Pornography essay


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An insight to Pornography, How it affects society.

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Pornography essay

  1. 1. Pornography: Beneficial orDetrimental?byGadSaad, Ph. D. Homo ConsumericusPabloB01502145Pornography is considered a taboo among the society. This topic has become really hardto debate due to its origin. Not many people are brave enough, or feel confident enough, to talkabout a topic related to sex. When trying to explain the Adult Industry, the approached goal mightjust cause an environment of awkwardness and therefore have the speaker drop the topic.Despite the adversities, pornography has been a very important factor in society. The globalizedAdult Industry has been able to impregnate the product in the world population. As a matter offact, according to Brent Conrad from Techaddiction, there is a rough estimate that 70% of theworld population has watched porn online (Conrad). GaadSaad, author of Pornography: Beneficialor Detrimental, approaches the question whether pornography is good or bad for society. He doesconclude that there is “a positive correlation was obtained between the amount of hardcorepornography that was viewed and the impact of the benefits reaped.”(Saad)He concludes that dueto the lack of correlation between pornography and not acceptable behavior, pornography istherefore a good thing for society. Many professionals do disagree with this idea, yet let us discussthe advantages and disadvantages of pornography.In order to approach the negative effect of pornography in society, let’s refer to aninterview carried by CNN. In this interview titled Highlights Pornographys Destructive Effects onSociety?by Matthew Balan(Dines & Jeremy, 2010). This was one of the many interview where GailDines, Ph. D. (author of Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality) and Ron Jeremy (AdultFilm Industry Actor) participated in. The interview dragged an intense discussion between Gail andRon. By citing Gail, I will provide evidence why pornography is bad for society. Gail opens herstatement with the following: “Well, what Im concerned about is that the level of brutality andcruelness, in pornographys affecting the way that men think about women, and its affecting theway they think about themselves and the way they construct ideas about sexuality.”(Dines &Jeremy, 2010) In some way, pornography degrades the perception we have about women. Thereare certain situations in which the woman is asked to perform dehumanizing positions, someresembling animal mating. Adding to this, they are also asking them to use objects that facilitatesexual pleasure that might physically hurt its user. The storyplots of some movies are also tooexaggerated, causing the viewer to have a distorted idea of a man/woman when on a date. Theymight expect the date to go like a typical movie (such like the one where the pizza delivery guygoes to deliver a pizza and the costumer has no money to pay with and therefore end up payingwith sex) making them a potential threat for the date. Women who constantly watch porn canalso become aggressive and demeaning while performing the sexual act.During the interview Gail also mentions that “theres a study out- in 2003- by the MatrimonialLawyers Association, that found approximately 56 percent of divorce cases involve one party inthe marriage who has an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”(Dines & Jeremy,
  2. 2. 2010)Pornography can have a very negative impact in society therefore many will recommend notto watch it.In contrast to the stated, other experts consider pornography to be harmless and thus akey, positive factor in our lives. In a paper published in 2009 in the International Journal of Lawand Psychiatry, Milton Diamond stated "Indeed, the data reported and reviewed suggeststhat the thesis is myth and, if anything, there is an inverse causal relationship between anincrease in pornography and sex crimes.”(Diamond, 2009) The lack of correlation does notlink porn as being a negative aspect which might drag an individual to commit any crimeor damage another individual sexually or psychologically. Another positive aspect is thatthe Adult Entertainment Industry is a top gross in industry. Sam Spencer writes in hisarticle “How Big is the Pornography Industry in the United States?” he states the following:“A detailed study done by TopTenReviews, a web research company. Their study showsthat in 2005 and 2006, the United States pornography industry generated $12.62 and$13.33 billion in revenue respectively.”(How Big is the Pornography Industry in the UnitedStates?) Even though it is difficult to estimate the accurate statistic for the entire industry,the Adult Entertainment Industry provides a significant amount of jobs. Satirically, thistopic is also approached by Azrael Sky in his online blog titled 5 Reasons Why Pornographyis Good for Society when he states “Pornography minimizes stalking, rape, and underagesex.” He goes on by saying: “that pornography alleviates sexual desires. It allows people topleasure themselves. If that source of pleasure is no longer available, then people mustfind other ways to pleasure themselves. This can lead to disaster, and an exponentialincrease in predatory rape and harassment cases.”(Sky, 2007)At some point he is right,although he exaggerates the statement. Humans tend to look for pleasure, and whenthere is a lack of unaccomplished sexual desire, the subject will tend to look for pleasurein other areas and might ended up finding it in violent acts. Gad Saad does have strongevidence that pornography is good for society.In my opinion I will argue that pornography is not detrimental to society. Eventhough is unethical, not acceptable in society, and sort of an “upgrade for prostitution”,until some point it does benefit the consumer and the provider of the service. Theindustry is very lucrative and is an important contributor to the global economy.Pornography also helps people who feel sexually unpleased. This, at some point, can alsohelp people who suffer from diminished libido. I would say, that even though I don’t find itdetrimental, pornography must be controlled and do have certain censorship. Manycountries such as Japan have censored pornography until the point where they don’t showpublicly the genitals. The Adult Entertainment Industry must have governmentalguidelines to follow in order to control the excess amount of violence or diminishingimages offered to the viewer. This way it will become somehow socially acceptable.
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