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These are my slides from my presentation with Jill Sonnenberg and Annie O'Dea Hestbeck on the importance of partying both in and out of the profession. The results of partying in a professional sense, and what a sense of play, joy, passion can bring to our workplace.

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  • Times are tough We aren’t connected to each other Lack of cooperation People aren’t excited don’t have a mentor or mentee People are stressed, or sad Don’t have resources Don’t have social capital in our communities
  • Partying Brings people together A place to celebrate our profession To build networks and opportunities for cooperation Makes people happy Social connections
  • Music Programs, book clubs
  • Arts and crafts, storytimes, literacy
  • Our troops are our Staff, Our Missions- Library vision and mission, Our Service is to our Patrons
  • Friends Group or other support group
  • Drinking and certainly not Overdrinking Being cooler than other people Ridiculousness for the sake of it (although serious, heartfelt ridiculousness is encouraged.)
  • A better attitude. Deep Teamwork across campus and across the school and public library spheres Paradigm Shift Love sweet love public schools, libraries, feeling threatened but this isn’t how to operate., asset-based management. Children’s school library so different to their public elementary library
  • Research supports “faking it until you make it.” Positivity can help you enjoy your job as a teacher and your job as a person. People (says read-aloud expert Jim Trelease) are simple pleasure-seekers by nature. Martha beck’s article in this month’s oprah. If they are made to feel good when they come in to the library, or when they read, they will continue to come in. And Read. Period.
  • Simple Camaraderie Preferably some good music, including some singing and dancing, if possible, which often lead to…. Gentle, goofy fun--which easily translates into… Meaningful conversations in a social context in which you can learn about others’ lives….. Celebrate individual and group skills, thereby… Building Community: with the public and with colleagues
  • Rock and Roll Bands (believe it) African Drumming (yes) Dance parties, hopefully with student mixes (hell, yes) Seed and guitar lending libraries Guerilla libraries Author visits Silent study room, duty
  • Bring someone every year, find a way. The money is always, always worth it. Remember that if you are trying to encourage reading, helping your kids find an author that they can get behind is more than half your battle. Skype an author Use if you have to. Parents want to see their children enriched and will also support this. Ellen hopkins was nearly impossible to get through my admin, it was ultimately a parent
  • Be a “shiny” role model for your staff. Read Exuberance, by Kaye Redmond Williams Read about the concept of “flow,” especially as it relates to interpersonal relationships Be the social director for the school and the lessons and collaboration will naturally follow
  • Ask yourself, constantly, whether your policies (especially your circulation policies) are helping students in the short run and whether anyone will care in 100 years. If not, start changing them now. Loosen up circulation. Buy books used at book sale. fines
  • Taking that opportunity to meet people, where the real connections begin, I’ve learned more about what is going on now in the profession from socials than sessions what people are learning now
  • We’re at one now. How do you take advantage of this opportunity? Have people stand up and talk to each other for a couple of minutes.
  • Talk about making social events happen at conferences where one that you like isn’t happening. How do they do it? The steps to do it, etc…
  • Facebook Twitter Youtube Social media is… A Party! Join it! G+ Hangouts Tinychat Start A video party
  • Farmer’s Markets Bars Restaurants Meet everyone in your community Be positive Turn gatherings into fun events celebrating the library! Start a party for your community outside of the library
  • Most important slide. Why does this help? Remember, Party hard is about coming from a place of celebration and joy in our profession. Positivity. This is all great and good, but once you have that joyful energy, what do you do with it? You have to make it happen. Take those joyful connections you’ve made and use them to do more! Fundraise, votes, friends groups, more programs, volunteers, etc…
  • Invite people to your party (marketing) Get involved in the party (don’t stand in the corner) IE- Dance, Dress up, play the games, introduce yourself Ask QUESTIONS!! (demo some of your questions from Abercrombie interviews) Meet people (take some chances) talk about how I am very shy and its hard to meet people Share the love – Compliments- Let people know how much you like being around them Jump in the craziest group you can find or make your own
  • Partying in the Profession! California Library Association

    1. 2. Rocking Around the Profession <ul><li>OR… How Partying In </li></ul><ul><li>(and Out) of the Library Substantially Improves Our Professional Practice </li></ul>
    2. 3. Problems…
    3. 4. Solutions!!
    4. 5. Definitions
    5. 6. Social gathering, as of invited guests, for conversation, refreshments, entertainment, etc.: a cocktail party – Or…
    6. 7. A group gathered for a special purpose or task: a fishing party; a search party - OR…
    7. 8. A detachment, squad, or detail of troops assigned to perform some particular mission or service – Or…
    8. 9. Group of persons with common purposes or opinions who support one side of a dispute, question, debate- Or…
    9. 10. What Partying is NOT
    10. 11. What our world needs now….
    11. 12. Positivity Isn’t Just for Pollyannas Anymore
    12. 13. What Partying Is (the kind we’re talking about)
    13. 14. Ways to Party in the Library
    14. 15. Author Visits: Our Biggest Rock Stars
    15. 16. Sunshine Committee: Be the Sunshine
    16. 17. Explore your Existential Side
    17. 18. In the Profession Networking Socials
    18. 19. In the Profession Seminars and Conferences
    19. 20. In the Profession <ul><li>Start a </li></ul><ul><li>Dance Party </li></ul>
    20. 21. In the Profession ONLINE!!
    21. 22. In the Profession Meet this guy
    22. 23. Meet your community
    23. 25. Extra Tips!