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EUnetHTA JA WP6 Information management System


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Poster describing Work Package 6 of the Joint Action on Health technology Assessment.
2nd EUnetHTA Conference "Health Technology Assessment in national and cross-border healthcare in Europe", Gdansk (Poland), 8-9 December 2011 (http://www.eunethta2011.pl/)
More about EunetHTA http://www.eunethta.eu

Published in: Health & Medicine
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EUnetHTA JA WP6 Information management System

  1. 1. 6 tem (IMS) tSys W P en m MER e AE eunetht a ,P g KR a er n et www.eu nethta.e u a M ON n HAL io . C t X a e m atric r P fo In AIMS - Support tasks and team work of Joint Action partners - Develop and maintain EUnetHTA tools taking into account the requirements of end users - Ensure interoperability of the tools developed by all EUnetHTA partners - Investigate possibilities of collaboration with information systems outside WP6 partners EUnetHTA lead partner: KCE (BE), co-lead partner: DIMDI (DE) associated partners: CVZ (NL), GYEMSZI (HU), GOEG (AT), HAS (FR), HVB (AT), NIPH (SI), ISCIII (ES), LBI-HTA (AT), NETSCC (UK), SBU (SE), THL (FI) collaborating partners: ARESS (IT), KDTD (TR) , OSETBA (ES) , SNHTA (CH) ACHIEVEMENTS- Members only site: Intranet, contact database, news, agenda, work rooms, document library,...- Common standards: for use with all EUnetHTA tools to be developed; identified and agreed by the WP6 working group: indexation vocabulary, meta data scheme, common layout, ...- Single authentication: EUnetHTA ID (a unique login and password) allows users to access all EUnetHTA tools since January 2011 WP6 working group- IT framework: : WP6 co-lead partner created an IT framework to be used for the development of Aida Jertila (DIMDI), Andrés Fernández EUnetHTA tools. Planned and Ongoing Projects (POP) database (WP7b) is the first implementation of this Ramos (ISCIII) , Aron Vincziczki (GYEMSZI), Cédric Carbonneil (HAS) , Céline Chaintron framework. (HAS), Christoph Künzli (SNHTA) , Eleanor Guegan (NETSCC), Eva Turk (NIPH), Finn- Processes and policies: in collaboration with WP1 Børlum Kristensen (NBoH) , Gerda Hinterreiter (LBI-HTA), Gottfried Endel (HVB), Johannes Zsifkovits (GOEG), Julia Chamova- Support and trainings: helpdesk, tutorials, webinars, webcasts, workshop (WP8) (NBoH), Karine Rozet (HAS), Kristian Lampe (THL), Lajos Kovacs (GYEMSZI), Laura Zanetti (HAS), Marisa Warmuth (LBI-HTA), Oskari Saarekas (THL), Patrice Chalon (KCE), Peter Krämer (DIMDI), Sarah Kleijnen (CVZ), Sorin Stanel (HAS), Sun Hae Lee Robin (HAS), Susanne Vilhelmsdotter Allander (SBU), Urska Kaloper (NIPH), Zita Daróczy (GYEMSZI) Acknowledgements CONCLUSION Claudia Wild (LBI-HTA), Dietrich Kaiser (DIMDI), Inge Merete-Skov (NBoH), Nancy Thiry (KCE), Naomi Dayan (NBoH), Peter EUnetHTA aims at supporting collaboration between European HTA agencies and reducing Schlömer (DIMDI), Raf Mertens (KCE), Smiljana Blagojevic (LBI-HTA), Stéphanie duplication of work. HTA collaborative work encompasses use of methods, information and Bankoussou (HAS), Susanna Allgurin Neikter (SBU), Susanne Eksel (SBU) document sharing, and the use of tools supporting the daily work of HTA doers. WP6 plays an important role on the latter: - By providing a discussion forum, the WP6 working group, where common standards are evaluated and agreed on, WP6 supports interoperability of EUnetHTA tools, and therefore facilitates the daily work of EUnetHTA partners - By opening the developed IT framework to other WPs, WP6 supports the reduction of duplication of effort, and prepares a future and better integrated Information Management System for EUnetHTA partners The EUnetHTA Joint Action (2010 - 2012) is funded by the European Union in the framework of the EU Health Programme.