Futbal like we call it in my country
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Futbal like we call it in my country



An answer to Ann Coulter http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2014-06-25.html

An answer to Ann Coulter http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2014-06-25.html



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Futbal like we call it in my country Futbal like we call it in my country Document Transcript

  • Futbal: Like we call it in my country I’ve heldmyself fromwritingthisforabout23 years (Iam actuallyturning23 inthe nextcouple of months).NotthatI wantto offendyou,butyourphrase,and I mustquote you:“Anygrowinginterest insoccer can onlybe a signof the nation'smoral decay,”isa little tooharsh. Soccer,or as the waywe call inmy countryfootball orfutbol (balompie)oranywayyouwould like todenominate it,ismore thana sport.We can getintoan argumentof culture,butthen itwill be too boringandit might attract an endlessdebate onthe internet. I come from a 3rd worldcountrywhichisan erroneousname thathad beentaggedtopoor countries.Asrespectful asIcan be I must firstexplainforanyfellow reader, andof course assumingyou have the adequate intellectual leveltoknow, thata 3rd worldcountry as quotedbyAlfredSauvy inan article publishedinthe Frenchmagazine L'Observateur,August14,1952 wasdefined(andsummarized) as countriesthatwere unalignedwitheitherthe CommunistSovietblocorthe CapitalistNATObloc duringthe ColdWar. Nowthat such definitionisoutof the way,I mustgo back to the real thing(as streetslangwouldsay). Football hasbecome more thana sport.It has evolvedintoa more complex subject.Football,in our countryexpel the pure sense of nationalismandbringsthose unreachabledreamstopeople whose reverieshave beendemolishedbythe inefficiencyof ourgovernments.Yes,mostof usdreamof becomingagreat football player,andbe able togetan outstandingcontractto make enoughmoneyto supportour families.Imustmake anotherinterruptiontomyessay.I doknow,and hopingyougetthe idea,thateveryhumanbeing will alwaysexploittheirnatural talent.Iwould widelyguessAdamSmith statedsuch idea.If youhave great skillsatplayingsoccer,thenwhynotsell ittopeople?Youmight thinkitis a buffoonishidea,butIcan give youexamplesthatwill fitintothe niche of yourculture:Quite a good amountof minoritiesinthe USA (eventhoughIamtryingto avoidany racist comments) would like tobecome basketballplayers.Ican name at least10 playerswhodecidednottoattenduniversityin orderto playbasketball,butjusttokeepthe essayshort,Iwouldname twoof the most currentfamous basketball players:LebronJamesandKobe Bryant.Theyhave atalent,manypeople wouldpayforthis talents,andtherefore theysoldtheirtalentata youngage because theyhadthe appropriate meansto do so (logical syllogism).NowIwill setyouasan example (andpleasecorrectmysyllogismif Iam wrong):You are an outstandingwriter,people like whatyouwrite,henceyousoldyoutalentbecause youhad the appropriate meanstodo so. Goingback to my essayand I will give youone of the bestexamplesIcouldevergive from previousexperience.Sorryif Ididn’tmentionthisbefore,butIam fromHonduras.In 2009 we had a coup d'etat.The nationwas divided,violenceandstrikeshappenedeverysingle day.If you walkeddown the street,proudlywavingthe colorsof the political affiliationyouhad,youwouldprobablyendup beingsmackedbythe opposition.Itwasthenwhen,Imustgive thiscredittothe USA soccer national team,whenthanksto a late headerfrom JonathanBornsteinequalizedthe game againstCostaRica. Afterseveral monthsof national debateandaso called“war” amongstbrothers,everyHonduranwas huggingeachotherbecause the sole qualificationtoa WorldCup,after 28 years,finallybecametrue. Since June,if Idon’tbadlyrecall,we were nolongerinfavorof Manuel Zelayaor RobertoMichelleti,we were all infavorof the warriorssuch as CarloCostly,CarlosPavon,andAmadoGuevara,inthe managementof ReinaldoRueda. The dayafterthat, there wasno more strike,there wasnolongerhate betweenbrothers,there wasonlythe feelingof patriotismforqualifying.Itdidn’tlasttoolongthough,
