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Super pac hacks for your library
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Super pac hacks for your library


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This is my section of the presentation for the Public Library Association Conference 2014 in Indianapolis by EveryLibrary and EveryLibrary California.

This is my section of the presentation for the Public Library Association Conference 2014 in Indianapolis by EveryLibrary and EveryLibrary California.

Published in: Education

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  • Bigger picture, larger good.Everyone is a player and has a place on the field
  • Chants, sayings, internal language
  • OngoingActiveToolsHouse PartiesSocials/meetupsBring a friendNetworking events
  • Can train to the right people to have the skillsCan’t train the wrong people who don’t want the skills
  • Friends groupsVolunteersCity councilStaffSupporting and supported community orgs
  • The majority, not everyone, the 80/20 ruleThe ones in chargeMoneypower
  • Message box activitiesPractice staying on message
  • Look at the opposition’s message (yes, there are people in your community who don’t like the library) Develop your message with them in mind first, then your supportersYou message should oppose and educate the oppositionSurveysTalking to your community
  • Click on opposition adsBuild a community of commenters, sharers, likers, Rters, rebloggers, etc…
  • Door to Door library card sign-ups
  • Be at Every Community Event. If there isn’t a community event, create one
  • Libraries should have an editorial/media calendar
  • You can do anything with a large enough email listCrowdsourced fundraiser like kickstarter or loudsauceBuild a rallyGet people to programsBuild supportKeep the public informed
  • Always have people at city council to talk about the library Build relationships with your local councilNo legislative days, create a legislative relationship – Legislators are more likely to meet if you’re a PAC donor
  • Transcript

    • 1. Super PAC hacks for your library
    • 2. Campaign and PAC
    • 3. Positive and Goal oriented
    • 4. Willing to Take a Risk
    • 5. Everyone Works Together for the greater good
    • 6. Campaigns are a culture of love for the cause
    • 7. How do we start building that in libraries?
    • 8. It Starts With Recruiting
    • 9. Campaigns hire for Passion and not experience
    • 10. Campaigns build networks of supporters
    • 11. Campaigns know who to Focus on
    • 12. Tell the success stories of the organization
    • 13. Have a message
    • 14. Live your message
    • 15. Keep your eye on the message
    • 16. So how do you create the message?
    • 17. Focus your message Libraries supply books to children, and dvds to adults, and cds, and adults use our computers, support literacy, and support healthy living, and businesses use our databases, and families come to storytimes, and we have programs for people, and we have computer classes, and we internet access, and internet access is important for some reason, and we answer questions, and we find information, and people work in our libraries, and people have a space to do homework, and there is the area for people to knit, and cats are great pets, and I love my cardigan, and we support the arts, and, and, and.
    • 18. Libraries change lives
    • 19. Then repeat it
    • 20. Repeating the message - online
    • 21. Repeating the message - Social Media Tricks
    • 22. Repeating the message - Canvassing
    • 23. Repeating the message – Community events
    • 24. Repeating the message -Earned Media Campaign
    • 25. Repeating the message - email
    • 26. Repeating the message - SWAG
    • 27. Repeating the message – To Politicians
    • 28. Repeating the message – Paid media • Billboards • Commercials • TV ads • Radio Ads • Newspaper ads • Magazine Ads • Google Ads
    • 29. Repeating the message -House Parties