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Arkios Italy Company Presentation - Jan. 2014



Arkios Italy is an M&A Independent Advisory Firm specialized in providing assistance to its customers in respect of M&A Transactions and Capital Collection, mainly for Small-Medium Enterprises.

Arkios Italy is an M&A Independent Advisory Firm specialized in providing assistance to its customers in respect of M&A Transactions and Capital Collection, mainly for Small-Medium Enterprises.

Born to support Italian Small and Medium (SME) size companies seeking investors and raising equity capital.

Strongly focused on the ‘Industrial & Business’ part of the deal and with high knowledge of Financial strategy

Our Partners has a consolidated know-how in M&A Deals, Corporate Finance, raising of Equity Capital, Extraordinary Financial Operations and Strategic Consultancy, other than in administration and legal assistance.

Arkios Italy is part of the Network of Arkios Ltd, a Member of the London Stock Exchange, with 14 offices worldwide, including branches and partners in: Italy, UK, Germany, EAU, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, United States, Canada, Israel, Australia and China



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Arkios Italy Company Presentation - Jan. 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Arkios Where Finance meets Corporate Strategy Milan, London Zurich, Houston, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Melbourne
  • 2. Industry Focused, Trusted & Independent Arkios Italy is an M&A Independent Advisor boutique specialised in providing M&A advisory services, strategy consultancy and raising capital to middle-size companies With distinctive competencies in corporate finance and strategic consultancy Partner of Arkios Ltd. network, member of the London Stock Exchange and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  • 3. Table of Contents 1. Arkios Italy 2. Track Record 3. About Us 4. Management Team 5. Why an Advisor – His Role Arkios Italy
  • 4. 1. Arkios Italy
  • 5. 1. Arkios Italy Arkios Italy is part of the Network of Arkios Ltd, a Member of the London Stock Exchange Arkios Italy is an Independent Advisory Firm specialized in providing Consultancy services for M&A operations Born to support Italian Small and Medium (SME) size companies for seeking investors and raising equity capital. Strongly focused on the ‘industrial’ aspects of the deal and with high knowledge of Financial strategy Arkios Italy is an Independent Advisory Firm and Management Consulting Boutique, specialized in providing M&A Advisory services, strategy consultancy and Raising Capital to Medium-Size companies. Arkios Italy works as Advisor both on the “Buy-side” and the “Sell-side”. Arkios Italy acts as ‘preferred’ and with long term relationships with the main P.E. Funds operating with small and medium enterprises, both Italian and International. Our focus is to give full corporate advice to small and medium enterprises, listed and not listed, developing strategies to get the most value from deals. Our Partners has a consolidated know-how in M&A deals, Corporate Finance, raising of equity capital, extraordinary financial operations and strategic consultancy, other than in administration and legal assistance. Arkios Italy works in collaboration with Professors of Milan Polytechnic University, and MIP (Milan Polytechnic School of Management). Arkios Italy is part of the Network which includes 14 branches and partners in: Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, United States, Canada, Israel, Australia , China and UAE Arkios Italy
  • 6. 1. Arkios Italy Our Offices Arkios can boast a strong international presence, with a network of offices in 13 countries, in Europe, Asia and America. Stockholm; Amsterdam, Brussels Zurich London • • • • • • • • • • • • • Milan London Zurich Houston Tel Aviv Berlin Shanghai Singapore Stockholm Amsterdam Brussels Melbourne Dubai Berlin Milan Shanghai Houston Tel Aviv Singapore Dubai Melbourne Arkios Italy