  • but at leastwe hadthose fewdaysof peace ina country where everybodywill glorifythe 23players chosento battle a journeythatmostof the Honduranthoughtitwill endinanotherdeception. That qualificationdidn’tonlybroughthope,butitalsobroughtunityamongstus.Every conversationtopicnolongerhaddespise towardsthe actionstakenbythe governmentandthe national army,the onlytopicwashow ReinaldoRuedabroughtthe hope tous. I couldfinalize myessayhere,because inmypersonal opinion,italreadyconveyedthe most importanttopics,yetIwouldlike toanswersome of the pointsyouaddressedonyourblogor essay: 1. Football,orFIFA (a corruptorganizationinthe eyesof the spectators) have several worldwide recognitions:BestPlayerof the Yearor Balonde Oro (males’category):2013 CristianoRonaldo 2012 Lionel Messi 2011 Lionel Messi.BestPlayerof the Yearor Balonde Oro (females’ category):2013 Nadine Angerer2012 AbyWambach 2011 Homare Sawa. 2. Like everyprofessionalsportisdividedintoFemaleandMale (suchas WNBA and NBA to be a little more akin tothe sports you regularlywatch):youshoulddefinitelywatchthe BarcelonaFC female team(here isthe linktotheirvideos http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article- 2297469/Barcelona-womens-team-play-like-Lionel-Messi-Xavi.html) whoIbetcoulddefeat mostof the teamsin mycountry. 3. Gamesmightendup tiedbecause of the individual effortsof ateamor the strategysetby the coach. It isa verybigaccomplishmentfora badteam to tie againstreallygoodone.Inyour wordsis like if the Milwaukee Bucketsgettoconference finalsandpushanextratime against the Spurs or the Miami Heat. 4. Football hasmanylaws(or fouls) inordertostop a breakout.Regardlessof needs,Icangive you a perfectexample.1970 WorldCup Franz Beckenbauerfracturedhisclavicle,butremainedon the pitch. 5. You can’t use yourhands. We are trainedsince we are kidstouse ourhands to dothe majority of the dailylabor.Iwouldlike tosee youactuallydoingsomethingwithyourfeet.Ittakesyears of practice anddeterminationtomasteranyskill withafoot.Somethingevenmore extraordinaryislearninghowtoeffectivelystrike aball withthe foot youare not accustomedto use.Imagine if learninghowtotossa baseball withyourlefthandfromthe pitcherposition (assumingyouare right-handed)isdifficult,trytolearnhow to kick a ball withyouleftfootfrom 35 yards and still hitthe approximatetargetyouare hopingto hit. 6. No particularcommentasit isa cultural aspect. 7. It mightbe that demographicallyspeaking,African-Americanare notinterestedinsoccer,yetin soccer history,there’ve beencountlessoutstandingAfricanplayerssuchasSamuel Eto,Mario Apiah,West,etc.I couldname otherones,butbecause youressayspecificallymentionsthe wordAfrica-American(youshouldstopusingthe Americandenotationbythe way.If youare culturedenoughyouwouldknow thatAmericancoversalargerarea than whatUS is) here are some examples:FreddyAduandTimHoward.The last mentionedsetaworldrecordformore ballsstoppedinasingle WorldCupgame. 8. Culture thing,nocomments. 9. Your commentwasnot onlyracist,but alsooffensive. Itissurprisinghow anhonorsstudent fromCornell Universityandalaw degree awardee fromUniversityof MichiganLaw School wouldevenhave suchineloquentidea.FYI,yourgreat-grandfatherorgreat-great-grandfather was alsoan immigrant.Don’tknow yourpersonal familyhistory,andIam sorryfor
  • disappointingyou,butyourancestorsmighthave probablyimmigratedfromEngland,France,or Spain(takinginassumptionthatthose were the dominantcountriesduringthe colonizationof whatnow iscalledUnitedStatesof America). Nowjustto make a pointa little more clear,andjusttoavoidbeingcalledawetbackor an illegal immigrantinUS and that iswhyI am defendingthe immigrants.IwasborninHonduras.I have beenin US for vacations,whichby the way,it isa reallynice place tovisit,andIam currentlylivinginTaiwan. I am lookingforwardtoyourresponse. PabloFranciscoCardenasEcheverria 卡帝諾 PS Englishismythirdlanguage.