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Research on water

Research on water

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  • 1. Our Precious ResourceWater
    Anthony Wallace, CALA, ND
    P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants of Texas L.L.C
    All Rights © Reserved
  • 2. Introduction
    This presentation a brief overview of how our bottled water is processed from the lakes or taps to the grocery store.
    We will discuss alternative plastics to promote safety and prevent other types of diseases.
    This presentation will give light to who regulates our water supply and how you can make a difference by getting involved in your city by cleaning up the environment.
  • 3. Disclaimer
    This presentation is used to educate and present healthy alternatives to conventional methods in 2011.
    All alternative methods including herb, supplement replacements, or any other mind-body techniques should be reviewed by your primary care physician.
    This material is not used to diagnose or treat any form of disease but presents alternative that you and your doctor may discuss.
    The use of any alternative treatment with conventional methods nay cause adverse reactions side effects or death.
  • 4. Definitions
    Saturated Water - This is “table water” or water that is on top of the surface of the earth. For Example, water that is first discovered when digging holes in the earth.
    Plastic Codes – The code that is on the bottom of the plastic bottle with the recycling symbol.
    EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
    FDA – Food and Drug Administration
    Spring Water – Water that flows out of the cracks of the ground.
  • 5. Definitions
    Artesian Well – Arises due to the pressure beneath the earth. For example (hot springs)
    Ground Water – Fills cracks and pores under the soil and rocks. This is surface water (rain water to the ground)
    BPA – Bisphenol A, This substance is in most of the plastic jars, cups, and plates that can cause cancer.
    PET – Polyethylene-terephthalate, This substance is in most plastic bottled water that is graded 7 or higher on the bottom of the bottle.
    Mineral Replacement – The city has taken action to prevent childhood disease (rickets) Therefore, the city has added chloride, calcium, Vitamins, etc to prevent public health diseases.
  • 6. Definitions
    Hepatitis E – Disease that affects the liver from contaminated water. This disease arises in America when great floods and chemical contamination from natural disasters. This virus can live on surfaces outside the body for up to 7 days (wet or dry).
    Chemical Contamination – This is when there are too many cleaning agents during the purifying process of sewage water to drinking water or during house hold cleaning solutions.
    Cryptosporidium Protozoa – This is a harmful protozoa that can pass through the filtering process of city water (sewage to drinking water).
  • 7. How Water is Collected
    Our grounds water comes from rain, sleet, and snow. The natural process of how the earth processes its own water is by letting the water get into the earth’s cracks and pores as table water.
    The earth then purifies that water by letting it pass through sand, rocks, and soil. This will allow for the natural minerals to saturate the water to give us the vitamins that we need to stay healthy. This is why it is so important to keep the ground free of chemicals and harmful toxins.
    Cart of Water
  • 8. Plastic Water Bottles
    Most of the plastic in the United States are made from PET (poly=3, Ethylene= alcohol, Trephthalate=phosphate) This chemical can cause cancer over a period of time that has a grade of 7 or higher.
    Most of the eating plastics or utensils contain both PET and BPA which can cause cancer over a period of time but BPA can become more intense by heating or washing the plastic containers.
    Most people that have been exposed exhibit headaches, memory loss, and over time cancers (Metabolic Disturbances).
    According to plastics info.org, the substances used in making these types of plastics are common. These substances are in drinking bottles and our children fruit juice bottles.
    When we are heating foods in these types of containers the substances are getting to our foods and can cause some to have symptoms of food borne illness.
  • 9. Plastic Codes
    The plastic codes is located at the bottom of the container. The plastic codes are for the safety of the public.
    There are some codes that are alternatives to the high toxic chemicals that are used to make plastic cooking ware.
    Bottles that contain are considered “safe”. These are best used if you are going to reuse the material or heat.
    Any grade that is above 7 is unsafe and may cause metabolic disturbances and even cancer.
  • 10. Plastic Codes
    It is best to used codes 1,2,3,5 but as a naturopath it is best to use BPA and PET free plastics. These are plastics that can be heated and is safe to reuse.
    There are other material that can be reused and that are biodegradable. Most shops that sell are health food stores, wellness shops, and starbucks coffee shops.
    It is best to make sure that you are reading the product and its codes to ensure safety for you and your family.
  • 11. Bottle Water Safety
    Most of the advertising in America is geared to bottled water being the best alternative to city tap water but in some cases it is not true.
    There are several bottle water maker (103) that have tested positive for chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic in their products over 1000 bottles.
    Tap water sometimes is the best alternative because of the FDA and EPA regulation.
  • 12. Bottle Water Safety
    Did you know who regulates the bottle water that is sold in grocery stores?
    The FDA regulates the processing and packaging of bottled water.
    Warning the FDA does not have governance over bottle water distribution and processing if the water is bottled and sold in the same state. So I can contain bacteria and other substances.
    EPA governs the bottle water companies also for quality and inspection of the product just like the FDA does but EPA inspects where the water source came from.
  • 13. Tap Water (City Water)
    The city has taken great initiatives to make sure the water quality is pure and clean for the public.
    Some cities have put minerals and vitamins back into the water which were lost in the purification stages.
    The city puts nitrates in the water for purification but the concentration can become quite high when heated. Other substances such as prescriptions meds, household cleaners, and other purification cleaner have been found in small amounts.
  • 14. Tap Water (City Water)
    The EPA has governance over the city water purification system and practices.
    City water purification practices, substances found, and the sources of where the water comes from are public information.
    Contact you local water department for the latest test results and test results on your drinking water.
    You may find all of the city water information on its website or through the EPA or FDA information Hotline websites.
  • 15. Naturopathic Recommendations
    There are several alternatives to water safety. The following is a list of recommendations that are used to create health and wellness in hydrating the body.
    There are several websites that a geared to monitoring bottled water makers purification studies, aseptic techniques in preparing water, osmolyte and carbon system or reverse osmosis systems.
    Buy non BPA/PET containers from your local health food stores, Health and Wellness stores, or any whole seller that supplies these items. The average cost is about $8.00 for travel size bottle to purification pitchers costing around $15.00 .
    Try recycling bottles, plastics, and cans. These items pollute the earth and can cause toxins to get into the ground water. This can also reduce the amount of emissions in the air, it can lower the cost of the products that you buy, and also it can cut the production of harmful waste.
  • 16. Naturopathic Recommendations
    Try purification pitchers, facet purification devices, and reusable containers that will not cause toxic effects on the body.
    Remember refilling the container make sure that the water port has been cleaned with alcohol wipes and allow to dry for a few minutes. This will reduce the chances of you getting sick by colds, flu, and other viruses (herpes, hepatitis, and mono).
    On all types of plastics make sure you read the bottom of the bottle, cup, or dish because again, most plastics will cause the toxins to get into your food.
    Contact the local water department for a copy of the analysis testing once a month to ensure that it is safe to drink.
    When in doubt of the water quality contact the EPA for further investigations.
  • 17. References
    Environmental Health and safety online, 2011
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    Music by Chris Botti, Pennies from Heaven.