  • 7. 1. Arkios Italy M&A: focus on the ‘industrial & Business’ value of the Customer • Arkios Italy pays a great attention o research and selection of Financial Investors (Private Equity Funds, Investment Holding) and Industrial Investors (Industrial players with synergies, Multinationals, etc.) to the industrial value and uniqueness of Full assistance, structuring of M&A operations, such as research of Investors, Buyers, JVs. • Development of strategy in seeking Investors for Acquisition of Target. o Development – together with Customers- of an effective and real strategy of M&A. Definition of how to maximize the enterprise value and how to structure of the operation, focusing on an adequate M&A strategy. their Costumers. Arkios Italy • Identification of Investors/Acquirers and Targets – Company Valuation • Presentation to Investors, Business Due Diligence and Business Plan development understands, creates, shows and communicates to o Creation and prearrangement of all the information which are necessary to support the deal o Economic, Financial, Strategic analysis, with market positioning analysis and a sound business plan definition o Identification of the Investment Rationales and strengths & weaknesses of the operation selected investors the structure of the Operation in order • to maximize the o Constant support during the whole negotiation process by coordinating with the external due diligence. Legal, Fiscal, Administrative consultants are coordinating among them. value: for the company and the entrepreneur. Support to the Negotiation, Accounting Due Diligence, Legal Support, Tax Planning • Management of Financial Crisis phases, integration of a M&A strategy with the Bankruptcy o Strategy definition, which complements the research of an Investor with the management of a bankruptcy proceeding Arkios Italy
  • 8. 1. Track Record Arkios Italy – Accomplished Transactions Jul-2013 Feb-2013 Feb-2013 Nov-2012 Jul-2012 Dec-2012 Oct-2012 Sep-2012 Sep-2012 Mar-2011 Apr-2010 Nov-2009 Jul-2009 2009-2008 Jun-2009 Jun-2009 Arkios Italy
  • 9. 1. Arkios Italy Track Record of the Team- Some Examples Arkios Partners have a consolidated experience in M&A and financial operations. They have assisted and closed Large Deals either for small and medium size enterprises or for Top Groups which are listed on the Stock Exchange. We are characterized for our particular attention to the industrial value of (financial) operations, a strong human relationships and the deep understanding of the strategic goals of the firm and Customers’ needs. Arkios Italy
  • 10. 1. Arkios Italy Financial Distress Management– Debt Restructuring: Role of an M&A Advisor and Arkios Italy’s key competencies • More and more companies have to face corporate crisis situations, due to an excessively high level of bank debt. • Despite a great «industrial» value, such companies risk to enter in situations of financial shortage and insolvency. . • The Bankruptcy Law Reform of September 2012 has introduced new and efficient tools allowing the exit from the crisis and relaunch of the Company, the so-called Concordato. • The role of an M&A Advisor is fundamental to raise new financial resources, necessary for the relaunch. Arkios Italy
  • 11. 1. Arkios Italy Internationalization to US: We believe that entering in the US Market can leverage the Value of a Company, facilitating the raise from Financial Investors, especially in United States Arkios offer an unique service to Italian SMEs to enter in the US Market with our US Partners, in NYC, Chicago and Detroit. An exclusive partnership with the two Leading American Partners working on this field land the Best International Attorneys. Arkios Branded Service Campaign Directly in United States Arkios offer an Tailored on the specific needs Arkios offer an With a Strategic & Financial Approach Arkios offer an «Hands On» Arkios offer an Backed by the necessary Financial Resources Arkios offer an Arkios Italy * Title of a Famous ’50 Italian Song
  • 12. 2. Track Record
  • 13. 2. Track Record Arkios Italy – Accomplished Transactions Jul-2013 Feb-2013 Feb-2013 Nov-2012 Jul-2012 Dec-2012 Oct-2012 Sep-2012 Sep-2012 Mar-2011 Apr-2010 Nov-2009 Jul-2009 2009-2008 Jun-2009 Jun-2009 Arkios Italy
  • 14. 2. Track Record Arkios Italy Arkios as Advisor of Doctor Dentist Arkios Italy Eurasia – leader in the distribution of accessories for auto/kids In procedure of Debt Restructuring Arkios as Advisor for the Debt Restructuring Everlight - multinational in the Lighting sector - has acquired 100% stake of Ghidini Lighitng, historic company in the outdoor lighting sector 100% sale of Bordi, historic company in the PreFormed Flexible Packaging (2011 = € 8 mio), to Wipak Group – Packaging Division of the multinational Wihuri Oy (2011 = € 1.7 bln) Arkios Advisor for the Buyer Arkios Advisor of Bordi S.r.l.
