Pc health advisor review


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Pc health advisor review

  1. 1. PC Health Advisor Overview:<br />19050142240PC Health Advisor begins off with a thorough program scan. Results are given in terms of Privacy Files, Malware Processes, Startup Processes, Energetic Processes, and Registry Issues. You are then given the choice to resolve any or all of the issues that have been noted by the program. For instance, choosing to clean the registry will have PC Health Advisor get rid of the excess registry entries that it discovered. Optimizing Startup Processes is definitely a simple way to stop applications from loading throughout the boot phase of your pc - among the greatest leads to of a slow startup.<br />PC Health Advisor has numerous tools to help you get your pc in tip-top shape:<br /><ul><li>Complete System Scan - scan and get rid of excess registry entries and temporary internet files, also as malware
  2. 2. Registry Cleaner - clean up your computer's registry
  3. 3. Malware Detection - detects and removes any active malware processes operating inside your computer
  4. 4. Energetic Procedure Manager - review the processes that are running on your program
  5. 5. Startup Supervisor - effortlessly handle applications that load throughout bootup & speed up boot time
  6. 6. Browser Helper Object (BHO) Supervisor - handle and disable browser helpers such as toolbars
  7. 7. Privacy Scan - Effortlessly get rid of sensitive files such as temporary internet files and visited URLs </li></ul>190503810 Download PC Health Advisor<br />Interface and Documentation:<br />PC Health Advisor has a very clean and easy to understand interface, and you'll be able to quickly figure out how to use the software.<br />There is also a good help document included that explains all the functions and how to use them. This is helpful for people who may not be as computer savvy and won't know what everything is at first glance.<br />Pros:<br /><ul><li>Good, easy to read interface
  8. 8. Easy to use
  9. 9. Good documentation
  10. 10. Malware detective
  11. 11. ParetoLogic's customer service reputation
  12. 12. Money back satisfaction guarantee</li></ul>Cons:<br /><ul><li>Advanced computer users might find it too simplistic
  13. 13. Scan slightly slower than other comparable applications
  14. 14. Not as customizable as we'd like to see</li></ul>Why Does My Computer Slow Down?<br />It's rather nicely known that the Windows operating program tends to slow down over time as people use their computers dynamically. This means that they are adding and removing software and files. Even using certain software applications, such as web browsers, contributes to the clutter of your pc thanks to their default settings to store short-term web files and other similar data.<br />Download PC Health Advisor<br />Another thing that can slow down your computer or give it problems is the registry, which is a database of preference, settings, and permissions files. Sometimes the registry gets cluttered with excess files and folders. PC Health Advisor includes a registry cleaning tool that will allow you to remove these numerous extra registry entries.<br />In Conclusion:<br />When we tested PC Health Advisor on our test PC (an IBM Lenovo laptop running Windows XP Pro) we found it to work very nicely. Most noticeably it speeded up the boot time from the pc. It now starts up quite fast. The registry cleaner was not overzealous like some cleaners can be, safely removing around 64 entries. We also used the startup manager feature to assist stop a few applications from loading during the boot sequence.<br />We were actually pretty impressed with the outcomes of running PC Health Advisor. If you're looking to get some more use out of an old computer, or simply want to keep your pc clean and tidy, this program is a great choice.<br />Download PC Health Advisor<br />