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Consumer Healthcare

This presentation educates the consumers of natural health.

This presentation educates the consumers of natural health.



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    Consumer Healthcare Consumer Healthcare Presentation Transcript

    • Consumer Health and Wellness
      Anthony Wallace, ND
      P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants of Texas L.L.C
    • Welcome to Our Seminar
      Welcome my name is Anthony Wallace Naturopathic Doctor and Executive Administrator of P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants of Texas located in Cedar Hill, Texas
      I have been in business for over 9 years in Dallas, Texas
      I have over 15 years of direct nursing practice including administration.
      This seminar is completely voluntary and will educate the consumer on vitamins and herbal remedies that are sold over the counter (OTC).
      I believe this seminar will be fun and exciting
      After this course, the consumer will walk away with new knowledge to share with others about health and wellness.
      For more information after the seminar you may reach our office at (469) 523-1395 or on the web www.pcdiwg.webs.com for more handouts and online lectures.
    • Disclaimer
      This is a visual course that educates the consumer on different alternative therapies.
      As a Naturopath, I recommend that if you are under Doctors please consult you physician first before adding this information to your daily treatments.
      It is best to take advice from a licensed herbatologist or Naturopath because the advice that you take can be life threatening.
    • Objectives
      The student will be knowledgeable about herbs, supplements, and vitamins.
      The student will learn how to research the herbal supplement and alternative medical techniques on the world wide web.
      I will instruct the student on dietary instructions when taking herbal meds and the dangers of taking to much herbals.
      The student will learn about certain therapeutic techniques that are used in modern alternative medicine.
      We will compare some forms of contemporary care to conventional and see how they were discovered.
    • What is CAM?
      • CAM – Contemporary and Alternative Medicine.
      • Contemporary and Alternative medicine may include several disciplines within the sector of CAM. These may include Chiropractic art, Physical Therapy, Herbatology, Naturopathy, and Nutritional Therapy. This are all forms of eastern medicine.
      • All of the disciplines above may serve a good purpose in preventing disease.
      • Conventional Medicine – This is an art that medical doctors practice by prescribing medications. It is another form of western medicine
      • The option of the CAM arts is to bring an alternative to the patients where conventional medicine has failed them
    • History of Alternative Medicine
      CAM art was first discovered in the 1800’s to the early 1900’s. There are different specialties of alternative health such as naturopathy, homeopathy, and chiropractic medicine.
      In 1870 Osteopathy was discovered, osteopathy is the study of bones or the disease starts in the bones. This is were we get the term D.O.
      In 1890 Naturopathy was discovered in Germany and brought to the United States. This is were we get the term N.D
      In 1970 Message Therapy and acupuncture was discovered and this is were we get the term M.T (message therapy) or L.Ac (licensed Acupuncturist)
      These are just some of the alternative therapies that are popular.
    • Hydrotherapy
      Hydrotherapy is the art of giving medicines through water.
      The patient sits in a pool with either shorts on or nude.
      The patient is then given a tonic in their bath mixed with salts to treat any elements.
      Most patient that seek hydrotherapist are seeking services for colon hydrotherapy
      There are governing bodies that regulate hydrotherapies the link is below
    • Chiropractic
      Chiropractic Medicine is a form of CAM art. It is the only discipline that at this time that major insurances will pay for
      Chiropractic is an art that has a major emphasis on the spinal cord and the nervous system.
      Most seek services during rehabilitation from a car wreak, stroke, or just overall wellness.
      Chiropractor believe that if “you align the spine and bones in there rightful position. The patient will recover for their illness over a period of time.
    • Naturopathy
      Naturopractic medicine is a CAM discipline that relies on earth and the surrounding environments to treat the patient.
      Naturopathic means (nature medicine)
      It is an art that prescribes lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, nutritional changes, and counseling.
      Naturopaths may work in health clubs, health food stores, private practices and herb stores. There are other resources that may be beneficial
    • Homeopathy
      Homeopathy is a cam discipline that relies on poisonous substances to treat the patient.
      Homeopathy means (similar illness).
      Most naturopaths may use homeopathic herbal substances in their practices.
      Most homeopathic drugs may include tonics, essence oil drops, etc
      Make sure that you are under the guidance of a licensed herbatologist or a naturopath. There are other resources available for more information.
    • References
      James Whorton M.D.,Contercultural healing: a Brief History of Alternative medicine in America, 2003
      http://homeopathic.org/ Homeopathic association website
      www.pbs.org , Alternative Medicine in America
      www.pcdiwg.webs.com , P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants web links.
    • Questions
      This is the time for questions and answers. If you would like more information or to comment please contact our office or email us at www.pcdihealthcarethewallacegroup@hotmail.com
      This is an exercise of Yoga Mediation by Gabriel. So sit back and relax and enjoy the sounds of PM mediations.
      Take care and be in good health.