  • 15. 2. Track Record Arkios Italy Everlight - lighting multinational – has acquired 100% of Lucitalia, historic Decorative lighting company Palladio Finanziaria has underwritten a Capital increase for the Development in Group, Management of penny arcades 100% sale of Animal – ID, a business branch of Demaplast, to the Swiss multinational Datamars S.A. Quadrivio has underwritten a Capital increase for the development in Bimbo Store, a retail chain specialised in early childhood Arkios Advisor of the Buyer Arkios as Advisor of Real Games Arkios Advisor of Demaplast S.r.l. Arkios as Advisor of BimboStore Arkios Italy
  • 16. 2. Track Record Arkios Italy Joint-Venture between CAP Divisione Servizi Infrastrutturali and VAR Group through cross partecipation of 5% Arkios as Advisor of CAP Arkios Italy Equilybra Capital Partner has acquired 20% in PSM - Advertising – New Media (2010 = €12 M) with investment of € 4 M. 1 sui Motori is today listed on AIM Arkios as Advisor of 1st SuiMotori S.p.A Sale of 70% (30% later) of Grattarola to a Private Investor Capital Increase for the development by a group of investors in Cantiere Navale Blu Martin Arkios as Advisor of Grattarola S.p.A. Arkios as Advisor for the parties
  • 17. 2. Track Record Arkios Italy Acquisition of Petroli Rizzi Petroli company and coast deposits in Boffalora and Pisa by Goil Arkios a Advisor to the Buyer Arkios Italy Arkios Advisor to the Buyer 100% acquisition of the specialized Publishing House 100% acquisition of the historic brand of parfums Arkios as Advisor for the Buyer Arkios as Advisor for Buyer
  • 18. 2. Track Record Management Team Arkios (1/2) Arkios Italy
  • 19. 2. Track Record Management Team Arkios –(2/2) Arkios Italy
  • 20. 2. Track Record Management Team Arkios – IPO 4,000,000 Shares Initial Public Offer on Expandi Initial Public Offer on MTA Initial Public Offer on MTA Initial Public Offer on MTA Global Coordinator and Listing Partner 2008 Financial advisor and Sponsor 2006 Arkios Italy 14,889,000 Shares Initial Public Offer on MTA Financial advisor Financial advisor and Sponsor 2004v Global Coordinator and Sponsor 2002 2001
  • 21. 3. About Us
  • 22. 3. About Us… Sole24ore - Bimbo Store Finanza & Diritto - Bimbo Store Corriere Sera - Bimbo Store Arkios Italy MF - Bimbo Store Libero- Bimbo Store Sole24Ore Finanza & Diritto – Video Interview to Paolo Cirani Il Mondo - Bimbo Store
  • 23. 3. About Us… La Libertà – Bordi/Wipak European Plastic News –Bordi/Wipak Arkios Italy La Libertà – Bordi/Wipak Polimerica –Bordi/Wipak Finanza & Diritto – Bordi/Wipak Packaging Europe–Bordi/Wipak Wipak – Press Release
  • 24. 3. About Us… La Libertà- Demaplast Finanza & Diritto – CAP-Var Group Arkios Italy Finanza & Diritto - Demaplast Finanza & Diritto – Lucitalia Press Release - Demaplast Milano Finanza Demaplast Giornale di Lecco - Grattarola Giornale di Brescia - Ghidini
  • 25. 4. Management Team
  • 26. 4. The Team TEAM ARKIOS ITALY • Paolo Pescetto – President • Paolo Cirani – CEO • Alberto Della Ricca – Partner • Monica Barzaghi – Sr. Principal • Andrea Orsi – Relationship Manager • Andrea Rossotti – CFO & Manager • Federico Scaravelli – Manager • Hong Hong – Analyst • Sara Zappa – Analyst • Panayiotis Hadjiandrea - Principal • Giorgio Trevisan – Customer Developer • Manlio Pallo – Customer Developer Arkios Italy
  • 27. 4. Management Team Paolo Pescetto Paolo Pescetto President & Founder University Professor of Business Strategy at MIP (Milan Polytechnic School of Management) and Genoa University. More than 15 years of experience in Strategy Consulting, mainly with The Boston Consulting Group and with Value Partners (Italian spin-off of McKinsey), with a consolidated experience in Private Equity. Assisted to several deals, acting on behalf of the major Italian and European Private equity Funds. Among them the acquisition of MAC (value of the operation € 130 mln), Castaldi Illuminazione (€ 22 mln), Audionova (€ 18 mln). Exclusive advisor for Evolution Investments S.p.A, a Milan based luxury holding with investments in France and Italy. Previously CEO of a medium size firm, he has been working along with Entrepreneurs, supporting them during the most important strategic choices, from the research of investors/partners to the achievement of complex corporate operations. Paolo has a solid experience in corporate deals, and he deals with – for many SME – restructurings aimed at searching investors and to maximise the enterprise value for the Owners. Graduated in Business Economics at Bocconi University, he also works as Chartered Accountant and Auditor, being auditor at important enterprises. Arkios Italy
