Komvux malmo sodervarn


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Komvux malmo sodervarn

  1. 1. Komvux Södervärn Welcome to Komvux Södervärn! Our aims Facts Courses flexibility StudentsSwedish for Immigrants qualifications Särvux variety Methods Guidance Contact us
  2. 2. Komvux Södervärn Our aims Our aims  Our aim is that 100 % of our students Facts achieve their goals Courses  At Komvux Södervärn we start from the Students student’s individual requirements and abilitiesSwedish for Immigrants  The school is divided into several Särvux manageable units so that everyone has the chance to influence their own work situation Methods  That’s why Komvux Södervärn is the Guidance obvious choice for both students and personnel and we can even deliver tailor- Contact us made solutions to external organisations
  3. 3. Komvux Södervärn Facts about the school Our aims Facts Komvux Södervärn is an important part of the municipal adult Courses education in Malmö with about 2450 students. Students The school provides municipal adult education at manySwedish for Immigrants different levels. We can offer, for example, both courses in Swedish for Immigrants and education corresponding to 9-year Särvux compulsory school and upper secondary school levels. Most Methods courses can also be taken in the evening. Guidance We have the only courses in Malmö for adults with learning disabilities (Särvux). Contact us
  4. 4. Komvux Södervärn Courses Our aims Facts Courses At Komvux Södervärn we specialise in courses in the following core Students subjects within the framework of basic adult education (9-year compulsory school level).Swedish for Immigrants Subjects: Swedish, Swedish as a Second Language Mathematics, Särvux English, Social Studies, History, Basic Computer Skills, Home Economics and Religion Methods Within the framework of advanced adult education (upper secondary Guidance school level) we offer the same subjects as above and also Science, Computer Studies and Web Design Contact us
  5. 5. Komvux Södervärn Students Our aims Facts Who can study at Komvux Södervärn? Courses In the local adult education system you can start studying from the year you reach 20. There is no upper age limit. Adult education is Students intended for anyone who lacks knowledge or who has gaps in the knowledge that these courses aim to provide. The education providedSwedish for Immigrants is free of charge. Särvux A student who attends standard courses and studies fulltime has about 16-18 hours of lessons a week. Students are also required to do Methods homework. Our courses vary in both the number of classroom hours and the pace of work in order to accommodate all types of students. Guidance Contact us
  6. 6. Komvux Södervärn Swedish for Immigrants Our aims Facts Courses Immigrants who lack basic knowledge of the Swedish language Students have the right to study Swedish for Immigrants - SFI.Swedish for Immigrants The students study SFI 15 hours a week. The students develop basic language skills and learn about how Swedish society is Särvux organized and its most fundamental values. The goal is to give the students enough knowledge of Swedish to communicate effectively Methods in everyday situations, in their social lives and at work. These courses are available both during the day and in the evening. Guidance Contact us
  7. 7. Komvux Södervärn Särvux Our aims Särvux is a part of Komvux, and is located in the same building. We Facts have the only courses in Malmö for adults with learning disabilities. Courses The Särvux students are divided into three levels, depending upon Students their mental ability. Some students have additional handicaps, such as being physically disabled, autistic, visually impaired, or hearingSwedish for Immigrants impaired. Särvux Our course prospectus offers the student twenty different courses with enrolment twice a year, in both August and January. The education Methods provided is of a mainly practical nature, depending on the mental ability of each student. Guidance We also offer courses in conjunction with other organisations for Contact us people with severe learning difficulties.
  8. 8. Komvux Södervärn Methods Our aims Facts Courses As an adult you can study various separate courses and subjects. You can study at different levels, full-time and part- Students time, day-time and in the evenings. The teaching methods areSwedish for Immigrants adapted for adults which means that they are based on adult experience, knowledge and interests and on the fact that Särvux adults are both willing and able to take responsibility for their studies. Methods A large part of our work is directed towards helping students who for different reasons need extra support during their Guidance studies. For example, we have a maths workshop, a language- learning support group and a pronunciation training group. Contact us
  9. 9. Komvux Södervärn Guidance Our aims Facts Courses The teaching staff, study counsellors, careers officers and welfare officers all Students have the experience and qualificationsSwedish for Immigrants necessary to be able to give the right kind of support to the students. Särvux Methods Guidance Contact us
  10. 10. Komvux Södervärn Contact us Our aims Adress: Komvux Södervärn Facts Spårvägsgatan 9 Courses 214 27 Malmö Students Tel: 040-34 32 55Swedish for Immigrants Fax: 040-34 33 01 Särvux E-post: komvuxsr@pub.malmo.se Methods Hemsida: www.malmo.se/komvuxsodervarn Guidance Contact us