Case Study: How Caixa Econômica in Brazil Uses IBM® Rational® Insight and Performance Measurement to Support Outsourcing to Its Software Factories

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  • 1.
      Case Study: How Caixa Econômica in Brazil Uses IBM® Rational® Insight and Performance Measurement to Support Outsourcing to Its Software Factories
      Wagner Arnaut IT Specialist, IBM [email_address]
      Paulo Lacerda IT Specialist, IBM [email_address]
      Rodrigo Evangelista Caixa National Architecture Manager [email_address]
    • PPM-1565
  • 2.
    • Performance Measurement
    • 3. IBM Rational Insight
    • 4. Insight at Caixa Econômica Federal
            • - Customer Profile
            • 5. - Problem Description
            • 6. - Proposed Solution
            • 7. - Solution Deployment
            • 8. - Architecture Overview
            • 9. - Reports Delivered
            • 10. - CAIXA Benefits
            • 11. - Next Steps
            • 12. - Lessons Learned
  • 13.
      What is an IT Performance Measurement System?
    • The use of measurement to determine and manage the performance of organizations against their goals
    • Challenges in performance measurement
      • Connection between improving high-level goals and software delivery strategy
      • 14. Set of measurements that best address the goals, development goals and delivery strategy
      • 15. Rolling out the right amount of measurement at the right level for the right audience
      • 16. Making data available to support decisions
    • Measured Capability Improvement (MCI) Supports performance measurement by providing a 3-tiered performance measurement system and the relationships between metrics in each tier
  • 17.
      MCI: Leverage a control framework to manage to expected business results
      Operational Level
      Practice Level
      Business Level
      Business Objectives
      Measures (Automatic Collection)
    Feedback Feedback Feedback
      Process Enactment / Governance Enforcement / Process Awareness (Jazz Platform or other non-Jazz-based products)
      Performance Measurement
      Control Metrics (Subjective) (Self-Check)
      Control Metrics (Objective) (Rational Insight ) Velocity, Backlog, Density Growth, SPI, CPI
      Value Metrics (Objective) (Rational Insight / Cognos) Cost, Revenue, Time-to-ROI, etc
      Operational Effectiveness Metrics (Objective) (Rational Insight) Productivity, Quality, Time-to-Value, etc.
      Process Definition / Practices (RMC)
      Operational Objectives
      Other Data Sources
  • 18.
      3-Tiered Performance Measurement
    • Business Level Metrics
      • Usage: Provide specific information that has impact on the business mission
      • 19. Audience: CxO
      • 20. Example: Revenue, Time-to-ROI, KPIs (specific to LOB)
    • Operational Level Metrics
      • Usage: Measure and manage improvements to development performance
      • 21. Audience: VP of development, Development Mgmt., Operations Mgmt.
      • 22. Example: Productivity measurements, Quality measurements, Time-to-Value measurements
    • Practice Level Metrics
      • Usage: 1) Demonstrate the level of adoption, 2) Track and monitor progress
      • 23. Audience: Project manager, team lead and team members
      • 24. Example: Iteration velocity, project backlog, defect density, growth chart, SPI, CPI
  • 25.
    • Performance Measurement
    • 26. IBM Rational Insight
    • 27. Insight at Caixa Econômica Federal
            • - Customer Profile
            • 28. - Problem Description
            • 29. - Proposed Solution
            • 30. - Solution Deployment
            • 31. - Architecture Overview
            • 32. - Reports Delivered
            • 33. - CAIXA Benefits
            • 34. - Next Steps
            • 35. - Lessons Learned
  • 36.
      Introducing Rational Insight
    • Automatic collection, measurement and analysis of real-time data for informed decision making
    • 37. Measures tailored and optimized by specific role providing relevant timely information
    • 38. Visibility into your data across projects, products, and geographical boundaries to monitor status and progress in a single view
    • 39. Continual process improvement with the adoption of best practice frameworks to assess, measure, and improve results.
  • 40.
      Cognos DataManager
      Cognos FrameworkManager
      ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
      Rational Data Warehouse
      Focal Point
      Rational Insight Architecture Overview
      MS Project
      HP Quality Cntr
      Web architecture to retrieve product data in XML (REST get)
      Project, Process and Portfolio Management
      Requirements Management
      Change and Release Management
      Quality Management
      Rational Insight Provide objective insight and transparent governance for software and systems delivery
      Enterprise Reporting Server (Cognos 8 BI Server)
      Project Manager
      Development Team Lead
      Release Manger
  • 41.
    • Performance Measurement
    • 42. IBM Rational Insight
    • 43. Insight at Caixa Econômica Federal
            • - Customer Profile
            • 44. - Problem Description
            • 45. - Proposed Solution
            • 46. - Solution Deployment
            • 47. - Architecture Overview
            • 48. - Reports Delivered
            • 49. - CAIXA Benefits
            • 50. - Next Steps
            • 51. - Lessons Learned
  • 52.
      Customer Profile
    • Largest public bank in Latin America *
    • 53. Customer base of 33.6 million people*
    • 54. More than 17,000 points of attendance in all 5,561 Brazilian cities *
    • 55. The bank in charge to support Brazilian Government social initiatives
    • Software development geographically distributed in three cities:
    • Development outsourced to 5 external software factories
    • 58. More then 900 applications
  • 59.
      Problem Description
    • It is difficult to understand the status of each development unit.
      • Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
    • Manual work to extract metrics from development units
      • Completion of worksheets to consolidate information from different systems
      • 60. Reports are always outdated – Offline Reports
    • Executives do not have enough visibility into development performance
      • They needed to create a comparison view between:
    • Metrics are required to support key business decisions
      • Investment/Enablement
    • Difficult to align IT KPIs and Corporate KPIs
    • Caixa need to have visibility about Software Factories productivity
      • Need to compare Software Factories results
  • 63.