  • 28. 4. Management Team Paolo Cirani Paolo Cirani C.E.O. & Founder Paolo boasts more than 10 years experience in Strategic Consulting (Gemini Consulting e Ernst & Young), and he has subsequently covered relevant management roles in different Groups, as Business Development manager. On behalf of Seat Pagine Gialle Group (PG.MI), with the task of developing and relaunching the Direct Marketing Division, dealt with the acquisition of the listed Consodata S.A. (now belonging to the Acxiom Corporation: NASDAQ: ACXM – value of the operation € 450 million), and the acquisition of several other companies. He assisted to several M&A operations, either within the Seat PG Group, or as Advisor of several Private Equity Funds. This from acquisition, selection of targets, due diligence management, until negotiation and conclusion of deals He also covered the CEO role of a service company He has been working along with entrepreneurs for years, supporting them during the most important strategic choices, from the research of investors/partners to complex corporate operations. He is particular mindful of Entrepreneurs’ needs and the ‘industrial value’ of the operations. Business Degree, studied in Italy and Netherlands. Arkios Italy
  • 29. 4. Management Team Alberto Della Ricca Alberto Della Ricca Partner Alberto is Arkios Italy Partner since 2010 and Associate since 2011. Previously he worked for 10 years at Interbanca, the Investment Bank of the Banca Antoveneta Group (former ABN Amro), where he took part of many Corporate Finance operations, among which IPO of Acegas (a multi-utility company in Trieste), Banca Antoveneta, Sorin (medical tecnologies) and TerniEnergia (renewable energy), as well as operations of capital increase of some public companies: Banca Antoveneta, Fin.part (luxury holding), Intek (financial holding), Snia (chemical sector) and Tecnodiffusione (IT products) In these years he has assisted several companies, like SicurGlobal (private vigilance), Retelit (TLC operator) in particular attempting to acquire Metroweb (the optical fibre network in Milan, during the era of AEM’ ownership), Valvitalia (oil&gas systems), LPE (microelectronics industry), Volare Group (airways company) and Olidata (IT products). He had some experiences at Banca Agricola Milanese (BPM Group), and Gestnord Intermediazione SIM. Alberto is graduated in Business Management at Bocconi University, with major in Corporate Finance. Arkios Italy
  • 30. 4. Management Team Monica Barzaghi Monica Barzaghi Senior Principal Monica has a more than 20-year long experience in main International Business Audit and Consultancy Firms (Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young) where she developed specific knowledge in the Banking and Finance sector, providing services to banks and financial firms members of listed Groups (Mediobanca., Intesa SanPaolo Banking Group, MPS Banking Group, Société Générale S.A.), with particular emphasis to the identification and management of operating criticalities and to the valuation and manament of risks connected to the realization of strategic plans and extraordinary deals, like the merger between Intesa and SanPaolo, and the merger between Italian Investment Managing Companies (SGR) and some Investment Funds of Monte Paschi di Siena Bank. She developed abilities in analysis and management of business plans, dedicated to Reorganization and Debt Restructuring, in view of examination and revision in the Credit Area of banks and financial institutions, as well as competencies in corporate governance and internal controlo and the relating compliance with Law, and advisory in projects of converions to International Accounting Standards IAS/IFRS. She took part also to round table of ASSIREVI, dedicated to the preparation of reseach documents for Audit Standards. In addition, she covered the role of Investor Relator (Mediaset S.p.A.) for the most important Italian Media Company Graduated in Economics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, her Curriculum Vitae is certified and included among the Excelent CVs of the Fondazione Bellisario. She is also an Chartered Accountant, Auditor and Statutory Auditor in some Companies. Arkios Italy
