How technology can help with audience engagement.


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The theme for this years British Arts Festival Association roadshow was audience evaluation and development. This presentation was delivered in London and Bristol.

Slide ONE: Hashtag the Audience - #BAFA13

Slide TWO: 7 Roads of Social Media

Slide THREE: Overview

Slide FOUR: Watching your audience Grow

Slide FIVE: Crossing the Streams

Slide SIX: Tweetdeck example

Slide SEVEN: Tweetreach

Slide EIGHT: Big Data with Foursqure

Slide NINE: Audience Europe Network

Slide TEN: AEN Resources
- Social Media & Digital Comms
- Organisational Change & Audience Focus
- Outreach and Engagement
- Audience Segmentation

Slide ELEVEN: National Theatre of Wales

Slide TWELVE: NTW Network

Slide THIRTEEN: Setting out your stall

Slide FOURTEEN: Changing the perspective

Slide FIFTEEN: Ambient Network engagement

Slide SIXTEEN: Pay Off

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How technology can help with audience engagement.

  1. 1. Hashtags enable the tracking of media and conversation before, during and after your event. Hashtags link conversation threads in Twitter. The tag can be used in blogs. Tags are searchable in Search Engines How technology can help with audience engagement #BAFA13 by Caron Lyon @pcmcreative #
  2. 2. Attract New Audience Audience Support Audience Retention Team Development Analytics & Data Capture Organisational Productivity Establishing Authority Focus Social Media strategy & thinking on these 7 areas.
  3. 3. Without Walls... •Identifying your Audience •Audience sustainability •Using Twitter for events •Big Data •Community Network building
  4. 4. PCM creative - 2788 (2662) = 126 PCM projects - 310 (258) = 52 Audiences Europe - 495 (388) = 107 Equity_ITAC - 761 (734) = 27 FEU training - 440 (393) = 47 LaceMarketHouse - 610 (451) = 159 Increase 518 Total @ 25 April = 5,404 Text Identifying your Audience watch it grow. Twitter accounts owned and managed by PCMcreative
  5. 5. Twitter for Ignition # tag keywords @host account event title Keeping track of the buzz
  6. 6. Track keywords, tags and phrases with Tweetdeck or Janetter
  7. 7. Measure Engagement resulting from social media activity
  8. 8. Big Data Every day, millions of people check in on Foursquare. This is a year's worth of check-ins in New York City and Tokyo and plotted them on a map. Each dot represents a single check-in, while the straight lines link sequential check-ins. What you can see here represents the power of check-in data on Foursquare, every city around the world pulses with activity around places every hour of every day.
  9. 9. Community Network Building
  10. 10. AEN Resources Social Media & Digital Communications Organisational Change & Audience Focus Outreach & Engagement Audience Segmentation #AEN_OCAF
  11. 11. National Theatre Wales is a “Without walls” organisation
  12. 12. It’s community is it’s audience, artists & staff
  13. 13. Create groups on friendly same sector sites to support and participate in an existing community
  14. 14. Audiences are changing What does yours look like?
  15. 15. St Pancras to the left of me, British Library to the right...
  16. 16. Other organisationions watch Twitter too and share with their own audiences.
  17. 17. Monica SWA for Festivals (Social Web Assistant) £75 2hr session you me and your notebook/voice recorder £75 per month 1hr 1 - 2 - 1 or telephone time or... x2 2hr blogging hot desk access opportunities Monica works with you. What do you need? Tweet me @pcmcreative to book a chat Moving Forward