Sales Representative: Phone +1 626 623 7316 EXT: 103 Email