How much money can I save every month by enrolling with PC
As little as t 1000 and as much as you want, can be s...
1. The scheme has been introduced by PC Jeweller Limited to facilitate the members to
make advance pay...
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PC Jeweller jewels for less - buy your dream jewellery in easy installments


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Jewel For Less is an incredible scheme by PC Jeweller that lets you plan your jewellery purchases in advance. PCJ helps you invest monthly to plan for a bigger purchase at the end of the term! We have so many special occasions in our life as daughter’s birthday, daughter’s marriage, marriage anniversary, sister’s or brother’s marriage or any other auspicious occasions that can be treasured much more with Jewel For Less scheme.
With towering jewellery prices paired with hard run for money, JFL Scheme comes with a breath of fresh air and relief. We not only make it easy for you to buy jewellery, but we also, as a gesture of our love, pay the last two payments of the plan. JFL scheme starts from investment of Rs. 1000/- onwards to Rs. 20,000/- as it varies form (12+2) easy payments. Suppose you choose scheme worth Rs. 2000/- per month, after 12 months when your plan matures, your total will be 24,000/- and adding last two reward points from us will make it Rs. 28,000. Towards the end of the plan

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PC Jeweller jewels for less - buy your dream jewellery in easy installments

  1. 1. How much money can I save every month by enrolling with PC Jeweller? As little as t 1000 and as much as you want, can be saved in monthly installments. The amount has to be in multiples of 1000, like 2000, 3000, etc. And you can opt for an 'Annual Plan (12 month installments)At the end of the scheme period, pick up any PC Jeweller gold and diamond jewellery of your choice worth the amounts mentioned in the table. How and when do I paythe installments? Payments of Monthly installments should be made on or before the installment date fixed. Example: lf you become a member on 1"' January your next deposit will be on 1"' February and thereaftereverymonth as pertheAnnual Plan. What happens if I miss afew installments? lf you delay a few installments, the maturity date of your plan gets extended accordingly. For example, if you have already given 5 installments (Jan, Feb, March, April, May)and then you don't pay any installments for 3 months (June, July, August) but wish to continue the scheme, you can do so. However, your maturity date will get postponed by three months from JanuarytoApril. What if I want to discontinue the scheme? You can discontinue the scheme anytime. You will get the jewellery of paid amount any time. No cash will be refunded. What can I buywhen my scheme matures? You can buy any jewellery from our gold and diamond collections. You can buy jewellery for a higher amount also. For example, if your amount on maturity is t '14,000/- you can buy worth 25,OOO/- by paying '11,000/- more and get the jewellery of your choice. However, the scheme doesn't apply to pure gold and srlver coins. Buying will be at the prevailing gold rate with the usual making charges and that of raw gold. Are there any other advantages with 'Jewels for Less'? 'Jewels for Less' will organize special events for its members. What are the additional benefits of saving with 'Jewels for Less'? . Your savings fetch you better returns than the other savings on options r We have been jeweller for generations, and your investment is safe with us . You can use this to plan your jewellery purchases in advance . You can buy l OO% Hallmarked gold jewellery and certified diamond jewellery from us, even if you don't have the wealth allat onetime . You can select any of our jewellery as there is no buying restriction . You can buy at the prevailing gold and diamond rate and making charges asthere ts no price restriction . We have the largest collection of jewellery, be ii bangles, sets, rings in all genres of jewellery. The entire collection is Halimarked and cedified . So, get ieady as this exciting offer can make you have the gold and diamonds you always wantedl
  2. 2. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. The scheme has been introduced by PC Jeweller Limited to facilitate the members to make advance payment through installments and get added benefits at the time of purchase on duedate. This Scheme isfor 12 monthsonly. 2. To join the scheme, one has to submit the duly filled application form along with two passportsize photographs in the concerned showoom. 3. The scheme is open to all lndian citizens having age 18yrs or more. For minors, parents can enroll on their behalf. Accounts can be opened online on approaching ourwebsite. 4. The amount of installments has to be in multiples of Rs. 1000 and there is no limit for maximum amount. 5. Payments of Monthly installments should be made on or before the installment date lixed. The monthly installment can be paid by Cash, Cheques & Debit Cards. The installments canbealso paidonlinethroughourwebsite. Anyfailureinlhisregardwillbeconsideredas a defaultforthat particular month. Cheque paymentswill be effective subjectto realization. Charges for bounced cheques should be paid by member The proper receipt shall be issuedby PC JewellerLimited against paymentsreceived.Customerwillpreservethe receipts and required lo be produced atthetimeofbuyingjewellery. 6. Member should ensure that all payments made by them are conectly entered in the passbook and any discrepancy should be immediately brought to the notice of the managementand got rectified immediately. 7. On completion of successful payment of the amount in 12 installments on due dates & completion ofone month afterdue date/after paymentoflastinstallmenlwhichever is later, the member is entitled to added benefits on purchase. The purchases ofjewellery can be madefrom anyof ourshowrooms. 8. lf a few installments are delayed, the maturity date of plan gets delayed accordingly. For example, if the member have already given 5 installments (Jan, Feb, March, April, may) if there are installments in anean for 3 months (June, July, Aug) and if member wishes to continue the scheme , he/she can do so. However the maturity date will get postponed by lhree monthsfiom Jan toApril. 9. lfthememberdiscontinuelhemonthlyinstallments orsubmitforprematureterminationthe added benifitwill notbeapplicable. ln such eventofprematuretermination the membercan purchase gold/diamond jewellery equal to the accumulated paid amount. Under the scheme VAT, making charges and othergovemment regulation will be applicable as on ihe dateofpurchase. Cash shall notbe refunded in anycase. 10. The company's yetum policy of cash payment if the jewellery is retumed within 7 days will notbeapplicabletothejewellerypurchasedunderthe present Scheme. 11. The membershall be required to deposit all receipts of installment paid with the passbook atthe time of redeeming thescheme & purchasing jewellery. 12. Either goldldiamond jewellery can be purchased under the scheme as there is no buying reshiction. Membercan buyjewelleryforhigheramountalso. Forexample, ifthe amounton matudty is Rs. 14000 the member can buyjewellery worth Rs.250001 by paying additional amount ofRs. 1'l 0001 13. The price of jewellery shall be charged on the actual mte at the time 0f delivery and not on the date ofsubscription into the scheme. 14. 0nlythe memberwould beable to redeem and buythe jewelleryunderthe scheme. '15. This scheme is applicable only for gold/diamond Jewellery purchases & not applicable for pure gold, silver&coins. 16. The Company reserves the right to admission to the scheme. 17 . The Company reserves the right to withdraw, modify or alter the scheme without any prior notice. '18. Any conditions which are not explicitly covered would be at the sold discretion of the company. The decision ofthe company in this regard will be final. 19. ln case passbook is lost the duplicate will be issued on submission ofindemnity bond as per the satisfactidn ofthe Company. 20. This scheme is nottransferable. 21. JFLScheme Holders are not eligible to avail discount/ offers. 22. For payment of installment through crediVdebit cards additional 2% would be recovered. 23. All the disputes in respect ofthe present Scheme are subject to exclusive Jurisdiction ofthe Delhimurts only. ffiPCJeweller 0nline shopping also available at 30 days money back guarantee ior online shoppers. 1 00% Hallmarked Gold, Kundan & Polki Jewellery, E GIE Certified Diamond Jewellery 2640I264.VAD00ARA IIB,AiIANDNAGARS0CIETY.JFIALPURR0AD.0265-2330404 info@pcjewellercom