  • 31. 4. Management Team Andrea Orsi – Andrea Rossotti Andrea Orsi Relationship Manager Graduated in Business Economics at Piacenza University, he has a long and attested experience as Relationship Manager. He attended a Master in Business Administration at MIP and different courses with AIFI. Since 2009 he is the Relationship Manager of Arkios Italy, in coordinating a group of agent. In 2011 he became an associate of Arkios Italy. 1.Management Team Andrea Rossotti Graduated in Engineering & Management at Genova University, he attended M&A and Project Financing Andrea Orsi at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. Manager Master Advisor for Andrea Rossotti the holding Evolution Investments SpA in the acquisition of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Brand, as well as for the company Parfums et Sillages SA, of which he was also the General Manager. He covered the CFO role at Italia-Mobile company of Resi Informatica Group, and CEO role of the subsidiary Nomad Solutions, a start-up in the TLC sector. Andrea has a consolidated competence in Financial Analysis, Business Analysis and Financial Modeling. He boasts a significant experience in Italian SMEs, thanks to some experiences in corporate restructuring and turnaround operations. In 2011 he became an associate of Arkios Italy. Arkios Italy
  • 32. 4. Management Team Panayiotis Hadjiandrea – Federico Scaravelli - Hong Hong – Sara Zappa Panayiotis Hadjiandrea Principal Federico Scaravelli Panayiotis, after 5 years in Auditing at KPMG, has gained a significant experience as Manager and CEO of SMEs, like Vancini SpA, D&B Impianti (Gruppo DEMONT SpA), Grand Soleil, with a long experience as expert of Management Audit, Valuation and Restructuring of Companies, Financial Controller, Auditing. Management Engineering at Polytechnic Milan, he covers the role of Manager in Financial and Business Analysis and Financial Modeling. Manager Hong Hong Analyst Graduate in Master of Science in Finance at Bocconi University, she covers the role of Analyst in Financial and Business Analysis and Financial Modeling. Born in China and Chinese speaking, she studied in Italy and Canada. Sara Zappa Analyst Graduate in Master of Science in Finance at Cattolica University, she covers the role of Analyst in Financial and Business Analysis and Financial Modeling. Arkios Italy
  • 33. 4. Management Team Giorgio Trevisan - Manlio Pallo Giorgio Trevisan Customer developer Giorgio has been working for 25 years in Interbanca SpA, where he covered the role of Credit Analyst and Business Unit manager. Thanks to this, he has gained precious experience in the creditworthiness and the company risk valuation. He has achieved excellent results in commercial terms, acquiring and consolidating brilliant relationship with clients for whom he carries out a qualified activity of consultancy and development of instruments proper for any need of a company. Therefore, he has consolidated constant relationship with entrepreneurs and their CFOs, directors of credit institutions and accountants. Manlio Pallo Customer developer After various work experiences (co-owner of sales company, professional pilot) he worked in Allianz Bank first and then in Lloyd Adriatico as financial promoter. He created a credit intermediation company by developing cooperation with bank groups, leasing and financial companies. From 2012 he works in Arkios in order to develop customer relationships with SMEs in the provinces of Cuneo and Turin Arkios Italy
  • 34. 5. Why an Advisor
  • 35. 5. Why an Advisor Why to open the capital to third parties The company is a In order to grow in a well-balanced way • To find a partner who supports the company in its growth process, to reach those goals that the entrepreneur alone would not be able to reach, or by appealing the banking system that is less and less supporting the growth. an • To improve the quality, by entering the capital market, in order to move to a next (and obliged) step of the company life. decides to open the • To organize the company, in pursuing growth and success in international markets, by making it more managerial, instead of fighting every day with credit institutions. complex, living and in continuing evolution reality. When entrepreneur capital to other partners (industrial or financial) a new extraordinary In order to face with more serenity an uncertain future, which will be even more uncertain • In phases of “generation change” broadly speaking, when the Entrepreneur, in a world in continuing evolution – considers that it could be interesting in valuating synergies and Industrial partners as alternative to an uncertain future. • phase starts in its In order to handle phases of undelayable financial crisis, entering in growing realities (international and not) which could relieve a company and personal situation without an exit otherwise. Creating more value of what the Entrepreneur has created until now. life. Arkios Italy