      Proposed Solution
    • Use Rational Insight to provide executive dashboards and reports with consolidated performance information from development units/software factories/teams/projects.
    • 64. Initially we wanted to see the following metrics:
      • Total function points delivered
      • 65. Software factory payments
      • 66. Open x closed demands
      • 67. Demand backlog
      • 68. Production environment Incidents
    • Considering the following dimensions:
      • development area, software factory, system, department, date
    • It was necessary to get data from the following support systems:
      • SIGCP: An ASP/SQL Server application used to manage software factory contracts.
      • 69. SISOL: A ClearQuest workfow used to manage software development demands.
      • 70. Rational Team Concert
      Rational Insight
  • 71.
      Software Development Governance – Quick Wins
      Software Development Metrics Dashboard
      Installation and Configuration
      Metrics from SISOL (CQ) + SIGCP + TeamConcert
      Operational Support + Enablement
      11 Fev
      11 Mar
      11 Abr
      11 Mai
      11 Jun
      11 Dez
      11 Nov
      11 Out
      11 Set
      11 Ago
      11 Jul
      Architecture and Metrics Definition.Initial Customization
  • 72.
      Solution Deployment
    • Insight and Data Services Installation and setup
    • 73. SIGCP Live data reports
      • Reports Definition
      • 74. Reporting Metadata
      • 75. Reports Creation
    • SIGCP data warehouse reports
      • Dimensional modeling
      • 76. ETL Jobs
      • 77. Reports Creation
      1 week
      2 weeks
      6 weeks
  • 78.
      Solution Deployment
    • ClearQuest Connection
      • Dimensional Modeling
      • 79. ClearQuest data extraction customization
      • 80. Reports Creation
    • Rational Team Concert Connection
      • Dimensional Modeling
      • 81. TeamConcert data extraction customization
        • Custom fields
      • Reports Creation
    • Performance Tuning
      4 weeks
      4 week
      3 weeks
  • 82.
      CAIXA Performance Measurement View
    Caixa's measurement portal is here Caixa's measurement portal is here Caixa's measurement portal is here
  • 83.
      Architecture Overview
  • 84.
      Reports Delivered – Payment Dashboard
      Home Grown Application
    • Data Source
  • 85.
      Reports Delivered – Function Points Dashboard
      Home Grown Application
    • Data Source
  • 86.
      Reports Delivered – On-time delivery rate
      Home Grown Application
    • Data Source
  • 87.
      Reports Delivered – Business Demands Dashboard
  • 92.
      Reports Delivered – Comparing Development Units
      Home Grown Application
    • Data Source
  • 93.
      Reports Delivered – Software Development Tasks Dashboard
      RTC Data Source
  • 94.
      Reports Delivered – Incidents Dashboard
    • Customized RTC Data Source
  • 95.
      CAIXA Benefits
      CAIXA now has a set of dashboards and charts that provide a high level view of its software development organization performance, that includes:
      • Single point of access to the development metrics, KPIs and related reports.
      • 96. Consolidate data from all development areas that can be easily compared along the time.
      • 97. Automated data extraction eliminating the need of manual data collection and consolidation.
      • 98. Cross tool reporting, allowing the association of data extracted from different software development tools and administrative applications to provide valuable information.
      • 99. Measures aligned with IT KPIs and Corporate KPIs
      • 100. Data updated on daily basis
      • 101. Software Development Decision Making tool in many levels:
        • Business
        • 102. IT – Operational
        • 103. Software Development – Operational
        • 104. Project - Practices
  • 105.
      Next Steps
      There's more to come:
    • Implement CAIXA software development performance measurement system.
      • CAIXA has a list of about 30 key performance indicators that are going to be implemented using Rational Insight.
    • Connect Insight to Rational ClearCase to provide change management metrics;
    • 106. Connect Insight to Rational RequisitePro to provide requirement related metrics;
    • 107. Connect Insight to Operational Deployment Management Systems (IMPACT or RTC) to provide metrics about release promotion to production environment.
  • 108.
      Next Steps – Work in progress
      Project dashboard
    • RTC, SISOL(CQ), RequisitePro and ClearCase Data Source
  • 109.
      Lessons Learned
    1. Take some time to understand customer requirements and the data available from your data sources. It can be risky not giving it the right importance, this will save you of unnecessary rework.
      • Try to get Data Models from external data sources
    2. Do a quick st art with Live Data reports and then go to data warehouse reporting. 3. Test, test, test.
      • Working with a lot of data and calculations may be tricky and some mistakes may happen at some point in the report development process (ETL, metadata, report creation). It's very important that you spend some time testing the source data, the ETL jobs and the reports you create before publishing them.
    4. Understanding dimensional modeling concepts is very useful when customizing Rational Insight ETL Jobs and data model. It will help you with some basic tasks and avoid unnecessary changes in your model. There are some good books on this subject.
  • 110.
      Lessons Learned
    • Performance may become an issue.
      • Databases skills makes the difference here to do query performance analysis, index creation, etc.
      • 111. Some reports may not be need to run against the database every time the user access them, generally because their data is update weekly or daily. In those cases, for performance reasons, it may be better to use a static version of the report weekly or daily updated.
      • 112. Insight Architecture Optimization
        • Distribute some Cognos services between more then one server
          • content manager, report service, presentation service, etc...
        • Add HTTP Server (IIS) to the architecture
          • Reduce application server workload
          • 113. Enable static files compression
          • 114. Caching
        • Enable query parallel execution
        • 115. Increase BIBusTKServerMain.exe idleTimeLimitSec.
    • Unleash the labs team played a key role in our deployment to do the
      initial data extraction and report customization.
  • 116.
  • 117.
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  • 120.
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