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Perrys presentation

  1. 1. New MediaTechnologies Over the year, I have used many a new excitingtechnologies in order to produce high quality work. In thisslide share I will go through all the technologies that I haveused and why they were specifically used, whether thetechnology is used for planning, research or evaluationquestions.
  2. 2. TechnologiesHDV Camera,Tripod, Imac, Final CutExpress, Blogger,YouTube, AdobePhotoshop, PicMonkey, Microsoft Word,Microsoft PowerPoint, Slideshare, Prezi, Iphone, Survey Monkey ,Wordle , Glogstar,AdobeAfter Effect
  3. 3. HDV CameraIn the music video we used a HDV Camera to film, this was themost important source during the whole process of our musicvideo as it held all our footage on the camera.The camera alsohelped us use different types of shots; this included shot reverseshot, medium shot and P.O.V shots.The camera itself was verysimple and easy to use, after filming for a few days we didn’t havemuch problem with the camera. By using this camera I felt that itgave us the best possible outcome.
  4. 4. TripodAnother piece of equipment that we used was the tri-podand the camera attached to the tri-pod for a steady focus,when filming.The tri-pod gave us the ability to show a panand tilt shot and it gave us easy move ability.The tripod we used was very standard and everybody wasgiven the same tripod, but this equipment was mosthelpful as it gave us the steady footage we needed.
  5. 5. IMacThe Imac is the main source of all our work research, digipak content andother constructive work that was needed. On the Mac we safari which isthe internet to recover all the information that has been needed for thisyears course. I used it to gain information about the typical R’n’B musicand what sort of mise-en-scene we might need for our music video.The I Mac was used in the planning and producing stages of our project, asthe programmes like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint was needed to helptype up my evaluation work.Overall the Imac was a useful piece of equipment in my project as it gaveme the valuable to succeed in parts of the criteria.
  6. 6. Final Cut ExpressFinal cut express is a good bit of equipment as this is how I edited theMusic video and without this I wouldn’t be able to produce the video.Final cut has many essential tools to allow me edit the music video, forexample the over-lay toggle clip button as this helped me adjust theopacity and the cuts between each clip.I feel without Final cut express I wouldn’t be able to make the musicvideo and other clips that we made like the vox pox for our research.
  7. 7. BloggerThroughout Blogger has helped me produce uploadedwork that is vital for my evaluation, I have used it so theexaminers can see my pieces of work, On my blog therewill be all my pieces of work like my video, digipak andmagazine advert.
  8. 8. Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop was used to make the digipak, albumcover and the magazine advert. It was very useful as it hadmany difficult techniques that was needed to provide sucha good outcome. Photoshop allowed us to cropped theimages and give a better lighting effect on the images.Here is the album cover and as you can see we have editedit to look black and white we also gave it a differenttexture to make it more appealing.
  9. 9. PicMonkeyPicMonkey can be used online were you can edit imagesand give them a different format. PicMonkey was analternative to Photoshop as we were having manydifficulties with Photoshop and editing the correct way wewanted to.Therefore we didn’t want to waste time so weused an easier way to edit our images.PicMonkey is very effective and gives a good outcome.The magazine advert was edited in PicMonkey then theextras in Photoshop.
  10. 10. MicrosoftWordMicrosoftWord was mainly used to created long documentsin relation of the planning and the build up of the musicvideo.The program enabled me to produce documentsconnecting to the particular location we went to and themany costumes we used throughout the music video.When I finished creating these documents I uploadedthem up on to blogspot were people can see were theplanning was produced for our music video.
  11. 11. Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft PowerPoint was another form of displaying mywork, the work that I have created in PowerPoint has gaveme other options of using technology. I used PowerPointfor my evaluation question and uploaded it on to my blog.PowerPoint is a useful way were you can upload it intoSlideshare were it creates a different way in presentingPowerPoints.
  12. 12. SlideshareSlideshare is the form were you can upload thePowerPoint document on to Blogger and it can give abetter effect in which PowerPoint does, it makes it lessboring to look at. Slideshare is very easy to use and lesscomplicated than PowerPoint.Slideshare gave me the ability to produce a piece ofpresentation work in a different way.
  13. 13. PreziPrezi is an interesting way to create more funpresentations. It give you the ability to makepresentations without the boring part to look at. Prezi isvery easy to use, it also gives you a different way to makepresentation instead of using PowerPoint it gives youother ideas.I used Prezi for my evaluation question and it was veryuseful to me, I found this helpful and interesting compareto other programs.
  14. 14. I PhoneI Phones are very useful and technology is developing veryfast.WE used an I phone for parts of the project weatherto take pictures or film parts of the music video. We usedthe I phone for maps and different locations they we needto find for our filming location.The pictures that we usedfor our digipak, album cover and magazine advert were allused on the I phone.
  15. 15. GlogsterGlogster was used to create a mood board for the musicvideo it gave us initial idea about the artist and the genreof the music. Glogstar displays pieces of work very welland it gave us different ways to present our work.
  16. 16. WordleWordle is a great way to present pieces ofwork,Wordle is a software which allowsyou to create an image with different wordsput together,TheWordle was created todisplay our audience research.This gave usan insight as to what the audience will belooking for in our music video.As you can the bigger the word the morefavorable it is.
  17. 17. Survey MonkeyWe used survey monkey to gain audience feedback andthis helped us to created different costumes for ourcharacters in our music video. On survey monkey we hadto create different questions that people could answer forexample whats your favorite genre of music?This helped us be more aware of what we should includein our music and what to include in to the footage.