Is your social media ready to go?
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Is your social media ready to go?



Social media is an easy, inexpensive way to communicate with your nonprofit's potential donors. Learn some strategies about how to engage your audience!

Social media is an easy, inexpensive way to communicate with your nonprofit's potential donors. Learn some strategies about how to engage your audience!



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Is your social media ready to go? Is your social media ready to go? Presentation Transcript

  • Is your social media ready to go? Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • Key elements of social media 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Storytelling Visuals Video Calls to action Engagement Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • Today, we are an ultra-connected society in ways we never dreamed possible. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • We are social AND mobile
  • Our stories reveal common ground. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • Our stories connect us to one another. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • Share stories in new ways. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • Share outcomes as stories
  • Connect emotionally
  • Pass the story along
  • 2012 Social Network Benchmark Report Nonprofits are using social networks to… 1. Expand their base 2. Engage members 3. Grow fundraising Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • How do get your social media ready for the 2014 Pick. Click. Give. Campaign? Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • 1. Visuals
  • Owned. Large (800x800). Compelling. Shareable.
  • Why visuals are so important…
  • This…
  • Or This…
  • Eyecatching images
  • Faces of human beings
  • Share realtime moments
  • Take them behind the scenes
  • Visuals: Facebook Page 1. 2. 3. 4. Cover image Profile image App images Post images
  • Visuals: Facebook Page Profile image Cover image
  • Visuals: Facebook Page Brand your cover image
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps Default images – Photos, Events, Video
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps 1. Customize app images
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps How to customize apps
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps 1. Open apps admin area
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps 2. Hover over the app to edit
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps 3. Select edit and change text, image
  • Visuals: Facebook Apps 4. Rearrange apps
  • Visuals: Facebook Posts Posts with images
  • Visuals: Facebook Page Upload multiple images as a photo album
  • Visuals: Twitter 1. 2. 3. 4. Header image Profile image Background image Inline images
  • Visuals: Twitter Background Header image 1600x1200 1200 x600 Profile image
  • Visuals: Twitter In-line images 800x395 pixels
  • Visuals: Twitter Full size appears when clicked 800x800 800x395 In-line in Twitter stream
  • 2. Video
  • Owned. Short (1-3 min). Compelling. Shareable.
  • Video: YouTube Links & icons Channel art 2560 X 1440 Featured trailer
  • Video: YouTube Annotation & link Branding (InVideo programming)
  • Video: Facebook Page Video posted via a link. Video uploaded.
  • Video: Twitter Video appears as a link with a view media button Unless you use Twitter’s video app Vine…
  • Video: Twitter Vine videos appear as inline images/players.
  • 3. Calls to Action
  • Clear. Succinct. Easy. Repeated.
  • Why being clear is so important…
  • Tell us more…
  • Clear storytelling
  • Clear call to action Volunteer and donate to empower Alaska’s youth.
  • Clear storytelling
  • Clear call to action Help us inspire girls to lead! Shop, volunteer, share.
  • Choose your words thoughtfully. Be concise and clear. Draw in your fans. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • 4. Engage your community
  • Who are you trying to reach and what are you trying to get them to do?
  • Thank them
  • Recognize them
  • Include them
  • Show them
  • Every story you tell Opens a door to an action. Include links to continue the momentum. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • How will you measure and determine success?
  • 1. Start with your goals o o o o o o Build your brand Increase awareness Inform, educate, inspire Attract attention Amplify messages Stimulate actions
  • 2. Gather your community o o o o o People you know People they know Interested in the issues The right age and place The right time
  • 3. Map out your process o o o o o o Who is responsible? What tools will you use? How often can you engage? What should you automate? What will you say /show? What assets can you share?
  • Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
  • Social media isn’t about technology. It’s about people. - @alizasherman
  • Get this and other presentations from Aliza Sherman at rman
  • Aliza o Sherman o @alizasherman o
  • Bonus! Customize Facebook Page: Social Media Tune-Up for Facebook: Customize Twitter: YouTube Channel art guidelines: Adding logo to your YouTube video: Scheduling Posts and Tweets: Hootsuite: Buffer: Creating Custom Facebook Apps: Shortstack: Tabsite: Pagemodo:
  • Social Media Frequency Several times a day (or more) Daily (or more) Weekly (or more) Facebook Blog Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Frequency and engagement get more attention. Tumblr Instagram YouTube
  • Social Media Time Posting Blog Facebook 15 min Growing Twitter Listening YouTube 15 min+ Google+ 30 min Sharing Pinterest Tumblr 30 min Engaging Flickr Instagram 30 min+ High Priority Daily Activities