Lcty (Get Social) 2011 Keynote Pc March 2011


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IBM Social Business Roadshow in South Africa March 2011 Keynote delivered by Pam Chandor

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Lcty (Get Social) 2011 Keynote Pc March 2011

  1. 1. Disclaimer:  Inform ation regarding potential future products is intended tooutline our general product direction and it should not be reliedon in m aking a purchasing decision. The information mentionedregarding potent ial future products is not a comm itm ent , promise,or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or funct ionality.Inform ation about potential future products may not beincorporated into any contract. The development, release, andtim ing of any future features or functionality described for ourproducts remains at our sole discretion.
  2. 2. Get Social. D o B us ines s . Pam Chandor | Global Director Social Business & Web Experience March 2011
  3. 3. Agenda• Why Social Business?• Tenets of a Social Business• Business Successes• Technology Behind Social Business• Helping You Get There
  4. 4. The world is changing, and becoming more… Instrumented Smartphone shipments will outpace PCs by 2012 Interconnected Social networking accounts for 22% of all online time Intelligent The social data analytics opportunity will grow to 1 Zettabyte by 2011
  5. 5. A Social Media Revolution
  6. 6. The world is changingOf nearly 1700 executives surveyed by McKinsey 74% integrating Web 2.0 with customer interaction 75% integrating Web 2.0 into employee day-to-day activities 71% integrating Web 2.0 with partner/supplier interaction Policy ? Integration Adoption
  7. 7. An organization’s business network is a system ofpeople that is fundamentally changing from the ground up... Employees: are using social media in all facets of their lives, including work Customers: are leading the conversations that define brands Competitors: are crowd-sourcing ideas to bring new solutions to market
  8. 8. ...demanding a new approach Analytics Systems Thinking CollaborationHelp clients turn data into Need to acknowledge that Clients can use social softwareinformation and information complexity comes from to get closer to their customers,into insight that drives interconnected systems – a but must also transformsmarter business system of systems internally, to socialdecisions businesses
  9. 9. Social Business On a smarter planet, people are transforming the way they interact... and this transformation is impacting the way business is being doneWhy Social Business matters...95% of standout Standout organizationsorganizations will focus are 57% more likely tomore on “getting closer to allow their people to usethe customer” over the next social and collaborative5 years. tools.– IBM CEO Study 2010 – IBM CHRO Study 2010
  10. 10. A Social Businessembraces networks of people to create business value EngagedAt its core, Transparenta Social Business is: Nimble
  11. 11. EngagedConnecting people – whether customers, partners or employees – as networks to drive innovation
  12. 12. TransparentRemoving unnecessary boundaries inside and outside the organization to allow your people and culture to reflect your brand and your values
  13. 13. NimbleLeveraging these networks to speed up business,gain real-time insight and make quicker and better decisions
  14. 14. Entry Points A Social Business Traditional Trusted relationships Brand advocacy Business Deepen client Marketing, Push marketing relationships Customer Control Shares insights to generate Service Drive break-through ideas and speeds time to market operational Product and R&D New ideas (internal) effectiveness Service Market testing Reaches out to professional Development networks Workforce optimization Operations, Email and phone Human Knowledge silos Resources
  15. 15. Available both on premises and in the cloud.
  16. 16. Business Success
  17. 17. Driving value from Social BusinessTo get the benefits of social business, you need: ● Secure, scalable technology ● Business outcomes that matter ● Responsible management practices
  18. 18. IBM Social Business Framework ® IBM Social Business Toolkit APIs IBM Value-added Modules Partner Value-added Modules Business Enterprise Public Social Commerce Social Networks Rich Media Analytics Content Mgmt Applications Business Application Compliance & Gaming Social Analytics Process Mgmt Integration Archiving Discovery IBM Social Business Core Modules Profiles Presence, Chat Messaging & Workflow & Communities & Telephony PIM Forms Portal Social Collab. Microblogging Meetings & Document Mobile Connectors Services Audio/Video Management Solutions Customer Experience Sales Force Automation Partner Collaboration Operations
  19. 19. McKinseyA broad study of3,249 executives “…the fully networked enterprise can achieve… ● the highest levels of market share gains ● increased self-reported profitability ● and distributed decision making and work.” McKinsey Quarterly December 2010 The Rise of a Network Enterprise
  20. 20. Helping you get there...Business need. Well look at the results that ourbusinesses need and work backwards to create systems that deliver those results. Social Business Framework. A practical roadmap to becoming asocial business...everything from cultural transformation to governance, to technology. Catalyze our Community. Business partner and developer tools for open,transparent and secure applications Increase the depth our our core technologies. ● world-class predictive analytics ● enterprise grade software in terms of compliance, security, governance and scale ● innovation in mobility ● Unified Communications and the flexibility of Cloud and hybrid deployment