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Education In Today's Market: Is it worth the debt


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This will give my consumers a good look in deciding to attend college vs. on the job training.

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Education In Today's Market: Is it worth the debt

  1. 1. 1Running Head: Education P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants of Texas L.L.C Anthony Wallace 09/16/2011
  2. 2. 2 EducationWhy should we have education? Is it even worth the work in getting a quality education?There are so many answers to these general questions. Among the American population, we aredivided when the subject of education is discussed. Education is the key too many in improvinglifestyles are making future goal of living a life of comfort and other great possibilities. Thesubject of education may have positive pathways to a solid financial future and in some cases cancause unwarranted debts. Sometimes a quality education may come with an unexpected amountof debt.A quality education can be a stepping-stone in preparing the student to become a positivecontributing citizen by incorporating high influence individuals to the workforce. This maycause others to follow in the student footprints. Most Americans at this time are so overwhelmed with debts. When a student is so barbed down with debts, it may be hard for thestudent to concentrate on subject matter that may not pertain to the present job skill. Most of thestudents may benefit from having a short-term college diploma or no college at all.Most students at this time in life’s history may choose work related study or on the job trainingbecause of not having to pay a big Sallie Mae, Freddie Mac, or huge interest bank loans. It isimportant to know the goals of the student because most careers may just cause for a high schooldiploma and a couple of years of experience. For example, A medical assistant career, in order totake the challenge boards to become license only requires 3 years of experience and a signaturefrom the employer verifying experience. In most cases, most students will spend more than$30,000.00 for a two-year degree in medical assistant and may not find a job after graduation.In America, the economy is always looking for qualified professionals but are there any jobs togo around? I believe that if we as educators look at the growing trend of qualified graduatesversus the jobs that are available, then we can better prepare the graduates for a better outlook.Education can turn either way towards the door of opportunity or to the door of debts. It is bestto assess the career field of choice and find out the education requirement for that career. Thecareer of choice may not require a 4-year college degree rather it could be a diploma or a two-year degree. It is best to do research on every career to save money and build a rich career ofsuccess.In some cases of economic status, education can be a way out of a bad neighborhood, out ofpresent debt due to a promotion on the job, or just a satisfaction of a long-term goal. These areall reason for most students wanting to attend school. Most students feel that it could be asufficient way of improving self-esteem and accomplishment. To me it is important toencourage the student to follow their dreams of success and education accomplishments.
  3. 3. 3 EducationStudents need that reformation from their professors because encouraging the student to gohigher will bring change to their overall grade point average, self-esteem, and their personalinteraction with other peers by encouraging college attendance. Education can be the key to acomfortable career. The job market at this time is looking slim because of the present economy.The economy can change good to bad overnight in a snap. Therefore, it is best to prepareyourself for the better and not the worse. The better is gaining a college degree in field of studyand making the choice to fine-tune your craft (study). Students like myself, love our fields buthate the present job. By gaining a degree in the field of natural health, medicine, nursing, orother allied health fields will further the career path to better employment, better pay, and betterworking hours.In conclusion, It is always good to check with the government bureau of statics on job relatedtask such as future salary, training and development, career demand, and the total focus of thejob. It is good also to get word of mouth feedback from other people in the field of study. Thequality of education can become a challenge for a student that has been out of school for so longbut it can be worth the debt and or time. Education can be the key to new opportunities forsuccess and promotion in the student present career. Take care and be in good health.