  • 36. 5. Why an Advisor Unique competencies in the service of the Entrepreneur Understanding motivations, defining the deal type, coherent with pursued purposes, identifying features of people proper to be investors, defining the way to involve the management in the project, identifying the suitable moment in which start/execute the deal, preparing all the necessary documentation in order to allow investors to examine the opportunity, prefiguring a correct scenario of expectations on market terms and conditions for the deal… “Why should I address to an Advisor? Who knows better than me the sector in which I work? Does it make sense to spend money when you can do the same job by yourself, if anything addressing your own accountant or lawyer?” Actually, specific and highly specialized and professional competencies are required, in business analysis, technicalities of analysis and company valuation, negotiation abilities, and interaction capability with competent counterparties as well, in addition to competencies in terms of company management, law and taxations, as well as abilities of connection and availability of a contact network at national and global level, in order to maximize the opportunity in identifying possible counterparties interested in the deal. The entire process is conducted by playing a close team play in which, together with the Advisor, other different experts are involved, e.g. accountant, fiscal advisor, legal advisor, experts in due diligence, etc. The Advisor must therefore be able to play the role of director, coordinating all the resources. …and much more. Arkios Italy
  • 37. 5. Arkios Italy The Role and Support of an Advisor CLIENT Arkios Italy
  • 38. 5. The process (1/3) From the preparation of documents to the preliminary interests • Meetings with Shareholders/Management in order to know: 1. Company; 2. Market; 3. Positioning; 4. Economic/Financial Situation; 5. Key Investment Documents preparation • Blind Profile (short document which shows Company/Market/Positioning of the Target Company and the Investment Rationale Contacts with possible Investors • Preparation of Investor List (Analysis of market, competitors, discussion with Shareholders -> around 30 Industrial Players, around 5/7 Funds) • Sending Blind Profile to Investors -> Contacts/Mails/Calls with possible investors for preliminary poll c.a. 60-50% of them reply that they could be interested and request more information Preliminary interests Arkios Italy • Request of NDA to Investors (Confidentiality of data) & Acceptance of NDA • Sending of Teaser (more detailed document with more relevant information)
  • 39. 5. The process (2/3) From the preliminary interests to the acceptance of one or more Letters of Intent Preliminary manifestazioni di interest interesse • Request of NDA to Investors (Confidentiality of data) & Acceptance of NDA • Sending of Teaser (more detailed document with more information) Interest Confirmation (c.a. 60-50%) • BUSINESS DUE DILIGENCE: • Investor starts full analysis on Target – Advisor answers to all his requests Business Due Diligence • • • • • Sector/Market Analysis Company Analysis: positioning, Economic/Financial Data, Strengthness/weaknesses Competition Analysis Business Plan: adequacy, sensitivity analysis, projections, basic hypotheses, etc.. Others… • Several meetings between Potential Investor and Entrepreneur • NEGOTIATION Advisor starts indicating to Investor the perimeter of the Deal (valuation, control, etc… ) and “negotiating” Request of LOI Arkios Italy • LOI (Letter of Intent) -> at the END, ADVISOR REQUESTS THE LOI, which confirms what is stated/written between Investor-Advisor-Entrepreneur in a document (pre-contract)
  • 40. 5. The Process (3/3) From the choice of the Investor to the contracts signing • Advisor (and Entrepreneur) receive the LOI (usually at least 3) LOI acceptance • Valuation, Operation Structuring, Timing, Governance, etc. [«preliminary»] • Advisor and Entrepreneur value all pros and cons of each LOI Choice of Investor • LOI ADJUSTMENT = NEGOTIATION!! • In function of several parameters Entrepreneur accepts a LOI and an exclusivity period • DUE DILIGENCE Accounting/Fiscal/Legal by the Investor 1. Arkios Italy handles all the Due Diligence procedure, (24h/24, with stable presence of an expert Senior Analyst in order to “counterbalance” the auditors 2. Due Diligence • Questions to the Entrepreneur’s consultants (Accountant; Fiscal expert, Lawyer) 3. 4. Writing of contracts Arkios Italy Coordinates and gather all documentation Data Room management: No accounting/fiscal/legal document is delivered before to be controlled by Arkios! End Due Diligence: possible NEGOTIATION on different elements • Support of Advisor in the writing of contracts (agreements, SPA, shareholders agreements, Financing contracts, warranties and mechanisms, etc…) • TRANSACTION CLOSING
  • 41. Contacts Arkios Italy For Further Information: Paolo Pescetto President + 39-334.66.54.116 Paolo Cirani C.E.O. + 39-335.68.40.737 Alberto Della Ricca Partner + 39-347.22.03.181 Monica Barzaghi Senior Principal +39 335.12.29.146 Arkios Italy Andrea Orsi Partner- Relationship Manager + 39-338.35.62.005