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  • This is the important point – people are trusting what they see written by people they know, more than adverts or third party editorials or articles - this is the important for you to understand
  • These numbers are truly staggering ….however lets think about what we do with this informationHow many emails do you sign up for/ How many group discussion do you joinHow many things can you manage in one day…..and do a good job.Before anyone thinks that it might be better to ban certain social media sites in the workplaceForrester research/ Melbourne – it led to 9% less productivity when sites were banned.
  • Graduate Recruitment Trends

    1. 1. Peter CosgroveDate: January 6th 2012
    2. 2. Trends for the Graduates of the FutureI hate networking!!• Mobile Devices• Social Media and Recruiting• Availability of Data to graduates• Internships
    3. 3. The Growth in Mobile
    4. 4. Mobile RecruitmentI hate networking!!• Smartphones becoming a necessity for the graduate population• 39% of smartphone users use their phone in the bathroom
    5. 5. Mobile Recruitment• 1.2 Billion Mobile Apps Were Downloaded over The Holidays• A record breaking 242 million apps were downloaded worldwide on Christmas Day• Google engineers “number 1 focus is on mobile”
    6. 6. Social Media
    7. 7. 2. Social MediaI hate networking!!
    8. 8. Our trust levels….Only 20% of people trust advertising.But 78% of people trust the recommendations oftheir network. Source: Neilsen Trust in Advertising. Oct 2007
    9. 9. New media…new ways
    10. 10. New media…new ways
    11. 11. Deloitte New ZealandDeloitte New Zealand, award for use of Facebook for attractingGraduates.
    12. 12. PwC VideoI hate networking!! Its what the public want to see not what you want to put out there
    13. 13. Trend – Tomorrow’s candidateI hate networking!! James is 12  …his last Christmas list was online using price comparison site data!  …her favourite film is Ironman, he downloaded it from iTunes  ...he put together his holiday videos into a 5 minute movie using the iMovie app  … after scanning a QR code on his mum’s iPhone, he won a trip to Disneyland  … he taught his dad to stream football online => Do you think he’ll ever send you her CV or reply to a job ad?
    14. 14. The Availability of DataI hate networking!!
    15. 15. We are living in exponential times32 billion searches are performed on Google every month …this was 2.6 billion in 2006
    16. 16. 3. The growth in Data - Over 150,000 new videos per day - 200,000,000 blogs and counting. - 120,000,000 profiles on Linkedin
    17. 17. Case studies - UPSGraduate program using “gamification” I hate networking!!
    18. 18. InternshipsI hate networking!!
    19. 19. InternshipsI hate networking!!• Companies more risk averse• Economy is more accepting to internships• The “currency” of a degree• The best form of assessment
    20. 20. ConclusionI hate networking!!
    21. 21. ConclusionI hate networking!!• Getting engagement from the graduate of the future will be the key• Companies need to understand how graduates want to apply• Social media can help or hinder• “Good” companies will win
    22. 22. Cpl is looking to hire graduates as well as experienced recruiters to work with ireland’s leading recruitment consultancy, please feel free to refer anyone toThank You & Questions peter.cosgrove@cpl.ieName: Peter CosgroveTitle: Director, CplEmail: peter.cosgrove@cpl.ieTwitter: @petercosgrovePhone: +353 87 6200836