Drupal Commerce contributed modules overview


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Overview of the outstanding contrib modules for Drupal Commerce

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Drupal Commerce contributed modules overview

  1. 1. Commerce contributedmodules overviewCommerce Drupalcamp, Switzerland 2-3-4, 2011
  2. 2. About me● Drupal developer at Commerce Guys● Active member of Spanish and Catalan Drupal Community Pedro Cambra @pcambra
  3. 3. The Basics
  4. 4. Commerce Shipping Shipping is a basic module for almost every online store, Commerce shipping module provides:● A Shipping line item type● A Checkout pane for shipping information● Rules tools to customize shipping costs Its also pluggable and extendable: Shipping Flat Rate
  5. 5. Commerce StockCommerce Stock module provides a way totrack and mantain stock levels for products.It also implements validation routines socustomers arent able to purchase a product outof stock.Its rules based and provides some conditionsand actions so you can create your very ownstock behaviors.
  6. 6. Import / Export
  7. 7. Commerce FeedsCommerce Feeds plugs into Feeds module toprovide a way to import both products andcustomer profiles and also provides a mapperfor product prices and another for productreferences.
  8. 8. Commerce MigrateCommerce Migrate is a really powerful alternativeto the Feeds approach to import data but usingMigrate module.It provides all the tools required to importcommerce entities and fields and also asubmodule for importing Ubercart 6.x or 7.x intoCommerce.
  9. 9. Other import/export modules● Commerce Features provides integration with Features module so you can export custom product types between Drupal installations.● Commerce XML allows node export in XML format.
  10. 10. Non-Physical Products
  11. 11. Commerce FileCommerce File module provides a way to sellfile acces in a Drupal commerce store.It handles features such as limit the time ornumber of downloads and provides rulesintegration for controlling access to the files.
  12. 12. Commerce Product KeyCommerce Product Key module allows toattach product keys or vouchers to orders.Those product keys are used to unlock a pieceof software.It heavily relies on Rules for assigning keys,control stock, etc.
  13. 13. Commerce CreditsCommerce Credits supplies a way for users tobuy or win credits that may expire after a periodof time.Its based on rules to define and customize theworkflow of those credits.
  14. 14. Commerce SubscriptionCommerce Subscription enables the purchaseof subscriptions by buying roles.At the moment it only supports roles andpayment via Paypal WPS.
  15. 15. Checkout
  16. 16. Checkout “enhacers”● Commerce Checkout Login extends the account information pane to login existing users.● Commerce Fieldgroup Panes provides a way to export fieldgroups as panes in checkout.● Commerce Extra Panes allows to expose nodes as checkout panes and provides a Terms of Service checkbox.
  17. 17. Payments
  18. 18. Payment modulesBesides the essential payment modules suchas Paypal, Authorize.net or Ogone a number ofpayment methods that cover most of thecountries are already provided by contribmodules.There are also other alternative paymentmethods: Bank Transfer or Cheque.
  19. 19. ProductManagement
  20. 20. “Bulk-manage” products● Commerce bulk product creation makes the creation of numerous products easier. It allows to create all the combinations for product attributes in one opration.● Commerce Product Display Manager simplifies the relationship between display nodes and products with a drag & drop user interface.
  21. 21. Utilities
  22. 22. Delivery and CouponCommerce Delivery provides a delivery entitythat relates with an order in order to select adelivery type.Commerce Coupon enables couponfunctionality that is controled by Rules.
  23. 23. Other● Commerce Autosku● Commerce Google Analytics● Commerce Price Table● Commerce PDF Invoice● Commerce Reorder● Commerce Devel
  24. 24. Install Profiles
  25. 25. Available install profiles● Commerce Kickstart● Commerce Downloads● Commerce Dev● More to come!
  26. 26. ¡Lets see some examples!
  27. 27. Resources● http://www.drupalcommerce.org/contrib● http://www.drupalcommerce.org● http://www.drupal.org/project/commerce● http://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_kickstart● http://twitter.com/drupalcommerce● http://www.commerceguys.com/resources
  28. 28. Thanks!