The new HTAi vortal: from demonstrator to working prototype


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9th HTAi Annual meeting - “HTA in Integrated Care for a Patient Centered System”. Bilbao (Spain), 25-27 June 2012.

The new HTAi vortal: from demonstrator to working prototype. Chalon PX, Droste S, Ormstad SS.

Background: The HTAi vortal was established in 2005 by the HTAi Interest Sub-Group on Information Resources (IRG). This Web directory lists selected online resources aimed at supporting the HTA doers’ day-to-day work. In 2010, a survey was conducted to evaluate the use and satisfaction of the clients and to prepare an evolution of the vortal.
objectives: To present the design process and resulting Website of the new HTAi vortal.

Methods: Structure and content of the current vortal were analysed and re-organised taking into account the results and proposals of the clients’ survey. A Website (demonstrator) was build and fitted with a minimal set of records for evaluation purpose.

Results: The demonstrator is a dedicated Website branded with the HTAi logo and color scheme. It is structured in four main sections: 1) Directory of HTA agencies organised by geographical areas, whith links to general Websites, but also to specific sections (projects, publications...); 2) Repertory of useful web resources on HTA (web pages, articles...) organised by categories; 3) The Information Retrieval reference tool (current IRG project); 4) Repertory of resources for career development. The demonstrator also includes a bibliography module to view and export selected references (standard formats), and offers links to PubMed and Google scholar, if possible. A subgroup of IRG members audited the demonstrator and endorsed the new design, structure, additional functionalities and scheduled content. The demonstrator was thus transformed into a prototype, filled with all existing and some new information. More information resources will be added step-by-step.

Conclusions: The IT infrastructure being in place, setting up the collaborative update process, evaluating the tool and additional functionalities (2.0 interactivity) will be done in 2012.
Implications for professionals: HTA doers will benefit of a better structured online resource that provides up-to-date and validated information relevant to their day-to-day work.

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The new HTAi vortal: from demonstrator to working prototype

  1. 1. The new HTAi vortal From demonstrator to working prototype25/06/2012 Patrice Chalon, Sigrid Droste, Sari Susanna Ormstad
  2. 2. The HTAi vortal, a product of the IRG group since 2005BACKGROUND2
  3. 3. The HTAi vortal  Section of HTAi website  Repertory  > 410 links  12 main categories  Search engine Elaine Alligood Megan Bresnahan3
  4. 4. 2010 – the transition Collaborate, do not duplicate Contact vortal editor and IRG chair New elected vortal editors • Patrice Chalon, KCE • Sigrid Droste, IQWIG Survey (2010-2011) on usage and expectations4
  5. 5. New vortal - visionIndependent Website Editorial group Quicker access  Maintain a section / More control on layout sub-section More functionalities  Update working Access management procedures ....  Propose enhancements to the vortal  .... 5
  6. 6. New vortal - objectiveSupport HTAi Groups IRG IR Reference Tool (IR Tool) HTAi Early Career Network Policy Forum…6
  7. 7. METHODS7
  8. 8. Milestones Create demonstrator Evaluate vision, structure, functionalities Validate demonstrator Transform into a prototype Transfer and update content Set up editorial group Update the working procedure8
  9. 9. Technical option Drupal 6 CMS  No licence cost Modules CCK + Views  Large community Module bibliography  Several companies9
  10. 10. Creating references for dummies10
  11. 11. The new vortal - demonstrator RESULTS11
  12. 12. New lay out12
  13. 13. 12 categories => 4 Sections13
  14. 14. HTA Agencies and networks14
  15. 15. Example of agency15
  16. 16. Selected resources16
  17. 17. Example of resource Link(s) to full text17
  18. 18. Example of resource (cont.) Export reference18
  19. 19. IR Ref tool19
  20. 20. Career development20
  21. 21. Example of training description21
  22. 22. Career development (cont.)22
  23. 23. Career development (cont.)23
  24. 24. Career development (cont.)24
  25. 25. Social functionalities Share this! Rate (?) Comment (?)25
  26. 26. New vortal – current status Create demonstrator Evaluate vision, structure, functionalities Validate demonstrator Transform into a prototype Transfer and update content Set up editorial group Update the working procedure26
  27. 27. Thank you! Chalon, Patrice X. KCE - Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre, Belgium This activity is part of the EUnetHTA Joint Action on HTA (2010-2012) which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme. Droste, Sigrid IQWIG - Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, Germany Ormstad, Sari Susanna NOKC – Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Norway HTTP://WWW.HTAI.ORG/VORTAL27